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Who is this lovely girl? I didn't even know who lovely was. And I had everyone in my circle saying, have you heard her new song juice? Have you heard this song? Or that song? Even my marketing manager was saying, man, lovely has been nominated for eight Grammys this year. She's amazing. And I had no idea who she was and yet she was captivating a nation. And so I love studying human dynamic. And what is it about someone that is so captivating? And so I started doing research on this singer songwriter, rapper, amazing woman named lovely, and I've compiled the five qualities that she exudes that makes her irresistible. And so we're going to check out those five qualities lessons from lovely.

What is it about this woman that is so captivating? She's a singer songwriter rapper. Her first album came out in 2013, but she didn't really hit the mainstream big time until 2019. And so it was during that time when she was working, grinding, performing in any venue she could find until she finally. Really hit it big in 2019 with eight Grammy nominations. So the first quality that lovely exudes that is so irresistible. Is that she loves herself completely. She sees herself as whole and complete, and she takes care of herself. And what's great about this is that lovely doesn't have the average look of today's pop star. No, Liz lovely is a heavyset woman, and yet she's willing to love and accept herself for who she is. And there's something. Really compelling about that. Why? Because that's the human desire. Every one of us has the desire to be loved and to love ourselves and to feel really accepted for who we are. Every human being has insecurities.

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And so when you're with somebody or you see someone. Who is on a journey of loving themselves, accepting themselves more and more and more of that is highly attractive as you love and accept yourself more. That will be highly irresistible to the man that you're with. And lovely writes about this. And one of her songs called soulmate. And I love this because if you want to attract your soulmate, if you want to attract an amazing relationship, you first have to find that amazing relationship in yourself and to become your own soulmate. First, check this song out. Alright, we are back. Okay. So you can tell us the lyrics, how awesome that is. That self-love number two is she is willing to be radically vulnerable about her own process and about her own growth. And that vulnerability requires courage. And courage is attractive. Courage is irresistible. When you see someone else acting in with courage, whether it's going for a big dream or it's willing to ask the rock question or speak your truth.

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Or however, that looks that is compelling and lovely opens up on her social media and her songs about the depression that she battles, the sadness that she faces and how hard that is and her willingness. And, and courage to grow through that. And recently she posted on Instagram, this post and it really captivated me. And she writes, I learned in the last 24 hours, that being emotionally honest can save your life. Reaching out may be hard, but as soon as I did it, I was immediately covered in love. I used to think of sadness as a constant with fleeting moments of joy in between, but it's a wave. Joy sadness, joy sadness. And my sadness can be as temporary as my joy, I went on live to have a discussion about triggers. My triggers are rejection and inadequacy. But I love that. I am more emotionally honest lately. I love that I can use sadness constructively in real time for gratitude. That is powerful. When you can share honestly, about your growth and your experience and the way in which you're becoming better and more who you are in a vulnerable sense with your man, that will make you absolutely irresistible to him. Quality number three is lovely empowers everyone around her. You see there's two types of people in this world. People who lift others up or people who tear others down, and there's two ways lift people up. You can either be a spectator and cheer someone else on, or I believe even more powerfully. You can shine your light in this world and yeah, as you're shining your light also be cheering other people on. And that's exactly what lovely does. She does it in her lyrics and she does it in her life. Check out this song, crystal ball.

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Number four is she respects herself and she doesn't tolerate treatment from men who don't respect her. This is a really valuable principle because in relationships you actually teach people how to treat you by the treatment that you accept from them. Let me say that again, you teach people how to treat you by the treatment you are willing to accept. So never accept treatment that is less than your worth. That means in a relationship, if you want a relationship where he prioritizes you and you prioritize him, never accept a relationship with a man where he's not willing to do that. Elizah writes about this in a song called truth hurts where this guy is trying to have her as a side chick. And she's got a great line in the song where she's, because I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be side chick. And I say that to you never, ever, ever treat yourself less than you deserve to be treated by accepting a position, less in a relationship than you are worth. Check out this song by lovely Oh, that breaks my heart. I didn't know you ain't from the staff. Hey, I'm glad you're back. What you bitch. I mean, who would want to hide this? I will never, ever, ever, ever have a beat yo side chick. I put the same and quality number five. lovely is the queen of body positivity and she amplifies her feminine energy by making herself feel sexy. Now, what is it? That determines whether or not you can feel sexy. What is it that determines your sexiness? It's not the size of your body is not how clear your skin is. It's not how tall you are. It's not, not how shiny your hair is. It's none of that. None of that determines your sexiness. What determines your sexiness, how you feel about yourself. Your own sexy, inner nature. When you cultivate that, when you accept yourself, when you generate that feeling of sexiness inside that room radiates and everyone notices and men pick it up and you become irresistible, check this out. Oh, my God. you go lovely. Thank you for shining your light. Thank you for bringing your best to this world. Your bright light to others for lifting others up and for being an example of what it is to be irresistible. So my question for you is. What do you believe makes you irresistible to men? What qualities do you have that?


