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So, what do you do if you're dating Hookup Dearborn somebody and you've got great chemistry and every time you guys hang out, it's an amazing experience. And that person's telling you, they're not sure if they want a relationship or maybe they're saying they don't want a relationship. I'm going to share with you exactly what that myth is and exactly what you can do. If you find yourself in this situation, check it out. So what do you do when a guy's telling you he doesn't want a relationship? Well, the first key is to believe him. It is not your job to try to convince him. And I hate to say it, no matter how much convincing you try to do, if you guys have already been dating, there's nothing at that point that you can say or do that will make him want the relationship any more than he naturally already does.

The key here is to help him discover. The truth of Hookup Dearborn what he actually wants. So where do you think the truth of what he wanted lies in him? And here's where the myth comes into place? He, most women, I think that a man just needs more time. He just needs more experience with me. If he gets more time and experience with me, then he'll realize I am awesome, freaking amazing, and he'll want a relationship with me. I once had a client tell me that she was dating a guy. And he told her, he only wanted to see her once a week. And she was like, Oh, if I could just convince him to move in with me, he would see how awesome I am and he would want to marry me. And now while that woman is awesome and I'm sure she's amazing if they're lifting together. I said, I told her, I said, look, it's not the way it works. You saying, if you move in with him, he'll want to marry you is like the guy saying, yeah, I kinda like pecan ice cream every once in a while. And the ice cream guy saying, look, if you just eat this gallon of pecan ice, you are going to fall in love with it and want to marry it.

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It doesn't work that way. What causes a man to get Hookup Dearborn to what he really wants? Isn't more time. It's actually more depth. The depth he has to go inside. He has to go deep inside himself to his own truth and discover what is it that he really wants for him, his life and how he really feels. About you and more time, doesn't get them there. So what is it that gets them there? There's one thing and one thing alone, right? That is the fear of loss. He has to come to the harvest. The reality that if he doesn't choose you, some other guy will, if he doesn't choose you guess what you are choosing you by being willing to move forward. So here, yeah. What I mean, if you've been dating a guy for a while now, there's always the objection of like, well, if I, if I force a guy into making a decision about me too early, it might scare him off. We'll cover that in just a moment, but let's say that you have been dating a guy for a few months, enough time where he, you could really know, you know, that you guys both know each other and he should this point know whether or not he wants to move forward with you and be in a committed relationship with you. Maybe not marry you at this point, but at least move things forward at that point. You want to have Hookup Dearborn a conversation with him. So here's how the conversation can go. You want to lead with this? I respect you, and I want you to have everything you want for your love life. Then you explain to him what you want for your love life. You say that something like this, and I want a deep, committed, amazing relationship from my love life. That's where I'm headed. And I hope that that would be with you, but if it's not going to be with you, that's okay. I'll create it with somebody else. But that's where my relationship is headed. And this is where I stand.

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When you put it that way Hookup Dearborn, that you respect him and that you love him enough to want what he wants for himself. Then you paint a vision for where your love life is going. And you'll let him know that you prefer it would be with him, but if not, it's going to be with somebody else. What that creates is urgency. What that creates is a fear of loss and that intensity of urgency and fear loss caused him to go deep and make a decision on what does he really want? It's like this, it's like you're telling him that you're both is leaving to paradise and he's either going to be on it. Or he's not, but either way that boat is leaving. Imagine if you said this, well, I love you so much. I'm just going to keep the boat in the Harbor and whenever you're ready, this boat will leave with both of us to paradise. Well, he's going to look at the boat. It's still there. He'll go shopping. He'll come back. See the boat. Oh, it's still there. All right, I'm going to go do a hike. Come back. The boat's still there. He's like, wait so I can both have the boat and my current , there's no urgency for him to change everything. He's got the freedom that he wants. The non commitment that he wants and you, and the relationship. There's no reason for him to change anything in that scenario for you to say, Hey, this boat is leaving at this time.

