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So, how do you make him want you more and prioritize the relationship Hookup Shreveport? I was talking to a client recently and she was saying, Hey, I'm kind of dating this guy. I like him. And I would love for him to, I ties this relationship, but he's real casual with me. Is there anything that I can do to change this result? And so we started talking about what is it that creates desire? What is it that we highly value? In life. And so I want to describe for you something called the diamond principle, because diamonds are highly desired and highly valued. So how are diamonds formed? Diamonds are actually masses of carbon underneath the earth surface in the upper mantle of the crust.

And they're under intense temperature, intense pressure. And then they actually make their way to the surface. But do you know how the number one way. That diamonds make their way to the surface. It's actually all Kainos. So a volcano will shoot this mass of carbon up to the earth surface. And if it's at the right temperature and at the right speed, it will become a diamond. If it's not the right speed or temperature, it will become something else that we don't value. And because Hookup Shreveport that is a rare process, the diamonds are rare. They're highly desired. And specifically diamonds have four qualities. And the degree of these qualities increases. How valuable the diamond is, those qualities are clarity, cut, carat and color. And here's, what's interesting. You actually have these four qualities in you. There's a diamond quality in you already. And as you dial up the diamond quality in you, you become rare because most people aren't focused on this. Most women don't even know no this. And so, as you become rare, his desire for you goes up, even as you shine these four qualities, let's unpack what these qualities are. Number one is clarity. Clarity is your clarity on what you want and who you are. You having a clear image of this is the kind of man I want. This is the kind of qualities I want in my man. And your willingness to not only say yes to him, but then no to the other guys. Who don't match that because as you say no to these other guys and you become selective and saying yes to that guy, he feels special because he knows that you're selective.

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He knows that you're saying no to the rest and yes, to him, as he feels more special in your presence, you become special to him. His desire for you actually goes up. The average woman doesn't really know what she wants Hookup Shreveport. The average woman does it really. Have a direction in her life or knows what she's passionate about. She's thinking to herself. Well, I know what I don't want. I don't want to be single. I don't like the direction my life is going right now. So does he have a job? Does he have a pulse? Yeah. Does he have a full set of teeth? Yeah. Alright. I'll date. You I'll get into a relationship with you. That is not what attracts men is the woman who knows what she wants and the man could feel that. And when she chooses him, his desire for her goes up. Now the second quality of diamond is cut. And interestingly cut is actually the quality most determines that diamonds value because it's the cut that determines how much light that diamond will throw, throw out into the world. We'll cut for you and me is what we've overcome from our past the pain. From our past the heartache we've endured the challenges. That we've overcome. All of that, that you've overcome has made you the amazing woman that you are today and your willingness to shine your light to this world in a big, bright, beautiful way makes you rare because most women, most human beings actually don't shine their light, right?

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Most PE people will live a dimmed down version of themselves. Why. Because they're afraid, afraid of being rejected, afraid of being criticized, afraid of being thought of as less than. And so they won't shine their light to the world, but as you do. As you step in and shine your light for what you love in this world, what you're passionate about. And as your willingness to open yourself and show that you're attracted to him, show Hookup Shreveport that you're interested in him. It's part of that life that sets you apart because so many people let go through relationships guarded, held back because of the pain that, that prevents him. From actually feeling that attraction back to you. So shine your light in a greater way, share your interest in your attraction for him as you do. He will feel that attraction right from you. It will increase his own attraction for you and cause him to want to prioritize that relationship with you. The third scene is carrot. Carrot is the size or substance of the diamond. And the analogy to relationships is it's the size of the challenge he must overcome in order to be your man. You see the average woman doesn't know what her standards are. She doesn't know what he has to do to actually become her boyfriend. A lot of women will get into what's called an instant relationship. If he's got the teeth, the heartbeat and the job, she was like, okay, let's be in a relationship that doesn't make him feel special. That doesn't actually cause them to value the relationship. As much as the woman. Who's like, no, I want a man. Who's going to live into this way of being, and she has a set of standards when she shows those standards. Let him know what those standards are. Then he has something to aim for. The challenge is most women don't know how to exactly share these standards. And so if you're the kind of woman you want to know what your standards are, you want to know how to create clarity for yourself. You want to know how to actually do these things.

