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He is taking on the role of the one who is Sex dating hoping and trying yet most single women love it. When a guy is a good guy. And treats her well, but makes her feel like she needs to impress him to be accepted by him. That usually results in a woman trying harder to impress the guy by being nicer, doing nice things for him being cued or being more feminine and so on. Then when the guy accepts of her and allows her to be his girlfriend dating sex, she feels lucky. She feels special. She feels like the chosen one, right? Just like a guy feels. When he gets accepted by a girl that he's been trying to impress yet, what happens is that when a guy puts himself in the position where he's trying to impress a girl to hopefully get a chance with her, and then she reluctantly gives him a chance. And he then tries harder and harder to impress her and maintain her interest. She loses respect and attraction for him and the relationship falls apart. Whereas when it's the other way around where the girl is trying hard to impress the guy, being a good girl, being more feminine, being more fun and nice.

And the guys treating her well Sex dating, then the relationship feels amazing for both of them. Number four, most love six, but have to act like they don't for various reasons. One of the main reasons why is that most guys don't feel as though they can trust a woman who is really into sex and is chasing it. If a woman shows a lot of interest in sex and openly talks about it, a guy might think that she is slutty and untrustworthy. On the other hand, if she holds out too long during the dating phase dating sex, or seems uninterested in sex, a guy may stop pursuing her and find another woman. So if she openly talks about sex, seems really into it and is chasing it. Most guys will look at her as being a slut. If she holds back and doesn't have sex, most guys will look at her as being approved. And so the sweet spot for a woman is to not seem like she's really intersex, not seem like she would love to have sex, but instead to show a guy that she can control herself, if he has a relationship with her, he can rely on her to control herself, to not be one of those women who go around. Openly talking about sex, chasing it and acting horny all the time. So what happens for a lot of single guys who don't understand this particular secret well, is that they'll see that women don't react to them. In the same way that they react to women, right? A guy will look at a woman and immediately feel attracted to her immediately say yes or no in his mind about whether or not he would have sex with her. He will look at her when she's walking along the street or wherever she may be. He'll be feeling attracted and will want something to happen. Yet. Women walk through the world as though they don't even see guys. Right. They're just walking along. She goes to a cafe, she orders her coffee. She sits down.

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She's not Sex dating sitting down and looking at a guy's, but as he walks past, like a guy will do when a woman walks past, right. She's just sitting there playing with her phone or doing whatever she's doing, keeping to herself and not looking around as though she's hoping to get some sex. So a small percentage of men know that they go through life, not expecting women to react to them. In the same way that they react to women, they understand why women have to behave in that way. Right. A woman can't show that she really likes sex. Otherwise, most guys would feel as though they couldn't trust her. If they got into a relationship with her. And that's how she behaved out in public number five, most act like they are happy to be single, even though many of them are secretly miserable about it. Once again, women do this to not seem low value, cheap and easy, right? She doesn't want to dating sex go through her everyday life, interacting with guys showing that she's really keen and trying to get herself a boyfriend. If a girl is behaving like that, most guys will look at her as being low value or they'll look at her as being weird because most girls don't behave like that. Especially the girls that he really likes, right? The attractive girls who are used to men, making the mistake of trying hard to hopefully impress her, to get a chance with her. Don't behave as though they're hoping to get a boyfriend, they don't go around looking at guys and talking to them and hoping that a guy will like them. Instead, the majority of single women will behave as though they're totally fine. Without a guy. They couldn't care less. But the reality is that when she goes home and she's alone in her bed, or if she catches up with a friend who is happy in a relationship, she feels left out. She wants to have a boyfriend, but she's struggling to get one.

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The thing is though, if a guy looked at her Sex dating when she was waiting in a line at Starbucks, or if she was sitting alone in a cafe or. If she was at a bar with friends, she wouldn't necessarily look like a girl who is hoping and is desperate to get herself a boyfriend. She will almost certainly just display body language that suggests she can't even see the men in the room. She doesn't even care about the men. When in fact, she's hoping to get herself a boyfriend. She's hoping that a normal guy will come over and say hello to her. There'll be a spark between him and her and they can start dating and have a relationship. So what happens for a lot of single guys is that they go through their life and they see women that they find attractive. But because the woman isn't displaying open, interested body language right away before he has approached her, he will assume that she must have a boyfriend or that she wouldn't want him to come over and say, hello yet. The reality is, as you saw from the study near the start of the post, a little more than half of the women said yes. When a guy immediately asked them out, Even though they didn't know anything about him in other environments where you can meet women. If you want to get the same or better result, then what you need to do is have a bit of an interaction with a woman first, where you make her feel attracted to you by displaying personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women. Most women, you only need to do that for one to two minutes. Some women require longer that's for sure. But with most women, it requires dating sex is a one to two minute conversation where you make her feel a spark for you and she will feel attracted to you. She will open up to the interaction and she will say yes.