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Then it causes him to go deep and decide, Hmm, am I willing to risk losing this woman that I love? And this is exactly what happened to me. I was dating my wife for two years and I UN uneven. Yeah. I wasn't even aware of what was going on in me, but I came against a fear that I had an internal deep fear that if I marry the woman, I truly love that one day she would leave me, which is what I saw happen with my parents. And I didn't want to replicate that. I wasn't consciously aware of that, but I was stalling two years into the relationship. I wasn't moving things forward. And my wife said, look, you don't have to propose to me. But I just want to know, are we on this trajectory? Are we on Hookup Dearborn this path? She used this exactly formula. I love you. I respect you. You can have what you want, but what I want is this amazing relationship. And I hope it's with you, but if not, it will be with somebody. This is where I stand. You get to choose what you want. And then she gave me some time and she goes, I want you to take some time and think about it. And that caused me to go deep. And I realized what I really do want is a life with this amazing woman. I want this woman by my side, I want a partnership with this woman. And I got real clear, real fast about what I wanted, because here's the truth. Two things are gonna happen either. He's going to choose in with you. It is going to say, you know what? I do love you and I'd want this relationship with you, or he's going to say, I really don't want a relationship right now, and he's going to clear himself from your life, but in either case. That's a blessing for you because your boat, it the direction and you are moving towards the relationship you want. It will either be with him or someone even better than him, because that is what's in store for you. That's what you're claiming for yourself and know this. You can't scare off the right guy, because if you say to him, my boat is leaving and he's not willing to fight for that relationship that he wasn't the right guy to begin with. So no, this, you are in a position of power and you absolutely deserve to have the kind of relationship that you want, but you've got to have the courage to stand up to claim it. And if this guy and have conversation with your man now, I would love to hear from you what has worked in your life when you're in a relationship where it's stalled and the person you're with is telling you.


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How to make a man chase you long term Hookup Dearborn. This is an important topic. There's lots of advice out there on this. Check it out. And today we're going to be talking about how to make a man chase you long. Now as Mark and I were masterminding this, we wanted to bring you something cutting edge that would absolutely make a difference in your love life. And the challenge is there's a lot of videos on YouTube about this, and a lot of bad advice on this. Yeah, exactly. There's some good videos around this, some great advice. And then there's some not so good advice. But we found there was two really big problems with the advice out there. The first is that a lot of it's manipulative, frankly, it's it's game playing it's, it's trying to create this desire using these weird games. And if the guy catches on to doing that, which he will. I makes you seem incredibly low value and he's not going to chase you at all. It doesn't feel authentic. It's not you, it doesn't feel good to use those strategies. And the other challenge is let's say you use good strategies. They're usually built for a short term solution, which means after you are now in a relationships, you've been dating a few months and you say, Hey, I want to commit to you. You want to commit to me? Let's be together. Now those strategies no longer work for creating a tension in the relationship and keeping him chasing you. So what is it that actually creates that chase and a man creates that feeling of being drawn to you long term? Exactly. Because what are you living with him? So how do you keep a guy chasing when you stuck together? It's it's really important to me. Oh, you're married or you're in the same space all the time. All right. What is chasing really? Understand that human psychology. If you're wanting to guy, a guy to chase you. Is about desire. And when you're wanting to go out to chase you, what you're really doing, even if you apply those short term, good tactics, or you're actually doing is you're creating these waves of desire.

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Right? So it's like, he goes on a great date Hookup Dearborn with you, gets a great experience. And then you have healthy priorities. So he gets this space and he misses it and then he gets another great experience with you. And then he has another bit more space to appreciate it. But those troughs on so easy to make when you're this really in the same place all the time. This man sitting next to me has been married for eight. Eight years. He's in a beautiful, happy relationship. He's got three amazing kids and his wife is doing things that are making you want to chase her every single day, despite all of that. So what's, what's the secret. What does she do? And what can the high value women out there do to create this permanent chasing bond? Yeah. I wanted to pull the curtain back on this a little bit and share with you what my wife does and what also, we see this as a pattern. Amazing high value women who are in longterm relationships know how to do this. And remember what Mark was saying about the wave use of desire, right? The top of the desire is the payoff is the reward. Well, the trough of that desire is anticipation. Okay. And anticipation is huge in terms of our human experience and desire. Think about this winter kids actually happier Christmas morning before they've opened their presence or Christmas afternoon. I think we've all been at a Christmas party, the kids are crying and they're like, ah, are you open their presence there? Having anticipated the presence are the payoff. And now they're headed down thinking about going on vacation for a moment. When are we happier going on vacation or coming home from vacation? Vacation is the payoff. Is that anticipation of the anticipation of the payoff, having some sort of call to action, call to adventure. That ignites that desire. So the trough in this IX, in what we're talking about right here is challenge. Challenge your man challenge. Amanda rise up challenge your man to provide for you, challenge your man to help make you happy. Now, if this is a foreign country, except for you, I've actually created a free guide for you to help you know exactly what to say.

