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How do you know if the guy that you're seeing Hookup Waldorf is coming on too strong, or if he's just highly attracted to you today, I'm going to share with you three signs that your man is highly attracted to you so that you can open up and make real this new budding relationship that's coming into your life. Check it out. Now, this concept actually comes out of a car or session that I had with a client this last week, a woman in her seventies who was in the manifestor man coaching program that I do. And I was talking to her and she was saying, Matt, I have never had more attention and more offers from men and to go out on dates and I'm having right now.

In my seventies, she goes, this is awesome Hookup Waldorf. She goes, I've never gone on as many dates and these are good dates with quality guys. And there's this one guy who's younger than me. She says that is really putting on the interest in wanting to hang out and he wants to fly across country to come and meet with me. And how do I know if he's coming on too strong and I should kind of slow him down or if I should just be receptive and go with the flow. So I want to give you three signs that your man is highly attracted to you in a way. That you can open up and receive his interest instead of putting on the brakes. So I'm broke it this down into the, a B CS of knowing this man is highly. Okay. So let's start with a, a, as he advances the relationship. Now, what does this mean? This means that a man who's super into you wants to move from texting to talking, to getting together with you as quickly as possible. He wants to go from texting a couple of times. Sometimes he'll ask you for your phone number right away, because he's feeling a connection with you. He's feeling a connection with you through your profile. He's feeling a connection with you through your pictures. He's feeling that attraction for you and in his mind, he's thinking. Wow. This could be it.

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She could be the one Hookup Waldorf. Yeah. I've been looking for this could be the end of all the dates that I've been on, which is a great thing. Cause he wants a relationship. The man who wants to be progress things quickly as tired of dating, just like you are. He wants to actually get into a relationship. He's excited. He found you. And he wants to progress things faster. Be weary of the guy who's dragging his feet and he's taking a long time to go from texting to talking on the phone, or he's talking on the phone with you for a while and he doesn't ask you out. If he doesn't ask you out. By the second time you talk on the phone, major red flag. Move on. Put your focus on somebody else. Cause the guy who's highly attracted to you is going to ask you out right away and want to hang out because he's interested in you now. I actually have something very cool for you that can help you in helping him advance the relationship from texting to talking to going on a date because the texting world.

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It's new for a lot of us and how to ignite attraction and connection in him through texting isn't something that people were just born with having ideas and strategies for how to do that helps. And so I've created a free guide on Hookup Waldorf how to text him that will ignite his attraction and create deeper connection for you. For example, he wants to be close to you physically. He wants to hang out with you on a date, get to know you feel what the vibe is, feel, what the connection is, and hopefully have that connection be just as strong in person as it is online so that you too can progress the relationship. But he also wants to be close to you mentally and emotionally. And spiritually, mentally in the conversation, he's not just going to talk all about himself. He's going to be curious about you. He's going to be curious about not only what you do for a living and how you spend your free time and who your friends are, but how you grew up and what your, what your parents were like and what really turns you on in life, what you're passionate about. And he's going to be curious about what makes you happy. What are the things you haven't done that you would love to do? Because is who's asking those questions in the back of his mind. He's logging ideas for how he can help you achieve those things. The places you've never traveled to. And he's planting in the back of his mind, he's thinking like, Ooh, I would love to go to that place with her. You might be the person who wants to see the Aurora Borealis in those crystal igloos up in Sweden. And that's something you have always wanted to do. And he's thinking to himself, wow. I would love to see the Aurora Borealis in their crystal igloo. How cool is that? And we can go together. Very cool. So he wants to be close to you in your mind. He wants to be close to emotionally. What this means is that he will open up and share things about himself and he'll want to know your heart and he'll want to take care of your heart, how you feel matters to him. And he wants to be close to you spiritually as well. Your faith, your background, your view, use your beliefs.