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When you ask for Sex dating her phone number. By the way, if you're one of the guys who finds it difficult to walk up and talk to women, or if you don't know what to say to make women feel attracted to you, if you don't know how to connect with them immediately and make them want to give you their phone number or kiss you go out on a date with you and so on, then I recommend it that you read my ebook, the flow. Yeah. Listened to the audio book, version the flow on audio. When you read the flow or listen to the flow on audio, you will learn my best ever conversation. Starters, ways to make women feel immediately attracted to you. Ways to make women feel increasingly attracted to you. As you talk to them, how to connect with women, how to make women want to contribute to the conversation. And get to know you how to initiate touch in a way that she wants and welcomes how to get her phone number, how to, when you shared the first kiss, how to initiate sex on the first night or how to get her out on a date with you and initiate a kiss and sex on the first date, or if you want to wait longer than that second, third, fourth date. It's totally up to you. All you have to do is follow the simple steps of the flow and you, when a woman flows smoothly from one step to the next, it's the easiest way to get laid or get a girlfriend. One final point that I want to make for you in this post is that many times throughout your single life. You will meet an attractive girl, a pretty woman who is interested in you, but if you're not able to pick up on the subtle signs that she's attracted, or if you don't have the confidence to move things forward from a conversation to a phone number, date and so on, then you will miss out on so many opportunities with pretty women dating sex, beautiful women who really were interested in you. So it's important to understand why women behave in the ways that they do so you don't have to feel insecure around them. Instead, you can feel confident knowing that they're behaving in a certain way, because they have to, you don't need to lose confidence because of that. Instead, you can feel more confident knowing that you're one of the small percentage men who actually understands what's going on, you can then start making moves. Right? You can ask a girl out, you can ask for her phone number. You can move things forward. And before, you know, it you'll be having sex or a relationship with a woman, right.


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Many guys grow up Sex dating, being taught to have good manners or at least to be polite. And that's a good thing. It makes for a civilized society yet. What many guys don't get taught when they're young or when they've grown up and they're living their adult life? Is that in order to attract women on purpose, you have to be able to switch into another mode of interacting rather than just defaulting to having polite, superficial well-mannered conversations with women. So, this is how it works. A guy we'll see a woman that he instantly finds attractive, but if he doesn't create a spark of attraction inside of her, Based on how he talks to her. And instead just has a polite well-mannered interaction. Then she will almost always not feel a spark of attraction for him. Instead. She will just look at him as being a typical, nice guy, even though he may not be a typical, nice guy dating sex. He might actually be a cool guy. He might be quite tough. He might be the sort of guy who would stand up for himself if he needed to, he might be respected amongst friends or family, but. When he interacts with a woman that he finds attractive, he default into just having a polite well-mannered interaction. And as a result, most of the women that he meets, just see him as being a nice guy. They mistake him for that. Then there's another type of guy, a guy who makes a woman feel sexually attracted to him by creating a spark. As he talks to her, this particular guy also treated well as he talks to them and show some manners or nice behavior at times. And women refer to him. As a charming guy, charming guys are universally attractive to women. Whereas nice guys are seen as just a friend or a last resort option. So if you don't want women to mistake you as a nice guy and therefore overlook you as a sexual or romantic option, then you've got to be willing to switch into another mode of interacting rather than just defaulting to polite. Well-mannered conversations. When you switch into this mode of interacting, that I'm going to give you an example of now women see you as a charming guy and immediately begin to feel sexually attracted to you. For example, a guy may go into a Starbucks order himself, a coffee, and wait over in the waiting area to collect his coffee while he's waiting.

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He may see a pretty woman Sex dating walk in physically. She is his ideal type of woman. She is the right type of age. She has the right type of look and so on. She orders her coffee and then comes over to the waiting area. And while she's standing there playing with her phone, she accidentally bumped into him. She then says something like, Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there. Sorry about that. And the guy who isn't a soft wimpy, nice guy, and may actually be a cool guy, just default into having a polite well-mannered interaction with her. He has an opportunity. To create a spark with her, but he just defaults into polite well-mannered interactions. For example, she bumps into him apologizes, and then he says, Oh, no, that's all right. You're fine. Nevermind. Nothing but a friendly, polite, superficial, and forgettable interaction dating sex. On the other hand, if a charming guy is bumped into, by a woman that he finds attractive and she then says something like, Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there. Sorry about that. He will say something like this. So rude bumping into people at Starbucks like that. Shocking, very bad manners. Almost every woman on the planet will understand that the guy is joking and they'll have a bit of a laugh. He can then say something like this. Nah, just kidding. You're right. I'm Dan, what's your name? Jenny. He can then continue the conversation with her, make her feel more attracted to him, connect with her a little bit and get her number. He can then call her, set up a date and start having a relationship with her. That can be the path that he goes down with that particular woman compared to just having a polite interaction with her when she bumps into him and saying, Oh no, that's right. Nevermind. You're fine. And then nothing. It's just an interaction that ends. So what's important to understand is that there is a different mode of interacting with a woman. If you want to make her feel attracted to you, it's called flirting. The dictionary describes flirting as follows to behave as though you're attracted to, or trying to attract someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions. To court, trifling Lee, or to act amorously without serious intentions. Another way to describe flirting is that it's where you feel enough attraction for a particular woman that you're motivated and willing to have more than just a polite well-mannered interaction. You're not talking to her as though she's just some random woman that you don't have any attraction for.

