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Sometimes Hookup Bloomington saying the words I love you can be really tough for a man, especially if he's been hurt in the past, by someone he loves. And when he attempts to say the word, it can sometimes come across like this candidate where he says, aye, aye. I know, I like you. Well, in this video, I'm going to share with you seven things that he says when he actually loves you. That might not be the words. I love you. Check it out. now these phrases are actually based on the five love languages, which is a fantastic framework developed by dr. Gary Chapman. So the first kind of phrases that a man will say are acts of service phrases. So he might say something like this. Hey honey, can I help you with that? I'm going to go change the oil in your car. I just mowed the lawn for you. Or if you're working late, he'll say, Hey, let me pick up dinner tonight and bring it to you or I'll come get you. My wife a couple months ago was driving home. The car got a flat. She called me. She goes, Hey, no big deal. The car got a flat. I called the roadside assistance company.

They're going to come Hookup Bloomington and help me out. And I said, stay right there. I'm on my way. I'm going to come and get you. And she goes, no, no, no, no, it's fine. Like they're going to come and help out. And I said, no, I want to come. And be with you and I want to help you. And so I drove out there, the man making an effort saying, I will come to you. He will drive across town to pick you up. He will drive to where you are to take you out. If you're in trouble, he would drive to meet you. Those acts of service are ways that he's actually saying, I love you. The second kind of phrases that a man says when he loves you are quality time. Phrases. These are phrases where he's trying to extend time with you get as much time as he can with you. For example, if you go on a lunch date, he might say, Hey, Hookup Bloomington got any plans this afternoon, let's go for a walk. Or after you make love, he'll say, Hey, I want you to spend the night and he pulls you close or in the morning after the morning, when you wake up, he'll say, Hey, let's go get breakfast together. He's trying to, to extend the time with you now.

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There is a backfire to Hookup Bloomington this that if a man overdoses on your energy, it's kind of like a Thanksgiving dinner where you love Thanksgiving dinner. You love the food. You love that amazing time, but often if we eat too much of it, then we feel stuffed. You have to be careful because the man who's really in love with you might actually overdose on the time that you two have together. And you might feel him pulling away, but him wanting. To extend time with you and allowing that it's time to extend to a certain degree is a great, great phrase of him saying, look, I love you. I want to spend time with you. The third type of phrase that he says, that means I love you or words of affirmation. So you'll be driving in the car and he'll look over at you. And he'll say out of the blue baby, you are gorgeous or do you know how beautiful you are or he'll affirm your greatness? Let's say you have a presentation in coming up or an important meeting coming up. And it'll say, baby, you got this, you're going to knock this out of the park. You're going to do great. Or he'll even affirm the parts of you that you feel. Insecure about a story that exemplifies this, that I absolutely love is I know a gentleman who loves his wife's stretchmarks and she was actually telling me the story. She goes, you know, I feel kind of insecure about my stretch marks, but my husband loves it.

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These stretch marks Hookup Bloomington and the reason he loves them, she says that these are my battle wounds. These are the wounds. These are the, the marks on me that demonstrate my courage, the demonstrate how brave I was to bring these children into the world. So he will actually kiss my stretch marks and that really sink into me. I said, wow, what a cool thing that he's associated. Those marks with her bravery, her courage, her strength to bring these kids into the world. And that actually fuels the love that he has for her. So when a man is actually affirming parts that you might feel insecure about, all of that is a great form of him. Love number four is giving gifts and so often, and what you'll hear a man say in the form of, I love you, is him saying, Hey babe, I got you something or better yet. Hey, I made you something, you know, maybe he made you an amazing drawing of the tree. We love you and your love together. Like this. And actually, if a man brings home little things, sometimes the little things are actually a demonstration of his love for you. My sister actually told me a story about how her husband would bring her the small packs of peanuts that he would get on a plane and he would get one for himself and he would ask for an extra one. And bring it to her. And at first she was like, honey, we have penis at the house. Like don't this little bag of peanuts. And it was a bit frustrating to her until she really, Oh, wow. This is actually a form of him saying, I love you. Is that when he's away, he actually thinks of me and grabs a little extra something and brings it to me as a small token of his life. Love for me. So if a man is doing that, yeah, you can actually take note to say, Oh, this is his way of saying, I love you. Number five is physical touch. One of the ways that men say they love you is actually through physical contact, physical touch. And so he'll come up behind you and squeeze you and give you hugs and kisses and say that you're gorgeous. Or one of the things I loved about interviewing America's greatest marriages, these couples who had been together 50, 60, some even said been years, is it the men would even still Pat their wife on the button say, Hey, sexy, how are you doing?

