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If you have had that question and you would love to know the single greatest factor that puts you in the friend zone and what you can do to break out so you can attract the relationship you want. Keep reading. So what's the difference between a friendship and a relationship, someone who you're just having a friendship with and someone who you are lovers with. There's one difference, and that is sex. Sex is the thing that separates friendships from relationships. Cause think about it for a moment. A friendship is someone you like being around.

You want to go and have fun with and you feel a connection with. A relationship, a romantic relationship is someone that you want to spend time with. You have fun with, and you have a connection with, and you want to sleep with that's the thing, the biggest distinction between a friendship and a romantic relationship. And so if you keep finding that you can getting put in the friend zone is because you are not connecting enough to your own sexual energy, or you're not sharing that sexual energy enough with a person that you're on a date with now. Your body while it looks solid is actually pure energy and your energy field doesn't end with your skin. It radiates outward in all directions. And, and we actually now can measure this and just the electromagnetic spectrum of your energy field stretches out about six feet in all directions. From your body. Well, your man can feel this energy from you. That's just the electromagnetic spectrum. Let alone the quantum field that you are at radiating out in all directions.

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So in other words, you can feel a man's sexual energy. He can feel your sexual energy or lack of sexual energy. And so often a women will go on a date and they will be so shut down sexually that while a man has sexual energy for her. His sexual energy is met with this brick friendship wall and it can't get through. And so he's like, well, I'm not really feeling anything sexually with her, so she's just going to be a friend. So this client said, what could I do to ignite his sexual energy? And the response was interesting because you actually don't have to do anything to ignite a man's sexual energy, the area of a man's brain. That is dedicated to sexual pursuit is 250% larger than your area of your brain dedicated to sexual. In other words, a man is always in sexual preserves. A man, we love to have sex. We love to make love. Maybe you're the same way, right? Or maybe you've dialed it down, but the best one way to ignite a man's sexual energy is actually to ignite your own to ignite your own sexual energy, to turn that dial up.

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Now the paradigm might be trying to tell you right now. Well, Matt is just telling you to be slutty or to be easier just to sleep with a guy casually or to flirt with someone that you're not attracted to. No, that is not what I am saying at all. I'm not telling you to be slutty or to sleep with someone or to be easy. But what I am telling you is that in order to get out of the friend zone, you have to be willing to share your sexual energy. With a man or the person that you're attracted to. And so the question is, how do you do that? I want to share with you a process right now, question and a process that can help you out, right? Assess what's required for you to unlock your own sexual energy because you, you are sexual by nature. You have that sexual energy inside. It's just, what are the gateways to help you share that more freely with someone else? So consider this for a moment, consider the version of your life, where you're already in this amazing relationship. You're already with him. You guys have this amazing love life. How does that version of you feel write down three feelings that you have in that relationship? When I asked this particular client. Her three feelings were that she feels secure. Number one, she feels safe. Number two, she feels desired by him. And number three, that she feels sexy in her own body. And so I said, okay, what would be required for you to feel safe? And secure right now. So I asked you that as you look at your three feelings that you're writing down, what must you believe or what would be required for you to feel that way now go through that experience. It's amazing what your infinite, you are connected to infinite intelligence, and that will give you an answer. That becomes a doorway into the relationship that you want for this woman. She said, wow, for me to feel secure and safe, I need to be able to trust myself that if the relationship starts progressing too fast, sexually, that I can slow it down and I can feel good about speaking up for myself, holding my own boundaries and slow it down in a way that's not going to scare him off.

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And I said, okay, great. And so we worked on that. I give her some tools for how she could actually do that. And the second, third were very similar, which is how can she feel more desired and sexy in her own skin? What would be required for that to happen? And interestingly enough, it had nothing to do with him and everything to do with her. So she came up with several solutions for herself. She could wear high heels. She could wear sexy underwear. She could take a pole dancing class. She could start loving her body in greater ways. She even came up with, she can start walking sexy because here's the deal. You can wait till you feel a certain way and then behave a certain way, or you can behave a certain way. And that will generate the feeling you can bang he's sexy, and it will actually invoke the sexiness in your own being. So the question for you is how would you feel if you're already in this amazing relationship with this man where you feel sexy and then what would be required? What must you believe, or what must you do in order to feel that way right now? And when you dial that, being this up and you go on a date that you'll find the man is not putting you in a friendship category, he's putting you in my dream woman, the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. Category. So my question for you is what works for you when you want to dial up your own sexual energy.


