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Five feminine attributes that masculine men love Hookup Massachusetts. And at the end of that video, I asked you to post your comment on what are the things that you do that actually amplify your feminine energy and the comments were absolutely brilliant. You are a brilliant comedian. So we decided to create eight strategies, eight things you could do to boost your own feminine energy and ignite attraction in masculine men. Now as you know, masculine and feminine energy have nothing to do with gender men and women. We have both masculine and feminine energy, but knowing how to navigate and move from one to the other effectively is key in creating attraction in relationships because masculine. And feminine energies are polar to one another. They ignite attraction in one another. So if you want a masculine man, a beautiful, authentic, caring masculine man, you have to learn how to amplify your feminine energy. And so these eight practices I thought, right, we're brilliant at amplifying the feminine energy and creating that deep desire in masculine men.

So the first one. Is joyful receiving. And this was posted by a woman named, uh, Darra Oban. And she writes the best way I have found to increase my feminine energy is to learn how to receive. I struggle with receiving gifts Hookup Massachusetts and compliments without feeling obliged, to reciprocate I'm an over giver, advice, gifts, et cetera, doing things for others makes me feel good. It's one of my highest love languages. Unfortunately, in a romantic relationship. This is masculine energy. It has been still is a journey to remember, to just take a deep breath, smile and receive graciously. Dora. This is brilliant because joyful receiving is huge to ignite the masculine in a man giving, providing as masculine energy receptivity as feminine energy. Even the male and female bodies are built this way. And so if you want to ignite his masculine energy learn and how to receive. Better actually, one of the tricks you can play on your mind is that if you're naturally a giver, no, that you're giving him the gift of giving to you. You're giving him the ability to ignite his masculine energy with it. It feels good. I'll give you a quick example. A client of mine wanted to change her love life. She was a CEO, a business owner way into her masculine energy, and really challenged me on this idea of giving and receiving and feminine energy and masculine energy. But she decided to try something new. And so. She just tried it. She decided to try joyful receiving on her next date. She had a coffee date with this guy. She drives up to this parking lot to park for this date. And the guy she's going on this day happens to show up at the same time. So he pulls in right behind her and they're at a gate where she's got to pay for parking. He sees she's about to pay for parking. He leaps out of it. His car runs up to her and says, Hey, I'm so glad to meet you. You're here. Let me get your parking. And her natural instinct was to say, no, no, no, you know, I've got it. I can pay for myself, but she caught herself in that moment and reminded herself joyful receiving.

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And she goes, you know what? That would be lovely Hookup Massachusetts. Thank you. And so she later called me and said when he paid and the gate. Went up. She goes, he had this amazing look on his face. I could, she could literally see the energy in him. Expanding zero is entry as it went up, you know, and he smiled and put his hand out almost to say like you can pass, you know? And they drove in, had a great first date ignited the attraction, and now they are married, enjoying an amazing relationship together. Joyful receptivity and great practice for amplifying your feminine energy. Number two is to feel safe. Now I know this one can be more challenging, especially if you've been hurt in the past or abused in the past or betrayed in the past, but here's what Francisi zeros or one says. And I think it's brilliant. She goes a great way to be more feminine. Is to make yourself feel safe. If you have to consistently fight Hookup Massachusetts to protect yourself, more of your masculine side has to come out and the feminine will hide inside for protection. And that's exactly right when you're not feeling safe, you're guarded, you're in fight mode and that fight mode is masculine. And so the question is how in the heck do you make yourself feel safe? Well, there's two primary ways, and this is a deeper topic than we can cover entirely in this video. But the two primary ways are number one, one to trust yourself, choose the right guy. And number two, trust herself to speak up. When you know, something is off to rock the boat. When you know the relationship isn't going in, the direction that you want. So, if you would love some support with that, I've recorded an entire video just on how to trust yourself. Because when you trust yourself, you can actually relax. And enter into that state of feeling safe. I'll post that link in the comments or in the description section for you.

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So you can check it out, but allowing yourself to Hookup Massachusetts feel safe, allow yourself to relax and enjoy, and you allows your feminine energy to come forth. Number three is moving from your head into your body. Now masculine energy is cognitive thinking. Energy, feminine energy is body feeling. Energy. So moving from your head to your body, ignites your feminine energy, energy, and Starlight, and duck fast writes this. And I think this is brilliant. She says I'm learning belly dancing, truly a feminine hobby. And what's great about belly dancing is there's actually two components of this, the ignite feminine energy. Anytime you move, anytime you dance, that gets you out of your head into your body. So that in and of itself ignites your feminine energy. But feminine energy is also circular. Energy where masculine energy is more straight line energy, just consider the male body for a moment. The male form is angular a lot of straight lines in the male form. The female form has curves to it. Doesn't it. So there's more circular motion to that form. And studies show that even just doing circular motions like this. Increase your feminine energy. It moves you into that more softer space, that more fluid space of feminine energy. I know it might be hard to imagine, but try it out. Cause it really does shift you from a masculine feeling into a feminine feeling. And what is belly dancing? Belly dancing not only is dancing, but it's dancing with the circular motion. So absolutely brilliant to ignite your feminine energy. Number four is connection and specifically connecting to other. Women. How often do you connect to other women? Do you have girl time in your life? Monica writes this and she says to me the best way I feel that activates my feminine energy is going to the gym and especially to Zoomba classes.

