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So I'm going to share that with you in just a moment. But to highlight and underpin this principle, I want to share with you a story and see that you can connect the principal. Yeah. In this story to the quality that these men are talking about early in my career, when I was just starting to write the book project everlasting, one of my best friend, where we were interviewing couples, what makes love last?

I'm sitting at the back of this church, which because after church, we're going to interview a couple who attends this particular church. We drove out to this church. I'm sitting in the back row. Mind you, I'm not a speaker. I'm not an author. I'm not a coach at this point in my life. So not very used to speaking to groups of people sitting in the back row with my best friend, Jason and the minister. Gets up in front and says, ladies, gentlemen, we've got a great service for you today. And we just want to introduce a couple of special guests who are working on a book they're in the back of the church right now in the back row, Matt bogs and Jason Miller. They're working with their two bachelors. I was writing a book on what makes love last.

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You know what gentlemen would you love to stand up? Come to the front and just speak a few words. In that moment, fear. She rocketed through my entire body. My palms got all sweaty. My heart started pounding. I didn't have anything prepared. I didn't know what I was going to say. But in that moment I took an action based on something. My parents taught me. My parents always taught me about the philosophy carpet DM, which is seize the day. When an opportunity comes your way you claim it. Even if you're not ready, you don't feel fully prepared. If it's an alignment with something that you would love. Take advantage of it. And so I did what I called the yes, gulp principle, which is where he said, is there something you guys would like to share? Would you like to come up the front and speak a few words? I went, yes, gulp and I stood up, went to the front and my best friend. And I talked about what we were doing and thank everyone for allowing us to be there. And, you know, I don't really even know what I said. I'm sure it was not earth shattering. Well, it wasn't earth shattering in that moment. It was life changing for me. It was life changing for me because in that moment, that was one of the first moments. I really remember in my young professional career of being the person. In other words, claiming the identity of the person who seizes opportunities, even when you're not ready, even when you're scared implementing the yes, gulp principle.

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I'm sure you have to, there've been moments in your life when you weren't ready. You weren't prepared. Something came your way and you raised your hand and said yes or I'll do it. And then you stepped into it. You leaned into it. So what these men said about women, they found highly attractive were that women who were passionately pursuing their ambition, you know, oven, you hear people talk about looks or, you know, people talk about femininity. People talk about, you know, joy and happiness. But I found this one to be really interesting. The group of men that we were talking to successful guys, professional guys, saying that they found most attractive, a woman who was passionately pursuing her ambition. So think about it for a woman to passionately pursue her ambition. That woman can't be the kind of woman who just. Resigns herself to the average normal life? No, she's the person who's going after what she loves. She's the person and that woman who goes after what she loves, she's got to implement the guest gulp principle because every one of us who have gone after something we've loved, we've got to step into it before we felt fully ready.

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So what is it in you that you would love? What is it that you think in you that you're passionate about? What's one of your ambitions, something that you would love. And my encouragement to you is not because other men find it attractive or find it irresistible because you would love it. Implement the yes, gulp principle in your own life, where some opportunity crosses your path, you see something you would love and you were like, yes, I'm going after that opportunity. And as a byproduct of that, you're going to raise your attractiveness as a byproduct of that. You're going to be a magnet to amazing men. If you're already in a relationship, your own man is going to be like, Wow. There is something about you that I am so turned on by. So I hope this serves you.


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Sometimes what we need most in those moments when we want to give up and those moments when we're feeling discouraged and those moments, when we feel like it's just not going to happen, the best thing in those moments is just some pure inspiration. Hearing a story of someone just like you, who actually achieved the result can be the magic. It can be the healthiest thing to keep you moving forward because on the journey of love, it can be discouraging. It can be heartbreaking if you've been on this course for a long time of trying to find love, and it hasn't happened, the seeds of doubt can get really strong can't they and your mind. And so today I wanted to bring you an amazing story. A story that moved me to tears. When I first heard it about a woman named Charlotte and how she found love. You see Charlotte was living in a tiny town in Canada, not a lot of men. And despite knowing she was beautiful and smart and funny and fun, she wasn't finding love. And she was getting the sense that there was something deeper going on. And so Charlotte signed up for a course that I teach called break free. And I want you to hear from her words, how she found love and what happened for her. And so we're going to hear from Charlotte. And I know you're going to be blown away and totally inspired by the story. And then I'm going to show you exactly what she did after her story when I come back.

