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There are certain things that you do as a woman that are undeniably sexy and feminine, that men absolutely love. I'm going to share with you seven sexy habits that drive men wild. Number one is the way you walk with a hip sway. When you are feeling sexy, you will tend to walk with a little extra sweat in those hips and pop stars and supermodels. I've learned to do this and exaggerate this because when women do this, it will stop men in their tracks to observe and contrast that to the way a man walked.

The masculine walks very boxy, right? Walking around like this. Legs spread apart. We're getting it done. We're going to go down the street, right. Versus the feminine walk. And here's, what's fascinating when you feel sexy, you will walk with more of a hip sway, but just actually walking with more of a hips way will stimulate you feeling sexy. So it's this positive reinforcement and in a man's mind, it reinforces sexy. Number two is the way you eat. You know that when you're feeling sensual and you're eating, you will slow it down. Whether eating fruit, you're eating ice cream, you will slow down the experience. You will wrap your lips around the food.

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And you will enjoy every bite. It's an incredibly sensual experience. Contrast this to the way a lot of guys will eat. We're eating is actually just the goal. It's the goal is to get there food in the mouth, that room survival, right? That's why the feminine way of eating is just so attractive because you turn it into a sensual experience. And when you let that food light up your senses, it lights up the attraction in your man for you. Number three is the way you whisper. In his ear, you know, that thing you do when you come real close and you whisper in his ear and as your lips will graze his ear, you will literally make the hair on his neck, stand on, end with stimulation, and it could be something simple. Like you can whisper in his ear. You weren't incredibly sexy, man. And if you actually want phrases to say the ignite desire in him, I've written a free gift for you. It's a free guide called 15 phrases that ignite his desire for you. They're actually only four subscribers to my list. So when you click the link, you'll opt in as a subscriber and we will send you that free gift. You are going to love these phrases. Make sure you check that out. And number four is the way you sing to yourself. You know, when you're singing, you're in that good mood and you're cooking and you're singing, or you're putting on your makeup and you're singing, you're getting ready to humming to yourself.

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That is incredibly sexy because every man wants his woman to be happy. And when you're seeing it yourself, that's an unmistakable sign that his woman is in a good mood. And number five is the way you dance witnessing a woman whose body is being moved by. The music is an incredible turn on. It doesn't matter if you're a great dancer or you're not a great dancer. When a woman is in movement, she's activated the feminine side of her nature. And that in and of itself is sexy. Number six. It's the way you attack him in bed. You see every man loves it. When his woman Rose over unpriced you did and initiated fooling around in bed, especially if she starts with these five words. I want you so bad because men want to be wanted. Men want to be desired. And when you show your desire for him, his desire for you goes up and number seven. Is the way you go for your dreams. You see, this is an interesting one. We did a bunch of research recently interviewing a bunch of men, asking them what they find most attractive in women. And the one surprising answer that came up more often than anything else was they were attracted to women who are ambitious, who are into growth and going after their dreams. And you see, as you are going after your dreams and striving to be your best. You challenge him to be his best. And you also give him praise, mission to shine as you shine.

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That gives him permission to shine. We're alive. There's this concept out there. A lot of women will think, well, I can't really go for my dreams or strive because that's intimidating to men or I'll do it, but I just know that's going to be intimidating. Let me tell you it's not intimidating to men. It's intimidating. Two boys, men rise to the challenge. Men will step up and support you in becoming your very best, because that actually supports him and becoming his very best. So my question for you is what are some of men's habits, the masculine habits that totally drive you wild in a good way.


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How do you know when you found the one? This was a burning question in my own life when I was in my twenties so much so that I decided I was going to answer this question once and for all for myself. So I know who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Thousand miles interviewing America's greatest marriages couples who were happily married for not just 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, but at least 40 years or more, we interviewed hundreds of those couples. And in every interview I asked them this question, how did you know that this person was the one? How did you know that they were the person you would spend the rest of your life with? And they had a bunch of different answers. But there was one common thread that they all shared. And today I'm going to share with you what that is. Check it out. Now this factor that America's greatest marriages shared with me was the single greatest and most common factor that let them know that the person that they were dating would be someone they could spend the rest of their life with. And so I'm going to share with you a story written by Lisa Tiffin about a first date that she went on. And I want to see if you can pick up the theme. In this story that America's greatest marriages reported was the one factor that let them know they had found the one, listen to this. This story is entitled. First date, first dent crunch. I knew the sickening sound of metal on metal, and it wasn't the sound I wanted to hear as I was pulling away from one of the most unusual and yet promising first dates I'd ever had.