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Hookup Shreveport I get questions like that all the time. I've created a great program that goes in depth on this. You must communicate those standards because as you do, he's got something to earn men value. What they earned and as he earns the right to be your man is he earns the right to be your boyfriend. He will value the relationship that much more. And he prioritizes what he does. And the fourth C is color. Now color refers to actually how color less the diamond is the less valuable diamonds. The more common diamonds are the ones that are foggy. The ones that are yellow, the ones that have discoloration in them, the rarest purest diamonds are the ones that are colorless. The ones that are transparent. And so the analogy for a relationship is your willingness to be transparent and authentic and create intimacy with him. Intimacy. As I was growing up, I was taught the intimacy is into me. I see. In other words, your willingness to share who you are to let him into your world. Which is scary. Most people don't do this. Most people hold back because of their past. They're afraid of being hurt. They're afraid of being rejected. They're afraid of opening their heart again, but as you heal that past and really bring a fresh open heart to the relationship, you become rare. A lot of these guys are there. They'll go on dates with these women who are kind of closed off or jaded or resistant. He finally goes on a date with a woman like you who's open-hearted, who's transparent. Who's willing to fully be seen. Willing to let him into her life. And he's like, wow, this is fresh. This is different. I haven't experienced a woman like this. I love this. So allow yourself to be, allow yourself to be transparent and authentically you. Cause as you do, you become even more rare in his desire for you. We'll go up. So there you have it. That's the diamond principle. And remember this, you have these four qualities and you, you are a diamond into this world. And you use, you decide to shine your light to this world and to let yourself fully be seen in this world, you are going to absolutely cause a man to stop in his tracks. To notice you and to think, wow, that's the woman that I want in my life. My question for you is if you think about diamond qualities in men, in other words, what are the qualities that separate a great man from all other men, men are highly interested in this from you.


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Have you ever noticed how Hookup Shreveport some women seem to effortlessly attract men into their life while other women, they find it a challenge? It becomes very difficult. Well, what research shows is that while the physical attributes of a woman do play a role, and we know that what's actually way more influential is the mindset that that woman has. There are certain mindsets that repel men and other mindsets that attract men because your mindset affects your beingness, the energy with which we can all feel notice and pick up. So today I'm going to share with you five mindsets that men find highly attractive. Check it out. The first mindset is there's an opportunity in every challenge. Have you ever noticed there's people in your life that they can take a mole Hill, a small challenge, a small obstacle they're facing becomes a mountain. It becomes a huge deal. You're late for dinner and they're stressed out and they're freaking out, or they lock their keys in their car and like, Oh my gosh, it's a huge problem. It's a huge catastrophe. And they blow up everything. When we're around someone who gets highly stressed over small things, they're stressful energy that isn't contained just within their body, their stressful energy washes over everyone that they're around you. And I can feel someone when they're fully freaked out and stressing out.

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Right? Well, the individual who can actually take a mountain, a big challenge and turn it into a molehill, someone who can see a challenge or a problem that they're facing and say, Hey, There's a solution to this. It's all good. It's going to be okay. And in fact, there's an opportunity. For us here, the person who has that mindset is highly attractive. Let me give you an example of this. When my wife and I got married, the day we came back Hookup Shreveport from the wedding, we were going to leave the next day for our honeymoon to Cancun. So the day before we leave for our honeymoon, we're at home. We're open up the gifts from all the guests at our wedding. We're feeling so grateful as our first day being married and we're loving the moment. And all of a sudden, I get a text on my phone that my flight is about to leave. And I'm like, what do you mean my flight's about to leave? And I went and I looked at the schedule for our flight to our honeymoon and I miscalculated, I thought it was the next day the flight was leaving. Our flight was leaving in one hour. My heart sank. My stomach turned because I totally blew it. And we're going to miss the first day of our honeymoon in Cancun. Cause I miscalculated the dates. I turned to my wife and I'm like, babe, I've got some bad news. We just missed our flight to Cancun. And I remember her looking at me and in that moment I was totally raw, totally vulnerable.

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This was my first like husband move Hookup Shreveport. Right. Plan the honeymoon, get us there and imagine how you would feel in that moment. If you had totally blew it. Like you made this mistake that you felt was a major mistake. I felt like this was a major mistake. How would you feel in that moment and how would you want your partner to respond in that moment? She could have totally raped me across the car and said, babe, how could you do this? I can't believe it's such a simple thing to catch a flight, you know, the dates and this and that. And she could have amplified the pain that I was already feeling, but she didn't do that. She turned that mountain. I was stressed out in that moment and she actually made it a molehill. She's like, you know what? We can change the flight. Let's change the reservation in Cancun and let's start our honeymoon. Now let's put on the mindset that this is the first day of our honeymoon finish opening our presence. We'll pack. We'll make it a great day. We'll get to the airport tomorrow. No big deal. And when she took that mindset on, I felt my whole being this relax, a huge wave of gratitude for her. Washed over me. And I thought to myself, I know I'm married the right woman in that moment. So your ability to choose if you're facing an obstacle, you know what, there's an opportunity for something good to happen. Something good to come out of this and you can take that stressful moment, reduce it to it. Hill calm moment, major attractive quality in you. Now, speaking of creating the beingness, that's highly attractive to men. I always get. Emailed questions and posted questions in the comments about, Hey Matt, do you have a coaching program that can help me attract the relationship that I want?