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Those classes light me up. Now Hookup Massachusetts. What's great about what Monica is saying is zoom classes. It's interesting. You go to the gym. And who's in those types of classes, who's in the aerobics room doing classes together. Who's in the Zumba classes. It's 90% women, isn't it? We're in the weight room. It's 90% men because the weight room is all about, okay. And I get 10 reps in, can I achieve this goal? Where is, which is very masculine. The Euro Brooke's room is all about connection and you're doing the Zumba class. You're not only dancing. You're getting out of your head, you're into your body, but you're also doing it. Together. You're doing the moves together. We are in sync. We are in motion. We're all doing this together. It ignites the feminine energy because that incent coordination is a deep level of connection. Number five is wearing clothes, fragrance that makes you feel sexy. Janice rights. Hmm. Femininity. Feeling good about yourself wearing sexy clothes, perfume, skincare routines, whilst also moving forward with self-improvement and work. And so really at the core of this is feeling good about yourself wearing clothes that highlight your feminine curves, that highlight. Yourself in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, wearing those fragrances, that you feel good about yourself, that you know, that if you go in for that hug or that kiss with that man, that you know that you're going to smell really good in that process, feeling good about yourself helps you relax and helps you radiate that feminine presence. You have. Number six is self care. And Sheila actually it describes this one. Well, Sheila Blake and she says I'm extremely feminine naturally. I love everything about being a woman I'm emotionally driven. Naturally I dress in feminine ways because that's how I'm comfortable. I look feminine. I love every part that makes me look and feel feminine. And then she goes on to say what she does to help ignite that feminine energy. She goes, I take time to care for myself. Dress nicely. Take care of my appearance with cosmetics, fragrance, clothing. I have regular manicures, pedicures massages and girls days. And what I love about this is the willingness to take care of yourself. The willingness to give yourself the manicure, the give yourself the pedicure to give yourself the time and to go and just have a massage is so good. Oh, key, because that shows you're nurturing yourself. Remember we talked about receptivity. You're actually giving to yourself, you're allowing yourself to receive the light, love and care from yourself. Go to that. Pedicure allow them to massage your feet. Now you might be the woman who's saying Matt, I've got kids. I work a full time job. When in the heck, am I going to be able to have time to go and do the manicure and pedicure? Like I'm. Super busy all the time for all of that stuff. And the call to action here is to make time, make time to prioritize has your yourself, if you're in that role, that means you're giving to everybody else. You're putting everyone else first, make time to put yourself first Hookup Massachusetts, because in that regard, you fill your own tank, you feel more energized and you radiate more of that feminine energy with your masculine man will truly appreciate. Number seven is tone of voice. Now, interestingly enough, here's what Sarah Banks has to say. I love this story. She goes, I recently was told, told by my male friend that I need to be more feminine. He suggested I change my tone when I talk. So I did, and I'll men started to receive me, was amazing. Honey attracts bees, for sure. I totally enjoyed being more feminine, especially coming from being a tomboy as a teenager and growing up with three brothers. Lastly, I work in a man's field, but I am still working hard on being true to myself. By embracing the real me who is powerful, feminine being. Thanks, Matt. So I love this era because we all have the ability to influence how we show up and how we speak. Now, what this doesn't mean is that you have to be something that you're, you're not, but you have spectrum and you have the ability to, when you want to use a masculine tone, Andrew in leadership position, you want to be commanded to put on that commanding masculine tone. You also have the ability to swing the spectrum to the other side and to put on that sweet. Soft sensual tone that ignites the masculine man. And so play with this. I think you'll like what you find now, speaking of self care, I've got a great gift for you that can amplify this self care. The self love that you feel it's called the self love activation kit. It's got affirmations and a brilliant meditation that you will absolutely love that helps. Amplify the self love, and really it's a way that you can care for yourself by giving yourself these affirmations and listening to this meditation. I'll put a link in the description also here in this video for you. It's a gift for me to you. I think you'll love it. And number eight is to experience your sentence. and Alejandro Duran writes this. I love what she says. She goes in spiritual language. That means men are more root shakra based for masculinity and women are more sacral. Chakras. Sacral chakra is about sensuality experience and embrace senses. The more sensuous you become. The more masculine men, you attract regards from Mexico city and Alejandro. This is brilliant because I totally agree. The more sensuous you become, the more masculine men you attract masculine men. We love a sensuous woman. What does this mean? This means are you in touch with your senses instead of riding up here in your head, are you actually experiencing the senses in your body? So. Easy practice for this. When you're injured doing a meal, really savor every bite. See if you can experience all that. All the flavors that one bite has to offer you when you're wearing your clothes, can you actually experience the clothes on your body? And so several times throughout the day, as you're living and moving and having your life ask yourself, What am I feeling right now? What am I experiencing right now? And that will shift you actually from masculine into feminine energy. So there you have it, eight practices to boost ramp, well, find your feminine energy that your masculine men will absolutely absolutely love. Now, my question for you is, are there any feminine practices?