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So watch all the way to the end, and you're going to love this, check this out. So my name is Charlotte Gowdy. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I'd been single for three years. I live in a small town. Um, I'd had a lifetime of relationships that. We're not compatible chemistry. Yes. But not compatible. And, uh, and it was a lockdown like it was when, when I, before I started to break free was like, I was alone at home living by myself, wondering how I was going to meet the love of my life. So my initial thing was like, uh, there's no good men in my small, tiny, small town. So how would I, and I don't like online dating, so how am I going to do it? And the other thing that was happening was not yet, I'm not ready yet to do these things first or, yeah. I need to take care of all this other stuff. Like the delay, the delay tactics. So, um, I gave myself a deadline of May 1st to at least just get back online and just try that for a week, even though I don't like it, but it was like coronavirus and I was sitting on my sofa, so I thought, okay, No, one's going to like show up at my door like flowers. So I got to do something.

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Um, so I had just, yeah, I just started, uh, break free. And that's when I made the deadline of May 1st to, to just get back online and open up that door in the second week, one of the journeys was to go to a high place in the, in nature, like a Hill. Um, and release some ashes from, uh, the paradigms that I had written down from the week before and listen to a guided meditation. So I did that. Um, and then at the end of that, we were supposed to like draw an actual line in the sand with a stick. So I grabbed a stick and I was on a sort of Rocky Hilltop where there wasn't any sand. And I just like took the stick and I drew a line. I was like, Drawn that line. I'm going to cross the line and everything's going to move forward. So I remember doing it and just stepping over it and just imagining that my past was my past. And I'm like, it got infinite possibilities ahead of me. And then that night, like maybe two or three hours later. I'd only been online on this online dating site for like three days that night. I got a text from I'm a man on the website who is now love of my life. The first text was like, woo. And then the second text was like moon. And then we just started like so far fast and it just like built and built and built. And I like, I couldn't get off my phone. It was so exciting. And he was so enthusiastic and within like 20 minutes, we went off the dating app completely and started messaging on WhatsApp.

