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If you want to get a good idea of what someone prioritizes in their life, all you have to do is look at two things where they spend their time and where they spend their money, because both time and money are limited. Resources. And so when you look at where someone is investing their time, the things they're doing and where they're spending their money, that's a good reflection of what they value in their life. And when you look at any great relationship, the people in that relationship are investing their time. With one another, they're investing in experiences with one another. They're pouring their attention on one another. And so if you would love to be in a relationship where that relationship and you are a top priority today, I'm going to share with you three things that you can do.

Number one is don't accept crumbs. Stop accepting, crumbs as a general rule and your relationship. Now, if you're wondering what are the crumbs, the crumbs are the leftover time, attention and love after the person you're with has spent the majority of time, attention and love in other places it's just, what's left over crumbs are the late night booty calls that you receive after your man has spent the majority of his evening doing something else. Crumbs are the Tuesday night dates because he's keeping his Saturday night open for a better possibility. Crumbs are going out on a date at 10 o'clock at night because he spent the majority of his night and doing something with his friends that he's enjoying with them. Those are the crumbs stop, accepting those crumbs refuse those crumbs because the treatment that we accept from others. Teaches them how to treat us. And when you accept treatment, that is beneath what you value. You not only demonstrate to them that you aren't. Worth as much as you really are. You also demonstrate to your own mind that you're worth less than you really deserve now? No, there's always the paradox of, should you be more rigid or should you just go with the flow and be more playful and be more easygoing?

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Well, let me give you an example. A client of mine was dating this guy and he was absolutely giving her. Crumbs. He was wanting to hang out at 10 o'clock at night. He was wanting to only go out on the weekdays and not on the weekends. And she was thinking to herself, well, I want to be go with the flow. I want to be easy going. Maybe if we hang out enough, start to prioritize us. And that's actually not how it works. And she, he wasn't prioritizing her and it was going on. And so she was asking me what she should do. And I said, let me ask you a question. If you were the queen of your life, if you consider yourself a queen where you value, dude yourself, you honored yourself and you knew that you had lots of other options lined up. What decision would you make in this moment? And so she wrote this guy at text back. He was wanting to hang out with her at 10 o'clock at night, on a Saturday night. And so she wrote him a text back and said, Hey, when you're ready to take me on a proper date, I would love to hang out with you. Sent that text off. Well, this guy decided, you know what? I don't want to take you out on a proper day. And so he drifted away from her life, which was perfect because you want that guy to drift away. You don't want to waste your time with a guy who's just going to keep giving you the crumbs. And so she was prepared for that and she goes, you know what?

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I either want him to step up or step out. He stepped out and sure enough, within a week, She went out on a date with another guy, a guy who took her out on a proper six o'clock Saturday night date. They had a great dinner together. They connected, they fell in love and they've created a great relationship with one another because she was willing to stop accepting the crumbs. Number two is treat yourself as your number one priority. Now, as I say this, there might be part of you that resist that idea. The part of you that says, well, I don't want to treat myself as the number one priority because that would be selfish and let me. Invite you to consider another possibility because you see when you treat yourself as your number one priority. In other words, when you are willing to do the self care and take care of, of your own needs, what you're doing is there actually filling up your cup enough that you can give your best to the people. Well, who matter most to you, you can give your best patients. You can give your best energy. You can give your best focus and you can give your best love. To those that you love when you treat yourself as the number one priority, it's like when you're on the plane and the flight attendant tells you to put your. Air mask on before assisting your kids. Cause it doesn't do your kids any good. If you're passed out on the seat from their depletion versus your actually take care of yourself and then you can take care of them, plus like attracts like, so when you take care of your own needs in a healthy way and fill up your own cup to then give your best to your partner or the people that matter to you, you're gonna attract a guy who's healthy in that way and does the same thing and brings his best to you.

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And number three, choose a man who wants to, to make a relationship. His number one priority. You see, as human beings, we go through different phases in our lives, and those phases really are predominant in what we want and what we're ready for. So if you attract a man. Who either a really doesn't value relationships wants those relationships to play second fiddle or backseat to other things in his life. That man is never going to prioritize a relationship. Or if you're with a man who is in a building phase of his life, and he really just sees a relationship as a distraction, preventing him from the goals that are his top priorities, that's got going to be a fulfilling relationship for you. But know this, there are lots of men who are ready and want to prioritize their love life. They want to prioritize that relationship. So let me give you an example in my coaching program, one of the things that we do is we create a list of everything that you would love in that relationship, everything that you would love in that, man. And we do several things with this list that are powerful, but one of the items I always encourage women to add to the list. Is that he is ready to prioritize the relation because that's key. If you don't have that on there, it's easy to attract someone who meets all the other qualities. But if they're not ready to prioritize a relationship, it's always going to be secondary to the other things in his life, way better to set your intention, that the man you're going to attract wants yeah. This relationship and is willing to prioritize this relationship. Because when that happens, he will not, not only prioritize the relationship, he prioritizes you and the level of depth and love and connection that you experienced goes to a whole. New level. And so if you're willing to stop, accepting the crumbs, if you're willing to prioritize yourself, and if you're willing to choose a man who wants to prioritize a relationship, then I encourage you right now to comment a resounding yes.