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I love that you and I are pure. Energy and we are vibrating at a particular rate. Here's, what's great. Everything around us is also pure energy and everything around us. The, this, these dancing filaments of light are actually in what's called superposition. That means that they are responsive to your intention and ready to become any possibility that you're willing to be a match for foresee. You are vibrating at a particular rate. Your beliefs, your thoughts and your expectations are governing the vibration that you're in because of those beliefs, thoughts and expectations translate right into your feeling tone. Your feelings are simply the conscious awareness of the vibration that you're in. And so as you shift your vibration, as you shift what you believe, what your attention is on and what you expect to happen in your life. You begin to organize all the energy around you and it brings into your life amazing possibilities. So let me tell you a story about Stacy. Stacy is a woman who has three children. She was divorced, she had breast cancer, and she talks about how through the surgeries of breast cancer and the scarring that she was left with and the reconstructive surgery. She had a lot of beliefs around not being worthy, not being good enough. And she thought to herself, how could, how could a man ever want to be with her with these three kids and with all this scarring?

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And so she lived in a possibility of being single. That was the greatest possibility that she truly believed unexpected for herself. And yet at the same time, she wanted a different possibility. Maybe you can relate to this. You want a different possibility, but you're governing belief system. Really what you expect to happen in life. Is the result you're currently getting, which is not what you want and you want something different. So how do you make that change? How do you make that leap? Because making that shift of shifting your beliefs, shifting your vibration and shifting what you truly expect to happen in your world, world is the starting place of all the change, that results in your life. And so what Stacy did is she knew that she wanted support with this. And so she signed up for manifest your man, a program that I coach, which is how I know her story. And through that program, she began shifting what she believed. She began systematically shifting what she put her focus and attention on and what she truly expected to happen in her life. And what's great about it is your vibration. Is it similar. In other words, when you shift your vibration to a greater possibility this next year, it won't just affect you. Your love life. It can't help but affect every day. Other area of your life when you open up to more good. When you open up to more love, when you open up to more expansion, when you open up to greater possibilities, you begin to attract them from every area. Stacy had a book that she, yeah, we've been struggling with for years. She finally finished the book. She published the book and while she was living this life, she felt more joy. She felt more a liveliness. She felt more peace, express, more beauty. And because of that state, she attracted an amazing man into her life.

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A man with whom she shares creative passion. With not only are they romantic partners, but now they have started a business together. They've started a podcast together at launches, actually this January and Stacy is living a life that she absolutely loves. So if you would love support, tapping into a greater possibility this year. If you know that this is your year for love and you know that you would love something in your life, but there's a part of what you expect. There's a part of your beliefs. A part of your body is just not in harmony with what you said would truly love. And you would love support Britain, that gap. Then I placed some link in the description below, have a conversation with a team member of mine that can tell you all about manifestor man manifest. Your man might just be the most important move you make this year to help you make this year. Finally. Your year for love, click the link, check that out. It's a complimentary conversation. Just the conversation is going to send a wave of energy to the universe, letting this world know that you are ready and you're opening yourself up to the greatest year of your life and the greatest relationship you have ever had. In fact, I'm going to let you hear from Stacy herself, the results that she created and the results she experienced with manifest your man to inspire you. Check this out. Hi guys, this is Stacy and I'm hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, the manifest your man program. I was coming from a third book please. Um, I'm a divorcee and a cancer survivor and a single mother of three also from, um, going through my breast cancer journey.

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I had to have a mastectomy and do reconstructive surgery after. And just, uh, between the radiation and the scarring from that. And then the scar from all the surgeons that was in my head, a lot about my body and about, you know, loving myself and, um, feeling like I really could not. Onboard a partner with three children. You don't have that person accepted, et cetera was a major block for me. But this year I was in the April cohorts, I believe it was. And, um, and I was just like blown away by the things that I learned aside from attracting love into my life, which I did. So I had been writing a memoir about my cancer journey for, from 22. I was not able to complete it. I was. Finally able to not just complete the book, but also get an editor. I'll get a publishing consultant. And the book is here. It's here, people it's here. And I would say guys, the gap guy, the guy is. I can't even find the words to explain how much of a blessing this man has been in my space.