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All of that matters to Hookup Waldorf him because his faith. His values, his beliefs matter, same as well. And he wants to make sure that that's a good fit. So you'll notice that he's exploring if he's digging in the conversation. If he's asking a lot of questions, if sometimes it feels like he might be interviewing you a little bit, don't be put off by that. That's actually a good sign because he's trying to discover you. He's trying to be close to you because he feels that attraction and connection for you. And he wants to go as deeply as he can. And the third sign is C C stands for consistency with his words and actions that is super important, you know, that's important. And sometimes when the man is really hot or really successful or has all the qualities that you want, it can be easy to let that part slide, give him a little, a little bit too much grace in whether or not he's following up with you. But no, this. The guy who super attracted to you, the guy who's falling in love with you, your opinion of him matters deeply to him. How you see him, whether or not you respect him, how he's showing up, he wants to be the best version of himself for you. So that guy, when he says, I'm going to call you at seven o'clock tonight, he's looking at the clock. And at seven o'clock, he's picking up that phone and calling you because he made a promise. He's going to follow through on that promise. The less important that relationship is to him, the most more relaxed he will be with the agreements he makes and keeps it's just the way it is. Right. And so if it's not that important, then seven o'clock can come and go. There's no text, there's no communication. And he doesn't even apologize about it. The next day, major red flag, kick that guy to the curb and really look for the men. Who value the relationship and her willing to keep there. Actions in their words, consistent. If he says he's going to pick you up at a certain time, does he show up on time or does it see, at least communicate? If there's going to be a change, if he says yes, he has a certain career, has a certain job or values a certain thing. Do his actions actually. Reflect that because a man whose words and actions reflect each other is a man. Who's going to be a stable partner for you. And how a relationship begins, who someone shows you, who they are in the beginning of the relationship is often how it ends up. Right? If it's Rocky in the beginning, you're fooling yourself. I have to think. Oh, w once we fall in love with each other, Then everything is going to shift and change. Once we get committed to one another. Yeah. Then he's really going to step up and start communicating differently. It doesn't work that way. You're going to get his best right out of the gate and his best. You want a man who is consistent in what he says and what he actually does. So those are three signs, a B, C, he advances the relationship. He wants to be close to you. And he's consistent in his works and his words and actions. You have a man like that. You have a man who is falling in love with you. You have a man who is, who is highly attracted to you and know this. If you haven't met that man yet. He's coming into your life. If you want this relationship, it wants you back and the universe is seeking to bring it into your life. So don't be scared if a man is highly into you, open yourself up, lean in, receive that relationship and you will create something magic in your life. Now I have a question for you. What signs have you noticed that a man does when he's highly attracted to you in a way that doesn't make you want to push them away, but in a way that is helpful, where you can open yourself and receive that interest and attraction from him. Go ahead and put a comment in the comment section below.


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The key is how do we cause ourselves to move forward Hookup Waldorf and not get paralyzed by fear when we're standing at the doorway of an opportunity today, I'm going to share with you three steps for how to reprogram your mind so that you can move forward. When you're standing at a doorway. Of opportunity instead of being stuck by fear, check it out. Now consider for yourself a doorway or an opportunity that's in front of you. Right? Right. Now it might be a, a relationship you would love to create it, right? It be a new job you would love to have. It might be the book you want, right. Or the nonprofit you want to start. There's some sort of opportunity that exists for you right now. Imagine that as a doorway, there are two main types of fear that stop us from walking through that doorway. And those two types of fear are number one. The fear of pain and number two, the fear of loss, your brain will conjure up. Your imagination will conjure up all kinds of fear of a future. Imagine pain that can stop you or fear of future. Imagine loss that can stop you. Let me give you an example. Let's say you're at a store and you see a really hot guy. And you want to talk to him. You want to make a connection with this guy and instantly what happens in your body? When you think about talking to that person, you might be the person where that's no big deal for you, or you might be the person where instantly your stomach tightens gets an a not fear electrifies through every cell of your being. And you're like, Oh, if you're the person we're fear shoots through you, why does that fear arise? Because you have the, what ifs traveling into your mind and painting all kinds of scary pictures on the screen of your imagination. What he rejects me? What if I look like a fool? What if I totally like Bumble all over myself and like, say the wrong thing.

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He's going to think I'm done. I'm done Hookup Waldorf. It'd would be embarrassed if I'm embarrassed, embarrassment equals pain. And that is something I don't want. And so the fear rises up and if we're not careful, we'll freeze. Here's another common example. Let's say you want to go after your dream jobs, something you're really passionate about and the what ifs creep into your mind. They start painting all kinds of scary pictures on the screen of your mind. That says, well, what if I go after this job? And it doesn't work out. What if I put in all this time and energy and effort, and it just falls flat on its face and it doesn't the panel. I will have left a good job, a steady job, steady paycheck with benefits, with security, something I could count on. And then I won't have any money. And that fear of loss will paralyze. Some people keeping them from going after what it is that they want. It's the fear of future pain, the fear of loss, those what ifs that paint those scary pictures on them. Mind that end up paralyzing people from living a life that they love. And I honor that. And so let's take a look at three tools, three steps that could actually be reprogram your mind and help you grow and lean into fear in even greater ways. The first step is to rinse. And here's how you use this when you notice that you're in fear, because you're imagining something scary. Imagine on the screen of your mind, is that scary picture. And imagine that you've got a pressure washer that blasts. Powerful water and you're blasting off of that screen. That image you're washing it perfectly clean. And when that image washes clean was left on that screen of your mind is a perfect white canvas.