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The person who's jaded. The person who has a pessimistic outlook on life. And here's, what's interesting. See, the kind person is undergirded by a quality of courage because it takes courage to be kind. It takes courage to be open-hearted. It takes courage to have a positive outlook on life. There is no courage in being jaded. There is no courage in being cynical. There is no courage. It doesn't take courage to have a pessimistic out view. In fact, those types of people. If you have that mindset on often, you're just protecting yourself. It comes out of fear. Fear of a past hurt, but the person, the quality knew that can dissolve that and say, you know what, I'm going to demonstrate kindness to the person. I don't know, to the checkout clerk at the grocery store, to the waiter at the restaurant, when you're meeting a family member of his, you amplify your kindness for his mom or his dad or his niece or his nephew. And when he sees that kindness in you for strangers, for his family, that will draw him to you. Mindset. Number three is certainty. Now, what are you certain in? You're certain in who you are, and you're certain in what you want. See a woman who knows what she wants and a woman who knows what she does, right? Want demonstrates confidence. That's what confidence looks like. And confidence is highly attractive Hookup Shreveport. There is nothing worse than a Luke warm watt. What I mean by lukewarm, what a lukewarm want is the guy who asked the girl. Hey, so, uh, do you want to go to the park today? There's this cool hike over here. And she says, um, I don't know, whatever you want to do is okay with me. That is horrible. There's nothing worse than that because we're looking for, we're searching for ways to please you. We're looking for what you would love to do. And the woman who is Luke warm gets lukewarm results in her life with her man, because the man is like, ah, dang shit. If you want to go see this movie, um, if you want to go, that's okay with me. Well, like, do you want to go or do you not want to go? How do you feel about this? Right? When you are certain about what you want and you give that to your man, that is his plan for how to make you happy. And we love to deliver the plan that makes you happy. You know, that if you've been watching this channel, so be certain about what you want, have the confidence to choose what you love, right. And what you're not in love with and have the confidence and courage to share that with him. Number four is called versatility. Hmm. What does versatility mean? Well, versatility is about your ability to adapt and learn and grow into new areas. And so when it comes to relationships, relationships are about blending two different lives together and blending what you like, what you don't like in your common interests. And so if you are versatile, you're the person who has an open mind and is willing to learn new things. If you want a great way to build attraction and desire in your man. Get interested in what he's interested in. If he has a favorite sport favorite team, and you don't really know, I know much about that sport, download that sport, that team's app on your phone and read the article, keep up on that. And then at breakfast you can say, Hey babe, do you, I just read an article that your team just traded for this guy. I heard that's a pretty big deal. Tell me about that. He is going to have his mind blown when you do that. It's like. Wow. Yeah, they actually did it to the da. And you'll have a whole conversation about that. A place to connect. If your man loves film, he loves to direct he's following a particular director, your willingness and openness to go see those films with him to actually learn his world. You get inside his world. It will open him up and cause him to want to get inside your world as well. Versatility is actually a form of generosity, which is highly attractive. Number five, his sense of humor. Now you might be thinking well, how his sense of humor a mindset? Well, let me ask you this on a daily basis, what level of humor do you seek out on your average everyday life? What level of joy and delight moment do you actually create on a daily basis? You see, because creating fun and humor, isn't something that happens to us. It can be something that happens through us and with us. So in other words, you can actually chat. I challenge you to turn up the volume on your willingness to create humor. To find the fun in your daily life, because the person who does that, the person who finds the fun is a whole lot more fun to be with. Yeah. And the number one reason why people get into relationships is because it's more fun to be in that relationship than it is to be single. It's more fun to go out to them, gather and to go dancing together and see movies together and to go hiking together and to make love together. Than it is by yourself. Isn't it. So as you dial up that fun factor in your own life, you become the source of fun. He becomes much more attracted to you. My question for you is what mindset in men do you find attractive? What is a man's mindset that you find highly attractive? Go ahead and post that in the comment section below and here at this channel, we are dedicated to increasing the love in your life and helping you attract an amazing relationship.