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What is it that makes a man come running after you? Hookup Owensboro Well, today we're going to look at seven behaviors that make him chase you. Check it out. So I was talking to a client recently and she was explaining to me the frustration that she felt, because she was never one that was good at flirting. She's the CEO, she's a business owner. She knows how to get things done, but she's often runs some real masculine, serious energy. And she's in a relationship with this guy and they're dating. And she was saying, how can I. Be more playful. How can I invoke him to chase me? And there's a factor when it comes to invoking a man igniting a man to chase you or to pursue you. There's one factor that you need to increase in him. And that factor is desire. Men pursue things. They desire men, chase things.

They desire, whether that be the career or whether that be the woman. We chase things we desire. So how do you ignite the desire in him? Well, these seven behaviors will totally ignite desire in him. And have him chasing you, whether you're in a longterm marriage or whether you're in a new relationship with him. And so behavior number one is touch him. Like he's fragile men. We don't get a lot of really soft Hookup Owensboro, gentle touches in our lives. If you notice how men engage and interact with each other, it's a lot of bro hugs, you know, a lot of hugging and kind of picking up a lot of high fives, a lot wrestle, rough play. But when it comes to a woman, the woman is the one person in his life that has permission to touch him gently to touch him almost as if he's fragile. So whether you're touching his face or whether you're stroking his forearm or whether you're touching his shoulders, touching him super gently is a way that signals to him. Oh, wow. This is a completely different category of touch. This is a completely different type of energy I'm receiving from this person. And he knows that that you're not just someone in his life, but you're the woman in his life. And it speaks to him and it ignites desire in him. Number two is to flirt in a crowd.

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The next time you are out and about you're maybe at a party or you may be in a busy place, crowded area and you two are apart. You might be at a farmer's market and you see him catches. I hold this gay smile at him and say the words I want you that will ignite him. That is a total pattern interrupt. It lets them know, wow. You're not just my friend. You're not just my life partner, but you are my lover and it will ignite the desire in him. Number three is to play footsie with him. When you're at a restaurant you're sitting across from him, go ahead and play footsie, leave your leg, Ching, his, if you just happened to brush up against him or play a little bit, that playful energy is fun and it's fun. And it's also a bit sexy and suggestive. So that combination together is really powerful. Number four is the unexpected, sexy kiss. You know, those kisses that you, we have with him that are the usual everyday, I'll see you later kiss, you know, you might be leaving from work or you might be coming home from work and hi honey, you give each other a kiss. Do a pattern interrupt where you actually give him a sexy kiss when he's expecting a regular kiss. So what's a sexy kiss to a man. Sexy histo man is where your mouth is slightly open. And maybe you suck on his lip a little bit, or maybe you bite his lip a little bit or give him just a little bit of tongue.

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That kind of sexy kiss will be a total pattern interrupt. And he'd be like, Whoa, I wasn't expecting that. It will let him know that you are feeling sexy and that you find him attractive, that will ignite his desire for you and watch your enough. He's going to be chasing you later that day. Number five, join him in the shower. There is nothing better than when as a man I'm taking a shower and all of a sudden the door opens and my beautiful naked wife quads into the shower. It's the best thing in the world. So for your man, you want to ignite desire in him. Go ahead, join him in the shower, let him soap up your back and Hookup Owensboro whatever else ensues from there, you get to decide, but it is a great way to give a little delight and surprise to your man. Number six is a surprise massage. When he comes home from work, if he's beat, he's had a rough day, surprise him with a massage, say, Hey, I mean, let me rub those shoulders of yours. Or you can even ask him for a massage, letting a man rub yours body, let him massage your body. That in and of itself will turn him on and have him chasing you.

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Hookup Owensboro Everyone loves that. Surprise. Massage is also a great way to delight and surprise him and ignite that desire. And number seven, we called the thigh slide. Now the thigh slide is when you're driving with him, it's nice to hold hands and to feel the warmth of each other's hands, but it's also even more delight and surprise when you let go of his hand and you put your hand on his knee, and then you slide that. Hand up his thigh in a very suggestive Dave manner. You want to have him facing you, try out the thigh slide. I think you will get a big smile on his face. He's the next time you do this? So there you have it. Seven behaviors that make a man chase you your things. If you notice the common thread or all of them, these are surprise desire, Igniters. They surprise. This is you're getting out of the everyday rut and routine. Because there was a surprise there's excitement in that there's sexual suggest Tivity in that, and that ignites his desire to then chase you. My question for you is what behaviors have you found cause a man to chase you, right?


