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Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been frustrated because you haven't been able to call in the relationship that you want, despite the effort that you're putting in, you've got the vision you're taking action and for some reason it just isn't happening. Well today, I'm going to share with you one critical factor that when you get this thing, Activated, it can call in the relationship that you want. Check it out. So to demonstrate this factor, I'm going to tell you a story about a time in my life. When I wanted something really bad was on a track and then found myself stuck. I had moved to Mexico in my early twenties to have an adventure, to learn Spanish live in another County entry. And so I got a job at a resort and my job was to tour people around that resort and then offer them the opportunity to buy a timeshare.

So I don't know you've ever been on a timeshare presentation, but generally people aren't very happy about going on timeshare . So I was trying to sell something to someone that they weren't really receptive or wanting this. And nonetheless people were having lots of success around me. And the really the gold standard of the success that I was after was called the moon million dollar club. If you could sell a million dollars worth of timeshare in one year, you entered the million dollar club and the people who were in the million dollar club, right. Had freedom. They were able to travel. They were able to make money and, and enjoy that money. And for me in my early twenties, I'm just scraping by, I've got a little apartment and I'm, I'm struggling. I'm worried about money every month. I'm looking at my bank account going, wow. I don't even know if I can make rent this month. And so I started to study, I started to work, do everything conventionally that you would think about when trying to have more success. And so I started meeting with the people who were having success, asking them how they were creating the results I modeled, what they were doing, and sure enough, my success started to grow.

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I started to sell them more, sell more to the point where I was selling. About a hundred thousand dollars of timeshare every single month. And I was selling a hundred thousand selling a hundred. I got to six weeks before the end. Yeah. A year. And I had sold $900,000. Averaging a hundred thousand dollars a month. And so I was feeling great, super confident feeling like I'm going to blow this goal out of the water. I'm going to, I'm going to get into the million dollar club, which was really hard to do well. Something shifted about six weeks before the end of the year. And I went into work, took a couple around the resort, offer them the timeshare and they didn't buy no big deal. Dust myself off, come in the next day. Same thing that couple doesn't purchase. Okay. No big deal does myself off do my meditation. My focus come in the next day, that couple doesn't buy. I went an entire week without a sale, which was somewhat unusual. It didn't happen early on, but it hadn't happened in a while.

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So that weekend that's my self off. I, I kind of get my energy G back in alignment. The next week I come in, I go through all week without a sale. Now that's two weeks without one sale that had never happened in that entire year. I come in a third week, take tours day after day after day. And I go through a third week with no sale. I felt like leaving work on that Friday. I felt like I had been kicked in the gut. Now. I was only three weeks out from the end of the year. And with a hundred thousand dollars to sell. And that was a stretch. I've been averaging a hundred thousand dollars in four weeks to do it in three. That was nervous making. And I was like, and I, and I had just gone three weeks without a sale. I was starting to ask the questions. What's wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? Maybe I've lost it. Maybe I don't have what it takes. Maybe you can relate to these questions. It's interesting. The same questions that we ask in one area is often the question we ask in another area. It's the same thing with relationships. If you've gone on a big, dry spell, you can't seem to attract the relationship. You want the questions we often ask are wrong with me. Maybe I'm not meant to have this dream. Maybe it's not in the cards for me. Maybe you've asked yourself those types of types of questions.

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And so I went back the fourth week, ready to go. I had focused my energy. I show up to work. I take that tour and you wouldn't do that. I didn't sell again. I went 26 days without a cell. So if you feel stuck in your life, love life, you may feel like this has been a long time that you've had the relationship that you really want. The one that really lights you up. The one that you've been dreaming about. And so what do you do in those moments? How do you actually activate yourself to then create the result that you want? And it all comes down to alignment, alignment, alignment of your mind, body and spirit. What do I mean by that? The mind is your conscious mind, what your goal is, what your vision is, what you want for your life. The body represents not only your physical body, but your subconscious mind, which is the seat of your mind, which is where your self image is, which is where your hidden beliefs are. And then the spirit is the energy, the vibration that you're putting out. So. What I didn't know is that I had an internal block. I had a value, there was in conflict. My subconscious mind, or the body aspect of myself was actually in resistance or conflict to the conscious desire for the goal. And that creates a block energy. If you really want the relationship that you say you want, and yet you're not attracting it. There's a great chance that you've got to love block. Which is simple. It's not complicated, but you do know you have to know what it is and how to release it in order to clear it. But what's amazing. Once you clear that you open up amazing channels into your life. So I had a block to this success that I wanted. I went to a sports psychologist that I knew who dealt with the subconscious mind and energy work. He helped me identify that my subconscious belief was that if I achieved the dream. Of being in the million dollar club that my most, his friends down in Mexico were going to reject me. And I had a greater value on relationships that ended on financial success. I would have way more valued relationships than any kind of material success day and night. And because of that, these I wasn't in alignment, that block ended up killing me, sabotaging me results. So I released that block. I've got into alignment. Understanding that, you know, what, if I achieve this result, my friends, aren't going to reject me. They're going to support me. They're going to cheer me on that. Belief is irrelevant. That belief is ludicrous. So I did some work to dissolve that belief. And here's, what's cool. When you get yourself in alignment, Providence moves in the next two weeks. I two weeks before the end of the year and the next two weeks, I didn't write a hundred thousand dollars to get to the million dollars I wrote. So $200,000 in timeshare and blew past the million dollar Mark to get into the million dollar club. And the cool part about that. Not only was it more money than I'd ever earned in a month, or really in two weeks in my, in my life, it was like $40,000. I was like, Oh my gosh, I'm this wealthy, I'm amazing. But way more than that was the awareness of, Oh my gosh, there's so much more going on than meets the eye. That the energy that we have really does either support us or sabotage us. And so what I've created for you, if you feel like there's a love block in you, if you feel like there's something sabotaging you, I've created an amazing course called break free. That teaches you exactly what the love blocks are. There's 10, most common love blocks, and it teaches you the technique for how to release those love blocks. So that you can open up and receive into your life, the relationship that you've always wanted. So I highly encourage you to check it out. Give yourself the gift, check out this program. Enroll. It will totally change your life. So my question for you is if there's an area of your life, where you would love to see accelerated results, accelerated success, right? Your love life, it might be some other area. What area, if you could wait, wave, have a magic wand.