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What men say to the women that they love Hookup Massachusetts. And then if wrote in a comment below and Nana said this, how about when in a long distance relationship, how will you know that a guy loves his girl? And so Nana and anyone else who's in a long distance relationship. For you because I was the King of long distance relationship. In fact, I met my wife when we were long distance. We dated an entire year before we actually moved to the same town with one another. I'm going to share with you five signs that your man loves you, even when you're in a long distance relationship. Check it out. Now, this channel is all about increasing love in the world. One heart at a time and helping you experience deep, meaningful relationships. The five signs that your man loves you in a long distance relationship. I'm actually going to give you these in reverse order, because you'll notice the level of investment increase as we get down to number one. So let's start with number five. Number five is. Consistent forms of communication. What this means is that you guys have a pattern to how you communicate and it's consistent. You guys talk every single night, you guys text every single day. And in fact, it's such an agree. It's such an agreement that you don't have to plan when you're talking. It's just something that happens every day. And if you're going to deviate from that plan, that's when he actually tells you, he's going to say, Hey, I can't call you tonight.

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I'm at this conference and it's going to go really late. But I'll text you first thing in the morning, something like that, a sign that he loves you is you have that person. I already in his life Hookup Massachusetts that every single day, that's a routine that he's making the effort to reach out to you. Number four is he includes you in his fun life moments. See, when we love somebody, we want them to be with us in great moments in our life. So for example, let's say he's throwing a dinner party and he'll call you on FaceTime and then walk you around and let you say hi to everyone there. Let them say hi to you and say, Hey, all right, I love your Z letter. Okay. Those kinds of moments are great. Or maybe he's hiking. Saturday morning, does this great hike up to this lookout? And you're the one he wants to call. He calls and X with you and says, Hey babe, guess where I am right now. I'm looking out at the ocean or wherever he is. Those are great signs that he loves you because when you love someone, you want to share those fun moments with them. Number three is even though you're a part he's a part of your day daily life. In other words, he knows what's coming out for you. He knows what matters to you and he's supporting you in those moments. So if you have a big presentation coming up, he calls you before the presentation, he pumps you up. He tells you how awesome you are, helped build your confidence.

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And then he calls you after the presentation Hookup Massachusetts to find out how it went. Or maybe your mother-in-law or your own mom is coming to your house to stay. And he knows that that stresses you out. And so he's talking to you beforehand, and then when your mother leaves, he calls you to let you vent about all the things your mom said and did that just kind of drove you nuts, right? He knows what matters to you, and he supports you along the way. Number two, and this one works. If you start out long distance, and that is when you do visit each other. He takes you to his fun childhood memories. He wants to take you down memory lane. So he drives you by his grade school and he shows you where he went to kindergarten. He takes you to the pizzeria where he and his friends used a hangout in junior high, or he takes you to go get ice cream at the place that his parents used to take him to get ice cream and special bonus points. If when you do come to his hometown, if he brings you into his. Close circle of friends and family has a dinner where all of you get to meet one another. You go hang out, you meet his friends, you meet his family. Those are really important signs that he really loves you. And the number one sign that your man loves you in a long distance relationship is he has a plan for you to be together. Maybe that's, he's going to move. Maybe it's, you're going to move whatever the situation calls for, but he's created a plan for the two of you to actually be together in the same town.

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Now it might be okay Hookup Massachusetts in a month from now. It might be way out in the future, but having a plan, knowing what that's like showing the desire to say, look, I don't want it us to be long distance forever. This isn't how I see myself, how I see us. I want to be close to you. I want to build a life with you. That is the physical demonstrate of love because whatever we love, we prioritize yeah. In our lives and having a plan for when to be together as a great. Signs evidence that you are prioritizing this relationship. So for all of you who have ever been in a long distance relationship, maybe you're in a long distance relationship. Now, what are the things that your partner does that represent love to you?