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Hookup Owensboro Today I thought you might find it highly interesting to know about a scientifically proven way. To become more attractive because we're in the season of gratitude. Thanksgiving is all about generating that spirit of gratitude in our lives. And if you're like me, you have a gratitude practice, you know how powerful gratitude can be. And so you practice the mindset of gratitude in your life. But what science is showing is that while gratitude is scientifically proven to help make us happier. You're going to have a gratitude practice that actually increases your happiness. It also increases your attractiveness. Science is now showing that the person who comes with it, spirit of gratitude is actually much more compelling and much more attractive than the person who's not. But what most people don't know is there's actually three levels of gratitude. So in this post, I'm going to share with you what these three levels of gratitude are. So you can deepen your practice of gratitude, amplify your own joy and happiness, and in the process become more attractive checking. So let's talk about the levels of gratitude that exists. The first level of gratitude. It's called the win gratitude, which is when this happens, then I'm going to be grateful when you attract the man into your life. You'll be grateful when you get the job that you want. Then you're grateful when you get the raise, then you're grateful that when you, when your body reaches a certain size or a certain number on the scale or a certain level or ability, then you'll feel grateful.

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But up until then, you're actually going to be disappointed about your body. You're going to be critical about your body, but only when you reach a certain level, only if something happens, then you'll be grateful. And a lot of people practice this gratitude. And this is actually victim level gratitude because what this level of gratitude States is that you can't be good Intel, something in the external world changes. When that changes, then you'll be grateful. That's level one. Level two gratitude is much more common and a bit higher consciousness and that's for gratitude. And this is probably the kind of gratitude food that you practice. I noticed the gratitude that I practice most often, and that is I'm grateful for my health or you're grateful for your job. You're grateful for the house in which you live, you're grateful for your health or for your family, for your loved ones, for your pets. That gratitude for something is proven to increase your vibration. It amplifies your energy field makes you happier and more attractive when you're grateful for the blessings that you have in your life. Very important to practice for gratitude. The challenge comes when you're normally grateful for something like your health. And then what happens if your health is in there, you get sick or you get injured or you break up a bone or something happens, your health or something that you're normally grateful for gets taken away.

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You're grateful for a family member and they might pass. You're grateful for a relationship. That relationship ends when you experienced challenges. If there the only level of gratitude that you have access to is for gratitude. It can become very challenging to Dell to develop our experience gratitude. And this brings me to the third and highest level of gratitude, which is in gratitude in gratitude States that no matter what circumstance I find myself, I find myself in therein to be grateful. You don't have to be grateful for the challenge. You don't have to be grateful for the pain or for the circumstance, but because it's happening, they're in to be grateful. And this level of gratitude comes from the mindset and the knowingness that everything that's unfolding right now is infinite intelligence. Everything that's unfolding in your life right now, all the good things and all the things that feel challenging. They're designed by infinite intelligence for the unfoldment of who you've come to this planet to be. For the unfoldment of who you are, the evolution of your consciousness, Hookup Owensboro the evolution of your soul. And so if you believe that the know that everything that's happening, there is some good inside that yeah. That you can be grateful for the life you're living. You can be grateful for the ability to grow and to evolve who you are. Now. I want to share with you a story about a nine year old kid named Ezra. Who was born with only one finger on his left hand and his left leg had to be amputated short after birth and how this kid, as rhe has developed a level of gratitude for his life and his ability. When I watched this video, it completely Wheatley inspired me.

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I hope that it inspires you. Check this out. What was different about Hookup Owensboro your body when you were born? I was off the board with one finger on my left hand and a full left leg, but it was curved. I had surgery when I was two and a half years old to remove the part that was curved. So I stumped that they could put a prosthetic leg. And then they took the big toe from that and they put it on my left hand. So I have two fingers. I did tons of physical therapy to try to get my new finger, to work like a real finger and not like a toe. I was always trying to figure out how to bring them together and how to get them to come together and touch. And I was sitting in the shower and it touched it. It was amazing. I was running around the house screaming, cause that was like the first milestone I was born like this. I can't change it. And when I play sports, I don't feel different. I don't think about anything else. I just think about what's happening in the game. Would you say sports have become a ritual for you? Yes, because I feel like if I don't play sports every day, I feel weird. I've always felt like sports is where I can go when I'm sad or lonely. I love the feeling. I love being under pressure and everything. I like sports. I go from thinking about all the other things to gain mine, the zone. I feel like I have this like fire around and then the flames pop up and have this circle around it. So any thoughts that try to come in and they get burned by the fire and they don't let it. So, how do you stay positive? I have to think about what I have instead of what I don't have. I have a great life. I have a great family. They have great legs. I have great friends. I have a great school. I could go on for years. I'm grateful. It has so many things that are great. There's lots of challenges in people's life. And. That's a little wall right there. So try to break down that wall. If I'm running around, I got playing soccer. She doesn't lay up. I don't think about it. I don't feel no different from playing sports because that takes me away from my disability. But. It's a good thing that I'm born like this. I was wanting to be confident in myself. I word how to be strong. So in this season of gratitude, I challenge you to dial up the gratitude that you have for the things in your life. And dial up the gratitude that you have, that when you're facing a challenge in the challenge, you can actually still experience gratitude because when you do that, you increase your vibration access, a whole nother level of peace, a whole nother level of happiness.