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How can I find my man? Where is it? I just need to know where to go. And so I'll share with them a principle called the pickle principle, and it can absolutely help you too. If you're wanting to know. How to find your man, check it out. Now the pickle principle. And let me, I tell you this, it's probably not what you think. And it comes from a story where I was asking my wife where the ketchup was and I thought the ketchup was in the pantry. And my wife said, no, the ketchup's in the fridge. And so I'm looking in the fridge and I'm looking up at the top shelf in the middle shelf and the bottom shelf.

And I'm pulling out the drawers and the ketchup is not. In the fridge. And I know it's not in the fridge, cause I think it's in the pantry. I say, babe, the ketchup, not in the fridge. And she comes behind me, reaches over my shoulder, moves the pickles and sure enough, the catch up was right there and it blew my mind. And I know about this principle of what's happening in my brain right now. And it just made me laugh at how powerful it really is because you see, I believed. And thought that the ketchup was in the pantry. And I literally couldn't see and find where ketchup was in the fridge, even though it was there the whole time. So you and I have a part of our brain called the reticular activating system. The RAs and the Razah's job is to filter what you can see so that you're only taking in information that serves you. The information that the Raz believe serves you is information. That's a lie. And with your beliefs, with your aligned, with your expert patients, if you believe something to be true, your Raz will go out and find it to be true. I believed. The ketchup was in the pantry. Therefore, I literally couldn't see it. A woman came to me at a live event. This was a couple months ago and we were walking together and we were going down these escalators to go into the main ballroom. And she's saying, Matt, I've had so much struggle dating. I'm a successful woman.

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I maybe men are just intimidated by me. There are no good men out there. And she's standing right next to me and we're going down this escalator and she's just describing to me about how there's no great men. And she's looking down telling me about her results. And while we're traveling down, see this handsome guy about her age, get on the escalator and go the opposite direction. Right. And I'm waiting to see if she's going to notice this guy and he's come, we're going down. He's coming up and she's continuing to tell me there are no good men. There are no good men. There are no good men. There are no good men. We get to the bottom of the escalator. She walks out, gives me all other reasons why there aren't any good men for her. And while we were passing, he looks at her and smiles at her, but she doesn't even see him. And she completely missed that moment when we were the bottom of the escalator, I said, excuse me, look back up there. You see that man? And he was getting off and he walked away. She was like, yeah. I said that man was a handsome man. He was about your age. Did you even see him smile at you? And she went, Oh my God, I totally missed it. And I explained to her the pickle principle, the pickle principle is if you don't have a corner of your mind, open to what you want, if you actually believe that there aren't any good men or believe that you're intimidating to men and you drive men away because maybe that's, what's been going on in the past.

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Maybe that's the history that you've experienced. But remember this, your history does not determine your destiny. You can create anything you want when you begin to shift. The mindset that you're living your life with. And so it was a massive shift for her and she decided she was like, you know what? I need to shift this mindset. She signed up for a program that I do called manifest your man. And everything began to shift for her. Another example of this on the opposite side, where it actually worked out was a woman who took manifestor man. Had the belief that men don't find me attractive men don't find me attractive men don't find me attractive.

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She shifted that belief and she was working on calling in the love of her life in a group, which she had been attending for years. There was a man in that group who she never really paid attention to and never really even noticed that next week she goes to this group and all of a sudden he's got a bit of a shine to him. All of a sudden, she feels attraction for him. He smiles at her afterwards. They talk and they say, yeah, we've never really connected, but maybe we should go grab some food. Sometime they went and grabbed food. They ended up dating. They ended up getting married. The love of her life was in that same group for years. She couldn't even recognize him with the old beliefs. She had to shift her believing to create a new possibility for her life. This is the pickle principle is getting your Raz aligned. With the kind of relationship you want to attract in your life. So if you would love support with that, I've got a phenomenal program called manifest your man.


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As we know, texting is woven into the fabric. Of dating. You can't get around it. So you might as well get good at it and have a little arsenal of texts ready to send for any moment that you might be in a dating situation that can serve you in creating connection. And so today I want to share with you three flirty texts that he can't resist checking. now you can use these texts really any time in the dating process. And I wanted to give you something that you can, you can use within the first couple of weeks of getting to know each other of dating one another so that you can actually use these to build connection with him. The first is called the appreciation text. You see, it's important to understand how men create connection and how we're wired up. We are wired up to create a biochemical boost in us when we get appreciated, because as men we're hard wired to feel good about a job well done. So here's how the appreciation text goes. You want to know something? I appreciate you for what? For creating such a fun date the other night. Still thinking about it. Now, if you want to take this appreciation text to an even deeper level, compliment him. On something specific that he did in the date, you see research shows that when we're complimented on something specific versus something just generalized, like, Hey, it was a great date night, the other night versus something I think specifically he did the specific compliment actually connects to him in a deeper way.

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So if you're able to. Give him a specific compliment about the date and you'll create even more connection with him. Number two is the, your significant text. You see, every man has the desire to feel significant. Every man wants to feel special from all the other men in your life, from really all the other people in your life. He wants to know that he has a special place in your heart. And so the, your significant. Text does that. And here's how it works. So he knows that you've got friends, he knows that you're out having a great life. You've got a good job that you love and he regards you with a very high regard. So when you're out and about, and you're away from him, send him a text of a picture, a point of view shot.

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If something that you're engaged in, whether it be a hike. That you're having, or a cool restaurant that you're at something that you're doing that you're enjoying, but it would be even better with him. And here's how it works. This place is amazing, but something's missing a hot guy to share it with missing you. This is great because this lets them know that even when you're out doing something amazing or having fun, that he's still on your mind and that he could make that experience even better. And that helps him feel significant. And number three is the mysterious stranger texts. And this one's playful. This one is a, a bit of fun that you can have with him. And this is where you have an event coming up. Maybe it's a. Party or a work event or something where you would love for him to go with you and you invite him, but in a particular kind of way, it goes like this. I've got this cool event coming up and I'm looking for a really sexy, gorgeous Brown eyed guy to take me.

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Do you know of anyone? I just might. And just for fun. I thought I'd add in one final text for you to test out. This is a bonus text, and this is before you go to bed, as you're heading off to sleep, send them this text where you say, I can't sleep. I blame you. I love that text, test that out because that shows him that he is on your mind and he is having an effect on you. And every man loves to have an effect on the woman that he likes. So there you have it, three flirty texts that your man can't resist.