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To challenge him, not in a way that's insulting or critical or in a way that pushes them away Hookup Dearborn. We are needy or demanding, but in a way that actually invokes his masculine energy, because men, we love to step up. We love to be challenged. So challenging him is you have an experience that you would love, you would love for him to take you out. You would love for him to make love to you. You would love for him to fix the hole in the wall. So when you challenge him in the right way, now he has this call to action. I'm going to be, I'm going to deliver what my wife wants in this moment. And now he anticipates, what is he anticipating? He's not anticipating taking out the trash. He's not anticipating fixing the hole. What is he anticipating? What's the payoff. At the top, because here's the deal, the stronger, the payoff and the bigger that challenge is that call to action. You're telling you're creating tension Christmas morning, right? The biggest pay off that's right. The bigger, the tension in that, the stronger his desire for you. And so we're going to share with you right now, a how to create a triple a experience. For a man, what is a triple a payoff for a man? And so Mark was number one. First I is affection. One of the biggest payoffs you can possibly give a man is your affection. So your touch, your, your love to him, a kiss on the cheek, incredible sex, that vulnerable connection, where you just, you accept him, whatever it is that affection that he gets, it stretches that curve and the bigger, the gap between the challenge, whatever he wants. So, whatever you want him to step up to, and the affection that he gets as a reward is a huge, huge thing. Yeah. You might be in the same house, but how can, how can I get her affection? How can I feel her affection, massive pile for a guy he's anticipating that? Absolutely. The second a and the triple a experience is appreciation. See, why are we doing these things as men? One of our greatest needs, our greatest desires is to feel appreciated is actually to know that we made an impact for you to know that we are providing for you to know that we are in part helping make you happy.

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And so a lot of times Hookup Dearborn this step gets missed. We fixed a hole in the wall. We take you to a great dinner. We make love to you. All of that, the way that you can actually help him ignite that payoff is through verbal appreciation, letting him know, babe, you did an amazing job. Thank you, babe. That was awesome. Thank you so much, actually, verbally appreciating him is. The core of what helps us feel that appreciation and a great line that you can use as babe. Thank you so much for doing that. I appreciate you actually speaking the words triggers us as a man. It's a huge, huge gap. And if you don't do that, he just gets this and then it kind of bounces along and he doesn't have the motivation to chase. Cause yeah, it's a flat line. Yeah, exactly. There's no payoff took off. Thanks. Don't pay off don't care. Right? Kills his inspiration to actually do it. And the third day is admiration. And when he gets to feel that, that stretch, she's going to admire me. If I do this, she's going to look up to me. And one of the best ways to do this one, a little secrets hacks is do it in front of others. Admire him in front of others, something he's done. So to be safe, is it from your family in front of your head? Oh, Ugh. I admire him in any way that you can, as, as much as you can, especially in front of others and it creates this huge high for him that he's gonna to. Continue to chase. You can be living in the same place, married long term, and he's still going to be chasing this high of admiration that he can get from you. We know this, isn't just stuff you should do it. We know that men need to be doing this as well. Men need to be appreciating you. Men need to be admiring you. Men need to be showing. You affection as well. And so they have their side to do, but this channel is all just on empowering you, serving you, but you increase love in your life 100 at a time to massive levels. So now, you know, the secret to that, that longterm desire that longterm chase is actually to give him challenges. Create that anticipation and a massive payoff do that. That's something that you can do when you're living together. That's something you can do when you're married. Something that will stretch out, not just days, not just weeks, not just months, but years and decades. And so as you do that, you create that connection strong and that desire in him, he will be chasing you. Forever. So my question for you is what have you found are the things that make a man chase you and not just short term, but actually longterm. I would love to hear from you because you are, you're the expert in this as well. Y'all smock Rosenfeld here from Memphis, Tennessee, and I'm going to be telling how to make God miss you. We're going to be talking about all the secrets, if white won and how to create everlasting desiring a man. Yeah. We throw a cowboy hat on you like your sexiness. This is one of three notches here. Oh my gosh. Alright, come on mr. Matt. Hosey accent. Your best crocodile Dundee intro. Alright. Good day, ladies Hookup Dearborn, this is Matt Boggs coming out here with three secrets for how to make a man, miss your quirky. This is amazing, amazing information tune in next week. When we're talking about kangaroos sex and this secret to having him bounce all over your bedroom, your bedroom. That's really, really be bad. I just want to take a moment and thank this man right here, Mark Rosenfeld. You probably already know, but if you don't know him, absolutely check out his channel either way, check out his channel, subscribe to his channel. This man is brilliant. He's got amazing deep advice. I absolutely admire and respect the work that you do in the world, man.