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Step number two is to remind Hookup Waldorf. Remind yourself of what you believe, what you know to be true, which is every day as a fresh start and a new opportunity to create something great. And if one door closes, it doesn't mean it will stay shut forever. There's an opportunity for it to open up, or there's an opportunity for another door to open up a door of possibility is every day you wake up as a new, fresh start to create something beautiful. Let me give you an example of this. So the other day I was grabbing some food for my son Bryson, and he saw me coming to the fridge and I opened up the fridge and he started crawling over it, Jimmy and I grabbed one of the things I needed. And before he could get into the fridge, I closed the fridge and the moment I closed the fridge, he screamed yeah. And started crying. And I was like, Oh my gosh. And so I picked him up and I needed something else out of the fridge for him. So I opened it up and he stopped crying. I grabbed the other thing and I closed the door and I put it here and he starts crying again and I needed one more thing. And so I opened the door, he stopped crying, grabbed the other thing, put it down, close the door and he didn't cry. And I thought that's interesting. He didn't cry. The third time I closed the door, I opened it up and let him point for what he wanted. He wanted the there's blueberries in here. So we got him some blueberries. But as we sat down and we enjoyed our food, I found that so fascinating that the first time the door's shut, he wailed in pain cry. And what I was thinking is that what if he was thinking that door is never going to open again, that door is going to stay shut forever. And he was grieving the possibility you would never have what he wanted in that fridge. But the third time the door closed, he was looking at me. Would this expectant look on his face, this expected expression. I know that door is gonna open again. And when he had that mindset of, I know that door going to open again, it completely shifted his vibration. It completely shifted his emotional state. He was in a state of possibility. And so that's what the reminder step does wash the fear clean, and then remind yourself that there are an infinite number of possibilities available to you.

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There's an amazing life Hookup Waldorf available to you just as the possibility that it might not work out or there might be pain. Also exists at the same time, the possibility that it can work. Yeah. Wow. This might just be the start of something amazing for you. And so, as you can see, enact to that possibility, you get different ideas from that possibility, which brings me to step number three, step number three is to replace. Replace on that screen of your mind, you have a blank canvas, replace it with the image of something that you would love, the image of something. Absolutely beautiful. Speaking of something, I want to show you something now, as you replace this scary image with something that you want, keep in mind that you're in complete control of what that image is. You can put something big, bright and beautiful on the screen of your mind, or you can put something dark and dismal. It's completely up to you. When my grandmother was 83 years old, she lost the love of her life, my grandfather, and she told me, she said, ma it feels like half of me has been cut off and die and she didn't want to live anymore. And she told me, I don't even know why I'm around. And she was in a very dark place. And after about six months, She finally came around and she said, you know what? If God is still keeping me alive, if I'm still breathing, there must be something for me to do. And so she started to look for opportunities. She started to look for possibilities and one way that she symbolized that was, she actually took all the paintings down in the pictures, down from the walls in her home. And she put up pictures of open doors to symbolize new possibilities, new beginnings. New adventures. And so she began to do that and she started a nonprofit for veterans, something that she cared about. She ended up writing a book called 90 ways to put a zip in your day. And she started painting. She started being creative and she would do these beautiful China paintings that later she would be able to give to her grandchildren and her great grandson. Here's one of those China paintings that she blessed my family with. My grandma, Dorothy, her most creative years were from the age of 1885 to 92, her most creative, productive years. And it was because she looked for the possibility. And finally at 92 years old, her body gave out on her. And I remember being in the hospital with her at st. John's hospital, which is the name of her husband, my grandfather, and she's in the hospital room. And she says, Matt, look at this. And I come over and she points at the wall and on the wall of that hospital room was an open door and she said, I'm ready to go. And before she went and she said, man, I've had 92 years amazing full life. And man, does it go by fast relish every minute of it? Do not let fear stand in your way. Look for the open doors and walk through. And a few hours later, she passed. And what a powerful message for you and I this day to look for the open doors and do not let fear keep you from that step, but to take that step anyway, look for the open door of possibility and walkthrough for you to know that today is your day and your life has in front of it.