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We're going to talk about not just sex, but adventurous sex. My team did a bunch of research and they've come up with 15 places that men fantasize about having sex, but don't tell you about it. How to have great sex. And one of the attributes of great sex is variety. Changing up the locations, changing up the positions, just keeping it interesting because if you're doing it in the same location, in the same position, every single time, it gets boring routine lulls the brain asleep. Here are 15. Adventurous wild ideas you can use to spice up your love life. Number one is on a hike. One of the gentlemen interviewed said that he and his girlfriend went on. This hike, went off into the woods a little bit, found this beautiful big Boulder made love on that Boulder. It was a massive fantasy of his. So the next time you're out hiking. Look for a private, beautiful place, preferably with no aunts. Number two is in the pool. One of the gentlemen wrote in and said that he and his girlfriend went on this vacation, beautiful resort snuck out in the middle of the night, dove into the pool, found the secluded or made love in the water. And the weightlessness of that made it super fun. And memorable. Number three reported by men is at your parents' house. This is interesting, not really one of my fantasies, but I can imagine that the danger, the chance of being caught the authority, the authority of the parents, all of that just adds to the risk as to the adrenaline and makes it a fantasy for a lot of guys.

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And number four is the kitchen changing up that environment. Let him pull you up onto the kitchen counter. Let him make love. Do you on the dining room table, just changing up the environment, getting in the kitchen can keep it spicy. No pun intended. Now, in fact, my grandmother wrote a book called 90 ways to put a zip in your day. And one of the people who read that book came to me once and said, Hey, we have your grandmother to thank for a new dining room table. I said, well, what do you mean my grandma to thank for a new dining room table? And she said, well, we got her book 90 ways. What has it been your day? Number 52 is have sex on the dining room table. Apparently they crashed the dining room table. So if you're going to do that, just be careful. And actually, you know what, I'm going to give you that book as a gift. Alec, can we put the graphic up here? Good. This is a book. My grandmother wrote in her nineties for her 90th birthday, and she was called 90 ways to put a zip in your day. It's an amazing book. I'm going to put a link here. You can download it. It's a free gift from my grandma and me to you click that link. You'll love it. Number five in the shower, there was this funny joke I heard once it said 95% of men masturbate in the shower. The other 5% don't have hands. It was funny about that is the shower is a very sexy place for men.

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So better than him pleasuring himself, is him with you getting it on in the shower. Number six is in front of a mirror and this is great because you're able to see different angles. You're able to get different views than you could normally get men. We are super visual. So give us more to look at, and it turns him on number seven. In open air Jeep on a secluded beach in Mexico, a little specific, but I like it, you know, just on adventure in another country is sexy and cool and making love in the car is cool. But spice it up. Get an open air Jeep drive to a secluded beach. Have sex, make love super hot. And number eight, the beach, similar to number seven, but the beach is just sexy, plain and simple. So any nice beach, as long as it's not too cold, it can be really sexy place that men fantasize about making love. Number nine is a plane. Yes. It's the mile high club that men fantasize about. So ignore the question. That's in your mind right now, which is, well, how would you even fit? Right. I don't even know. All we know is that men fantasize about it. We're going to do number 10 and number 11 together. Number 10 is a public restroom. Number 11 is a public dressing room. Now both of these are confined spaces that have the risk getting found out. So just the danger of being discovered and having to keep quiet while you're making love intensifies, the experience of having sex, both of which men are fantasizing about number 12 is a bit romantic in a rowboat, taking a rowboat out on the Lake under the Moonlight, making love the guy who did do this.

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Talked about it being pretty precarious there. He's like, you gotta be really careful not to capsize as you're making love in this rowboat. 13 is a lifeguard stand. You're going on that romantic walk with your man under the Moonlight on the beach. See that lifeguard stand. Take advantage of it. And number 14 is a Ferris wheel. Now chances are, you've been in a Ferris wheel with your man. It's pretty romantic in there. One guy said that he came back from a long trip or they were dating long distance. I think it was. And yeah, and the first date was at this amusement park. They had this huge Ferris wheel with these gondola type. Cars that you get in. It was just the two of them, a big old Ferris wheel. And so on that Ferris wheel, they started making love. He said it was super hot because also that risk of being seen spotted, but the privacy and being able to see out over the whole town was very, very cool. And number 15 is the 50 yard line of a football field. Lots of guys fantasize about this. And one gentleman said that he, his girlfriend, it was her idea. Actually it was after the big game. Everybody was gone middle of the night. They snuck back onto the field, made love on the 50 yard line of that football field. And if you're not quite brave enough, if you are lying, you can't go up into the stands and get your adventure on up there.