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Let me ask you this, are you the woman who's taken lots of action. You might be the woman who is putting yourself out there. You're going on dates. You might be online. You might be going out with a lot of different guys. You may have been at this for a long time, and if you haven't met your man yet, this question is probably going through your mind. Over the last 12 years of supporting women in their love lives. I've been blessed to be able to work with thousands of women from around the world. And there's usually two types of women approaching, finding love. One is a woman who, lots of action, who hasn't had any success. The other is a woman who's in no action. Who's just trying to get up the courage to put herself out there. So let's talk about this type of woman. If you're the one, a woman who's in lots of action and you haven't had found love yet. And you're wondering, what am I doing wrong? I often find that's the wrong question to ask because it's almost not ever about. Not enough action or the wrong strategy, because the answer is not a surface level answer. Almost always. There's something deeper going on. Let me explain you, see if there's one part of you that wants the relationship. One part of you that imagines waking up on Saturday mornings with him. That imagines and looks forward to traveling the world with him that looks forward to snuggling on Friday nights with him and supporting each other in your life.

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And you, as you imagine this relationship together, maybe starting a family together, there's this part of you that has this image of what you would love and it fills you up and you would love this relationship, but at the same time, there's another part of you. That's in resistance. An energetic part of you that has been hurt in the past, maybe a part of you that has felt the deep pain of abandonment or rejection, maybe a part of you that's felt the excruciating pain of abuse, maybe another part of you that has been broken up with all of those fears, all of that pain, that part of you is in resistance. And the challenge is when you have one part of you that wants to move in the direction. Of your dream of this relationship and another part of you, this and resistance. If those parts are at odds with one another. Now, look at this photo for a moment. This is a photo of an iceberg. Now imagine that your conscious mind is the part above the water and the subconscious mind is the part below the water. Well, the part of you that wants the relationship is the part above the water. The part of you, that's in resistance. This is the, the energetic blocks. So to speak. I call these love blocks where the part is below the water. And here's the challenge. The below the water part, the submerge aspect of this iceberg is your subconscious mind and notice how much larger it is. And then your conscious mind. Now research shows that your subconscious mind is actually 10,000 times more powerful. Then your conscious mind and when your subconscious mind is in resistance, when your subconscious mind says we ain't doing that again, I am not going to let you get hurt. I will never let you be abandoned.

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I will never let you be abused. I'm not going to let that happen to you because I'm going to protect you. That's what that subconscious energy is doing when that energy is in place. And your subconscious mind is against what you're consciously want. You're not going anywhere. It's like, well, I've been one yet. Foot on the accelerator of your car and the other foot press down on the brake. Your car is not going to go anywhere. So right now, tune in and there's a part of you that wants the relationship. And there's another part of you that's in resistance. Ask that part of you right now say, Hmm. What part of me is resistant to opening up being fully vulnerable and really letting a man in, in an intimate relationship. Ask that part of yourself right now. What is it? What's in resistance. And if you listen, you'll be able to tune in to that part of you. And the challenge is that that part of using the subconscious mind, it becomes very, very difficult. In fact, you will never attract the relationship that you want. As long as those two pieces are at odds, but here's the good news. You see your subconscious mind. Is like clay. There's been tons of research on this and I've personally experienced it and personally coached other women through this. You can absolutely mold your subconscious mind. It's like clay, you can wet it, mold it and turn it into an anything that you want. And you can get it aligned in the direction of where you want to go. And here's the cool thing. It doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn't matter how much pain you've been through. Doesn't matter how young you are or inexperienced. You are. You can mold your subconscious mind to get in alignment with whatever you want consciously in your life. And when you do that, I'm not saying it's easy, there's a system and a formula that I'll share with you in just a moment for how to do this.

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Not saying it's easy, but when you do this, you unlock 10,000 times more power than you have in your conscious mind. To move you in the direction of the relationship you want. And that's when everything changes. That's when men come out of the blue or you bump into this amazing man at the right time, at the right place. Cause your lives converge in that moment. It's incredible to see this happen. Let me give you an example of this. One of my clients, her name is, is Elena. And when the Laney came to me, I, my heart just went out to her because she had been in a great relationship and the man devastatingly broke up with her, just left out of the blue. Left her feeling surprised and crushed. And it told me, broke her heart, but Elena was strong. So she picked herself up. She dusted herself off. She said, I'm going to find love. She went back out there and she attracted another great guy. And they started dating that a really great relationship as far as Laney was concerned for a year. And then one day she found out that he was married with kids, married with kids. Imagine how Laney felt in that moment. Again, just devastated, but what's even worse. This time is now a Lanny had a crushing awareness that she couldn't trust herself. She clearly had picked two guys and rode didn't even let herself consciously see that this guy was married and had kids totally ignored all those signs and still engage with a year for him. So she debated about whether or not love was right for her. She was even qualified to have a relationship, but that desire for love never left her. And so she, at some point called us, decided to enroll in a program we do called manifestor man. And I walked her through this process about how to rewire her subconscious mind. So she attracts a great guy how to begin to trust herself and how to begin to eliminate the love. Blocks that at that point were keeping her from attracting a real intimate relationship because in some regards she was protecting herself from letting someone get into clothes. And so she did that. And within a very short period of time, Elena actually attracted a great guy, a solid guy, a healthy guy. The two of them fell in love and created a beautiful relationship together. And so if you would love help with this, I've created a great resource for you. You see, this is a process that I used to only teach in my manifestor man coaching programs, my bigger coaching programs. But it is so necessary and so widely needed that. I decided to pull it out and record an entire online program that anyone can access and I call it break free. And it shows you exactly. How do I identify what blocks might be going on in your subconscious mind? How to rewire them, how to dissolve them and how to install your subconscious mind, beliefs that align with the relationship that you want. It's incredibly powerful. It works. It's step-by-step. So I'm going to link it up here in the book and down below, click that link. You can check out that program. I named it break free because you are breaking free from any love blocks that you have in your life to propel you into the relationship that you want.