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So every year I go on a guys trip with my buddies and we have adventures, we'll go whitewater rafting, or we'll go camping or boating or golfing. And we have guys banter and I'm blessed with great friends who go deep and are vulnerable, have great deep conversations around a campfire and like clockwork every year towards the end of that trip around day four, you could see it. Guys, we're getting restless. Guys are getting a little bit sick of guy time and they want to get home to their woman. They want to get home to the woman they love. See, most of my friends are married and it's just funny that they're sick of the guy at time. They want to have some feminine energy in their life.

They want the woman in their life. So what is it that make men crave that today? I'm going to share with you five surprising things that men crave. And a woman check it out. Now I know what you might be thinking. The guys hung out with his guy, friends for four days straight and he's ready to get home to his woman. What does he want? Well, he wants to have sex. That's probably what you're thinking. And that's only part of the story. Yes, that's true. But that's just part of it. You see, number one. Is a woman who's tuned into her pleasure because sexual really gets boring very quickly unless he's with a woman who really needs, knows herself and knows how to activate her pleasure knows how to really have full body experiences with that. Pleasure knows how to. Help him give her a pleasure that takes sit to a whole nother level.

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And men crave that woman. Number two is a woman who nourishes her beauty. One fabulous element of the feminine is beauty. So the woman who takes care of herself, who beautifies herself, who will do her makeup, do her nails or who will wash her hair and put on lotion and smell good. That absolutely drives men wild. That we love that we don't do that the same way as the masculine. There's something special about the feminine and the way that she honors her own beauty, not in a conceded way. But in a way that just honors the beauty of herself and the beauty of what's going on around her is, is highly feminine and highly attracts. Number three is a woman who could turn a house. Into a home. One other aspect of the feminine is connection. And when you turn apartment or living space or a house from just being a house into a home, it honors and creates that deeper connection. I mean, think about a bachelor apartment for just a moment, right? It's typically got a couch, a table place to eat. Fridge. There's often nothing in the fridge, but leftovers and there was a bed and maybe an Xbox is the other piece of furniture that had bachelor apartment as right. Contrast that to a woman who's in her feminine. She will have rugs and she'll have pillows and she'll have pictures and she'll have food in the fridge and candles burning.

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It becomes a home and whether or not he voices it or not, men appreciate. That experience of really turning a house into a home and the way that feels, and number four is the softness of the feminine. Consider the mask. Even for a moment, the masculine is hard. The masculine is aggressive, the masculine is competitive and while that's good for awhile was really good. Compelling is the contrast. And then to experience that soft, gentle, sweet. Feminine. So the hugs you give him and how soft they are, he loves those, the soft kisses that you give him when he's snuggling up next to you, and he's feeling yourself, skin, and he's smelling how good you smell all of that men crave. Now that doesn't mean that you can't have aggressive limpic style sex sessions. You can, but it's the contrast between those and those soft sweet sessions. That men crave that contrast is highly compelling and number five, and this one might be a bit unexpected, but it's a woman who can care for her needs.

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It's the woman who knows what she needs and is able to give herself that in the moment. In other words, if she knows she needs some downtime or she knows she needs some girl time, she can both be with her man and enjoy time away with her girls and get herself filled up with her girl time, a woman who. Can give her herself the opportunity to go get that massage or to go get the nails done, or the hair done that kind of woman is highly attractive and compelling because it gives you both time to go away, recharge, fill up your time tanks and then come back together and pour love into one another. So my question for you is what qualities do you love about a man?


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Words are the tools of relationships having the right words at the right time. It can be incredibly powerful. You have the right words. You can help ease the pain of a grieving friend you can inspire, or a friend who's afraid to take a step. You can ignite attraction in some way money, and you can deepen the love in a relationship. And likewise having the wrong words at the wrong time can be incredibly painful. You can incite an unwanted fight. You can create instant disconnection in a relationship, or instantly turns somebody be off or offend somebody. I don't know if you have ever had this moment. I sure have where you said to someone, Oh, how far along are you? And they're like, I'm not pregnant. Yeah. I learned that lesson in my twenties. And so knowing how powerful words are, I became a student of words and phrases that build connection, ignite attraction, and create deep fulfilling relationships. And so today I'm going to share with you one phrase that you can say to your man that will make his heart melt. Now, if you're watching this, you're probably also someone who loves communication and loves having phrases that can make a connection or ignite attraction. In someone. And so I wanted to give you a guide if you love having these right. I created a gift for you. I'll link it up here in the video and in the description.

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And this is 15 phrases that ignite desire, man. I think you're going to love this as a gift from me to you. Go ahead and click that link, get that guide. So here's how this phrase came about. I recently took my family up to the mountain for a snowboarding and inner tubing adventure. And we're having a blast. We're having a great time going down the snowboard trails. And then the next day we go inner tubing. In fact, here's a little clip of Safina, my daughter and I. On the inner tube, going down the Hill, check this out. Okay, here we go. so we're having a great time and we finished inner tubing and we're on our way back to the cabin. And I decided, you know what? Let's swing by the grocery store to get some ice cream for a little celebration tonight. So tell the family, Hey, we're going to swing in the store. We're going to get some ice cream.

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Wait right here. I'll be right back. So park the car I get out of the car and now for most women would observe a man walking into. The grocery store in this moment relatively, normally, right. He just walks in and he's going to get some ice cream. Let me describe to you how a man sees this. You see a man in this moment is on a mission for his fans, family to provide an experience for them. And so I head into the grocery store with one thing on my mind, ice cream for my family. I find the ice cream. I purchased the ice cream. I come back to the car. I let the sliding door of the minivan open and I present the ice cream to my family and my wife cheers out loud, which is exactly the kind of sound you want to hear as a man, when you have accomplished the mission is cheering. And so that was awesome. But then I hear this phrase is I put the ice cream in the car and I sit in the front seat. I hear this phrase with the L from a little voice in the back seat. My oldest daughter, Isabella, who's five says this. Dad you saved the day. And as she said that it totally made my heart melt.

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I felt my heart expand with pride, for what I had accomplished and gratitude for her and my relationship with her. And as I'm driving and I'm feeling these intense emotions of, I just saved the day. Yay. I laughed because I thought how funny is that? I did it relatively small thing. I got ice cream. My daughter had the right words. At the right time, deliver them in the right way. And it created a great emotional impact in me. If you want to create a great emotional impact in your man, then the next time he does something nice for you. The next time he brings home some food or some ice cream, or he helps you out with something or reminds you of something that you may have forgotten say to him, honey, thank you. You saved the day. And watch it a great smile spread across his face. Watch him feel this emotional impact feel, notice the joy that rises up in him because every man wants to feel like a hero, his family's eyes. And while he may just say, ah, it was no big deal. It was nothing. You better believe that deep down he will be feeling hero sized.