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I jumped out of my car and tried to, it says the damage in the inky blackness. All I could tell was that I had officially backed into my dates, 1988 Mustang, a hug. I couldn't believe what I had just done. I trudged back to his door, dreading the confession I was about to make. As I stood, waiting for him to answer my knock. I reviewed the events that had led up to this moment. I had started just fine. My dark room partner from photography class had finally asked me out. I really liked this guy. He seemed genuine and caring, but he could both give and take a joke with the best. Definitely my kind of guy, since I lived off campus, I parked at his dorm and he drove us to the movies in his Mustang. A car. He was extremely proud of the conversation flowed freely. As we had plenty to talk about from our classes to our similar upbringing, I was truly enjoying myself. We finally pulled up to the movie theater, but it looked abandoned. I worried that we were out of luck, but he thought there was a chance it was open.

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Sure enough, his positive spirit prevailed. It was open. We purchased tickets and went inside only to find that I was also right. The place was deserted. Literally, we were the only people there, aside from the ticket taker and the projectionist and truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised if they were the same person. Anyway, we settled in and watched our private screening. Then the fun really started about halfway into the movie. The screen started to flicker and we heard the flapping of the film. As the projector broke, we stared at the blank screen. My date took charge. He went to see what the problem was and ended up making friends with the projectionist. Soon, we were receiving a tour of the projection room and enjoying an insider's view on how movies are shown. I have to admit it was kind of fun and even more interesting was to see how this man acted under pressure. In fact, I was talking to really admire him as we watched the rest of the movie. My mind began to wander. Maybe we might have a chance. Maybe we would end up married with lots of little children who are fascinated by how things work and who could see the possibilities and not just the problems in life. I could just see junior taking apart my blender and making a time machine, but truly I was getting ahead of myself.

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Plus I had no idea at that point, what a tragic for the Mustang ending. Our date was faded to have. So the movie ended and we drove back to the dorms, happily chatting oblivious to the impending disaster. We said goodnight and bang there. I was knocking at his door to tell him I'd ruined his muscle car. I was sure then that I'd ruined my chances as well, but he answered the door slightly surprised to see me standing there only moments after we had said goodnight, I shamelessly confessed. My crime, hung my head and waited for the worst, but it never came. Instead. The patient man went out to see the car barely glanced at it in the pitch, black and pronounced it fine. I was shocked. And also interested. I know my reaction would have been much different how to enroll has been reversed. In fact, I'm certain it would have involved shaking heads, ringing of hands and allowed voices yet there he stood. Smiling and telling me not to worry. It was at that moment that I knew I had found a good man. And guess what? Somehow, despite all my mistakes, she saw something in me too. Two years later, we drove away in that month with a sign that said just married, covering up a slightly scratched and dented bumper. It's been nearly 18 years now. And while we no longer own the Mustang, we do have a rich history together complete with fun stories of our adventures, beautiful twin boys, and a future that's brighter than any shiny Chrome bumper you could have imagined. I love that story because it exemplifies the principle that America's greatest marriages taught me about how, you know, when you found the one and the one principal, they said common throughout all of them was, it was easy to be together and they felt a peace around one another. That ease and peace is a massive sign that you've found someone incredibly special to be with. You see, oftentimes people want the massive chemistry in that relationship. Do I feel charged up? Do I feel massive attraction for this person? And yes, some of these couples had massive attraction right out of the gate, but not everybody, others of them. It was a slow burn. It was almost a friendship that then later caught fire, but all of them talked about this piece. And this ease of being together. In other words, it was really hard to mess things up. If you found that you're texting a guy and he disappears, or you're doing something and a guy freaks out and gets angry and you're asking the question, wow, what am I doing wrong? And you're trying, you feel like you're walking on eggshells. I want you to smash those eggshells. So many women send me questions about, Ooh, did I do something wrong? And they feel like they have to be perfect for things to work out. And that's absolutely the wrong sign. That's the sign you're with the wrong person, because guess what? When it comes to the right person, it is really hard to mess up the right thing. You get to be yourself. You get to relax. If you send the wrong text, if you say the wrong thing, if you dent his car, he says, you know what, no big deal, steel water off a Duck's back. And you find your way forward with him. So let this be a Testament that you can relax. You can let go. You can have fun and you can know. Because it is hard to screw up the right thing, that when you meet the right guy, it will feel easy and it will feel good. One caveat to this. This is in the beginning of the relationship, of course, when you get married or in your longterm relationship, there's going to be bumps along the way. There's going to be friction that happens and you'll find your way through that friction and over those bumps and that's okay. But in the beginning, pay attention to the man that you feel peace with the man where it just. It has an ease to it and a flow to it and know there's something special about that, man, and you, and the relationship you share.