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And, uh, and so it just felt. Easy and fun and exciting. And that night after, like it went deep really quickly. Like we started talking about deep stuff really quickly, so I knew it was significant and that night was a full moon. Like all the things were happening. Um, and I got off the phone with him. Finally. I said, good night. And I burst into tears. Like I burst into tears. And they wasn't tears of sadness. It was, or maybe it was, but it felt like, um, again, the line of the city and it was like, I was like, something had shifted and something new was beginning. And that was this new me that was like attracting my life, my dream man, my dream man. Um, and so I had this deep internal knowing, even though we'd only messaged for one day, I had this really deep knowing that was like, your old life is over a new life is beginning. And I had this knowing that he was the one for me, like right away. Funny thing about us was he's American I'm Canadian and the borders are closed it's coronavirus time. So we can't actually meet up. Technically. Um, so the first time we actually saw each other in person was across a river from each other, the Niagara river, Niagara falls, he drove three hours to get there. I drove two hours, we brought binoculars and we called each other. It was about, um, you know, and Canadian language is about 150 meters. So I don't know if that's like a football field and a half or something. So he was very tiny in the distance, but we're on the phone. We were giggling like he stood on a picnic table and did a dance for me. So I could see he brought his dog so I could see his wife, dog. And it was so romantic and wild and adventurous and made ventures. It was amazing. Then our second meetup was a week later and maybe just a few days later, we arranged to meet in kayaks on international waters, where it was legal for us, both to be in the water at the same time, even though we're from different countries. We met for the first time I had to kayak for like an hour and a half to get to the spot. And I see this single kayak in the distance come around the band. And we, at this point we've been talking for a month and like deep talk and like, we are we're in love. And we I've said, I love you like, and so it's been this huge buildup. So I see this soul kayaker in the distance. He comes around the band. I'm like, I think it's him. I think it's it. Oh my God. And he's coming closer. And I think if it's not him, he's going to go around me, but he's going straight for me really quickly. And we just meet two kayaks meet and we just kiss right away. It was the best kid ever I asked were like spinning because of the force of us coming together. And it was like, I wish I had footage. Cause it was like, felt like a movie. It was amazing. Um, yeah. And then I found a way a loophole in the law a couple of weeks later to go down and visit him in America. Cause apparently Canadians can go to America, but Americans can come to Canada. And can you buy Canadians can't vote on a landlord or they have to fly. So I flew down and spent two weeks with him and the, in Pennsylvania where he lives in the national forest and it was bliss. Like we had some real, really real conversations and it wasn't all like superficial, but it was, yeah, we just, it was so easy. That's why I keep telling everyone it's like, cause they're like, you're going for two weeks and all you've ever done is seen him in a kayak. It's like, yup. I have the faith. And then it was just. Super easy and fun. I love this story. I hope this inspires you. And at the end of this interview, I actually asked Charlotte, what does the version of you now? That's in love. That's in this amazing relationship. What would she tell the version of you when you were at that really lonely discouraged place? And so she gave me three things that I'll share with you in just a moment, but first I just want to underscore a couple of parts of this story, because it's such an inspiring story. First, the willingness of Charlotte to explore things she hadn't explored before to remove blocks that were holding her back. And then when she made that commitment, In the break free process and drew that line in that sand and stepped over it. Everything shifted for her. It's amazing how the universe comes together when you're in alignment and you make a commitment, that level of commitment for yourself, and then the brave, bold action that Charlotte had to take. Charlotte, we're going to meet on Cox. Keep this in mind. She did not own a kayak. And so they rented kayaks and she had to kayak an hour and a half into the wilderness, into international waters. Like that takes guts. That takes boldness, but she felt called. She felt like I want to meet this guy. I feel like I know who he is. She spent a month with him. She felt safe. She kayaks into international waters. She sees off in the distance is tiny kayak. That's him? Is it him? I'm not sure it comes around the band. He kayaks straight towards her. They embrace one another and kiss and their kayak starts spinning as if they're in a movie. It was just amazing. And then she flies down to meet him for a couple of weeks and they have the most amazing couple of weeks. And now they've been in this relationship for months and it's the, it's the relationship of a lifetime for her. And they're both madly in love with one another. Where did that start? That started with her claiming the possibility that she could really have love and not giving up on it. So easy to give up when we're discouraged. And so I hope this encourages you to keep going inspires in you. That love is possible for you. In fact, it can actually happen faster and sooner than you imagine. And so if you want to do the same course, That Charlotte did, which is a beautiful program called break free, where it discovers and eliminates the hidden blocks that we have to love. Sometimes we think we want love, but subconsciously we've got a foot on the brake. And is keeping love at Bay when you discover what those are and you release them just like Charlotte did amazing things happen. And in this break free program, I'll put a link in the description of this post for you. So you can click it. You can read about the program. You can watch a masterclass that I did about the program, and then if you want to enroll, if the program, cause it will change your life. Part of this program are these journeys that you go on. Which are these rituals that you do that completely shift yourself on an energetic state. It gets out of your head into your heart and shifts any of the blocks that are holding you back. And that's exactly what Charlotte did. And so what was Charlotte's message now in the relationship to the herself, when she was discouraged, she had three things. She said, number one, love yourself, love yourself for where you are and love yourself and accept yourself for what's going on right now. And number two, trust. That if you want this relationship, you can have it. You can have it. It is in the cards for you. And number three, be willing to take brave, bold actions, actions that scale, even if it seems it's impossible, even if that impossibility is a global pandemic or you're up against international, you can have the love that you want. So again, I'm going to put the links for break free here in the description. Go ahead and check that out. It might be above, it might be below. You're going to love that course. And it just might be the catalyst that changes everything for you. I believe in you.