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You feel attracted to her Sex dating. And as a result, you can be bothered. Creating a more fun, interesting interaction, rather than just having a polite well-mannered forgettable interaction. You're willing to use your intelligence to create a bit of a joke you're willing to be present in the moment rather than being distant. You're willing to playfully tease her. You're willing to put in a little bit more effort into the interaction because you find her attractive and you're interested in her. The reason why I explain it in that way is that it's important to understand and remember that many women. Are insecure. And don't always know when a man likes them. So if they bump into a guy at a cafe or whatever it may be, and the guy just gives her a polite response or reaction, she doesn't necessarily know that the guy is a cool guy. He wants to have sex with her. He loved to have a relationship with her. Uh, you know, they'd have a fun relationship together dating sex. And so on. He's just reacting to her in a polite way. So many women will assume that he doesn't like them. He may have a girlfriend already. He isn't interested in talking to her, uh, just wants to have a polite interaction. And so on yet, when a guy starts to float with her, in other words, he feels enough attraction for her that he feels motivated and he's willing. To play with her a little bit in a conversation to see what might happen. Then that's a completely different story altogether. It helps a woman to stop feeling insecure. She feels as though the guy is interested in her as she starts to wake up to the interaction and flirt back with him. So what happens for a lot of guys is that they're aware of the fact that nice guys finish last or that women don't find nice guys, very attractive and so on. So the guy understands that and he says, all right, I'm not going to be a nice guy. I'm not going to be one of those wimpy. Nice guys. When I talk to a woman, I'm not going to behave in a very polite way. I'm going to show her that I'm cool. They don't care that I'm all good. And I'm not some needy, nice guy yet guys like that.

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End up interacting with women Sex dating in a neutral way. For example, if the woman bumped into him and said, Oh, sorry about that. I didn't see you there. The guy who is used to being neutral with women might say something like this. No, no, you're right. Then he just stands there. Mr. Cole, mr. Indifferent. I don't care. I'm not a needy. Nice guy. I'm not trying to suck up to women yet by approaching his interactions with women in that way. He's not getting results, right? He may feel better than a nice guy. Who's sucking up to women, but he's still not getting the rest that he wants, which is having sex or relationship with attractive women. He's not getting that. So an important thing to remember is that if you want to be able to enjoy your choice of women, then you've got to avoid defaulting into just polite or neutral conversations with women that you find attractive. You gotta be ready to be able to switch into flirting with her. Right? Let us see that you're feeling enough attraction for her, that you're willing to play with her and see what happens. Right. When you do that, you will see that women do wake up. In interactions with you, they do light up, they feel attracted. They start to float back. And when that happens, women immediately begin to look at you in a sexual and romantic way. You can then begin to enjoy your choice of women. As you may have seen while going through your everyday life. Other guys are able to do it. They're able to turn on the charm and get the girl. You can do it too. It's simply a matter of you being able to switch into another mode of interacting with a woman and then knowing how to move things forward from there, by the way, if you enjoyed it, this article and you are serious about getting this area of your life sorted, then I recommend that you read my ebook, the flow, or listen to the audio book, version the flow on audio. Amongst many other things, such as how to be confident when you're talking to women, how to make women feel instantly attracted to you, how to connect with women, how to take things to the next level, such as getting a phone number, kiss, sex, or date, you will also learn my best ever examples of a particular type of humor that I use. Which automatically creates a flirtatious vibe between you and a woman. The examples make her laugh. They make her feel attracted. They make her float with you and they make her open up to the interaction and want more. All you've got to do is follow the simple steps of the flow and you get the girl dating sex. The flow is the easiest way to get laid or get a girlfriend. One final point that I want to make few in this post is that if you do see yourself as a good guy, if you feel as though you are a good guy and you like being a good guy, then you don't have to change that, right? You don't have to become a bad guy to attract women. It's true that women can feel attracted to bad guys, bad boys, thugs and so on, but you don't actually have to go down that route. If you don't want to, you can be the good guy that you are. If that's who you are. But you just have to be able to switch into another mode of interacting when you're interacting with women. So they see you as a charming guy, they have a sexual and romantic interest in you. It doesn't require you to treat women badly. It doesn't require you to become a bad guy. You just have to be willing to flirt with women to create a spark. And when you're willing to do that and you know how to do it, you will see. That you able to make many of the women that you meet feel attracted to you, including pretty and beautiful women. You can literally enjoy your choice of women. And one of the reasons why is that most guys out there don't understand what flirting is. They don't know how to do it, or they're worried about having anything other than a polite or neutral interaction with a woman yet. The guys who get laid and get a girlfriend easily are the ones who switch into another mode of interacting. They made a woman that they find attractive. Yeah. Can switch into that mode of interacting. And when you do, you will see that women feel a spark with you. They see you as a charming guy, they have a sexual and take interest in you. You can then enjoy your choice. Okay.