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When the person you're in love with asks you for a break, so they can think about things in the two of you have a no contact rule going on. It can be incredibly painful. It can be stressful. Your mind can spin. And so today I'm going to share with you the two main things that he's thinking about during this no-contact period and what you can do to actually maintain your peace of mind. Check it out. A client of mine recently asked me this question, her and her boyfriend are going through a Rocky period. And he asked her for some time to think about what he really wants and if he wants to move forward in this relationship, when a man does that, there's two main things, things that he's considering during this no contact period, I'm going to share with you these two things. And I'm also going to share with you, you, the one perspective that you can keep in mind, they'll help you stay grounded and help you stay centered. So what he thinks about. As he's reviewing the events that have just occurred as he's considering. Hmm. Do I want this relationship or not? There's two main factors.

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The first factor that determines whether or not he's going to choose back into the relationship is whether or not he sees you, you as a viable longterm partner. Does he see himself with you longterm? Does he see you as a potential wife? A potential lifelong partner. And when he's Hmm. Do I see her in those, in that light, what he's considering for himself is do we have the same values? Are we on the same line? If path are we on the same trajectory together? Is this someone that I could see spending holidays with integrating into my family? Do we, do I feel like I could build a family or a life with her? So the first criteria is, is this a longterm relationship, or am I just having fun? Do we really see this as kind of temporary? And it's going to be short term because the other major factor that he's considering is how fun is she and other words, men, and really all of us stay in relationships because. They are more fun than they are not fun. Every relationship has challenges, right?

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Every relationship has struggles has arguments has miscommunications and times when we get irritated with each other. But the reason you stay together is because at the end of the day is way better to be together than not be together. It's way more fun to stay together than not stay together. So he's weighing as he's considering. Wow. If I. As he reflects over the last period of time, he says to himself, how much fun have we had and how much drama has there been? How much pain has there been? How much, how many arguments have there been? And if the fun way outweighs the downside, then he's much more likely to give it another shot. You know what, at the end of the day, this is a much better situation to stay together than to break up. But if there's way more drama and downer energy, Then he's not going to choose into that. Nobody would choose into that. So those are the two criteria that he looks for is this long term. And how much fun is that? What's the positive benefit of being with her. So what do you do. In that moment. What do you do when he's considering for himself? And you're considering the same thing you're considering, do you want to stay with him? And if you land on a yes, that you love him, you see him as longterm and you love being with him. Cause you to have a blast together, you have the same values, really connect with one another. Then how do you maintain your energy? Here's how you do it. You check in with what you believe, because here's what I believe that whether he chooses in or whether he chooses out. There's really only two options in store for you either if he chooses in great.

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But if he doesn't choose in, there's only two options. And you've got to ask yourself what you believe about the universe in the way this world works. Do you believe that God, your higher power, this universe has something worse than store for you? Or do you believe that there's something even better in store for you? What do you believe, really check in with yourself? Because most of us, you believe that, you know what, if it's, if he doesn't choose him, then there's a possibility of something even better. If there's the possibility of something even better in store for you. Imagine what that must be. If someone was even better for you. So you see, you love this guy. He's amazing. He's sexy. He's good. Looking. He's smart. He's funny. He's got great values. If there was someone even better than that in store for you, how would you feel? How would you feel knowing it was either him or someone even better than him identify that and you right now, how would you feel? When I asked this question to my client, she goes, well, I would actually feel relaxed. It wouldn't be so much pressure on me. I would actually feel hopeful. I would feel like, okay, I've got possibilities for my life and that it's all gonna work out and you know what? I would actually feel like it's all gonna be good. Whatever happens. It's all gonna be good. And that's my message to do to you is whatever happens. It's all going to be good. Either he chooses in and it's going to be good or he doesn't choose it. And somebody else does. And it's even better than the previous. Good. Own that for yourself, decide in advance to feel that way now. And that will put you in a state. Yeah. Interestingly enough of not only having more peace of mind, not only being more grounded, but your energy will actually lighten up, your energy will expand. Your energy will actually attract him. Even more, you don't even have to be around him, just your, your, the quantum energy that you have, your soul force energy is going to stretch out and he's going to feel a shift. And it's the most potent energy for actually having him choose into the relationship. Interestingly enough. So there you have it, the two things that he considers when there's the no contact rule and what you can do to stay grounded and stay centered. My question for you is. What strategies do you do when there's a no contact rule and your mind is spinning and you're in stress.