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She's 85 years old. And that form of physical contact is his demonstration of saying I'm still attracted to you. I love you. And number six, and this is a powerful way of actually showing love and saying, right, are the words I'm sorry. When we are willing to take ownership for our side, when we are willing to Hookup Bloomington actually they admit a wrongdoing or he's wanting to build connection with you, he's willing to say, I'm sorry. He's willing to validate your feelings. He's willing to say, I hear you. I understand your side. And he's willing to say, what can I do to make this better? All of those phrases are forms of loving you. And number seven is the phrase I love you. But notice this phrase, this phrase has a little asterisk next to it. And the reason I put the asterisk next to it is because it's not enough to actually say the words I love you. And really, it's not enough to say any of these words. If they're not actually backed up with action, the most important aspect are that his words and his actions align, because anyone can say that they love you, but is he demonstrating it in researching America's greatest marriages? One thing they all said. Was it love is not a feeling love is not just a word. Love is a verb. Love is an action. So how are you demonstrating this? So what you really want to see is are his behaviors and words in alignment. Now I actually have one bonus phrase for you. One surprise bonus. I told you I was going to give you seven phrases. I actually have eight for you. And the eighth phrase is I have a surprise for you. And the reason it's a surprise bonus is because the phrase is surprise because we know that surprising you is a way that can bring you joy is a way that we can bring you happiness as a way that we can actually demonstrate love. So if your man says, Hey honey, I've got a surprise for you or check out the surprise that I brought for you. The effort to actually surprise you, right. Something is him saying, I love you. So I would love to hear from you. What are the things that a man says to you when you feel most loved?


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I got a really cool email that I think you are going to love Hookup Bloomington. It's from a client of mine who just happened to meet and marry the love of her life later in her life. And she wrote me this email, where she shared 10 things that she needed to learn before she got hitched. And I thought to myself, what a great question. If you had to learn something, what must you learn in order to attract them love of your life or in order to get married? Or if you're already in a relationship in order to take that relationship even deeper, what must you learn? So today I'm going to share with you the 10 things that this woman emailed me, that she needed to learn in order to get hitched. And at the very end, I will share with you the picture that she sent me of her and her new husband, check it out. Number one, she writes. I needed to decide, do I want a boyfriend or a husband? You see, you need to decide if you really are ready to share your life with someone, or if you're really in casual mode, if you just want a boyfriend, because those two energies are very different. If you just want a boyfriend, then you're sending a signal out to the universe. For something temporary. And the universe is to reflect back to you, bringing you guys who will only be temporary in my go gym with women before I even allow them to sign up for manifest your man. I will often ask them if I gave you a magic wand right now, and I could wave that wand and bring you your man right now, your husband, the man of your dreams. Would you want him in your life right now? Anything other than an overwhelming? Yes. Is resistance to the universe. A lot of women say, yes, I'm ready now. Now, if some women say, Oh, I don't know, I might want to take care of her if you think it's worse or, Oh, I'm not sure. And that resistance is part of what we work on. So notice that in yourself, if there's any resistance, if you want a boyfriend or if you want a husband, number two, she says, I learned to take care of my appearance even on days off of work and on the weekends. And she writes this. I learned that hair, makeup and nails make me feel more beautiful, attractive, and feminine, and men like that.

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I believe men want to Hookup Bloomington know that as you age, you will continue to take pride in your appearance. This translates into other areas of your life, which leads to a more beautiful life. Now, does this mean you need to dress to the nines degree, go to the grocery store or the gym? No, but maybe wearing a little sexy workout outfit instead of some frumpy sweats. Not only. Helps you look more attractive, but it helps you feel more attractive, which puts you in a different vibration when you're out and about living your life. Number three, she writes, I learned to make my home inviting for my husband, and here's what she says before I met my husband. I carefully placed two chairs in front of the fireplace and each evening I had imaginary conversations with my future husband with a cup of tea and the warm, inviting crackling fire. Now, before you think that that is strange, Consider for a moment that when you use the power of your imagination to actually imagine you living the life that you want to live, you're actually sending out lines of attraction that will connect to the person who aligns with the image that you're holding in mind. And so as you do that, you actually draw unto you the kind of person that you're imagining all along. Number four, she says, I learned to start doing the things that bring me joy. Now. She says I started cycling. I adopted two dogs who brought joy and love into my life. I joined a triathlon team and went to races. I started traveling. I created a life that was full and busy. Now, why does this matter? Because like attracts, like, so the more you are in a state of joy and love, the more you are going to attract joy and love into your life. Remember the principle this way you will meet the person you love and who brings you joy boy on the path of what you love and what brings you joy.

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I love Howard Thurman's quote, where he says, don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs Hookup Bloomington are people who have come alive. Number five, I learned to be grateful for my future husband and to stop being resentful or even subtly jealous. Of others in relationships. She says, I learned to guard myself talk and to catch myself with the thoughts of why is she married or in a relationship. And I'm not, this is so simple. because like attracts, like if we're in envy or jealousy, then we're going to attract more of that. So when you see people who are in a relationship or you see someone who's attracted the love of their life, the best move, and what she learned to do was to send them a blessing. To send them a wave of joy and love and appreciation, and that will shift your own vibration. Number six, she says, I learned to speak clearly to a man about what I want. She writes, for example, I wanted a partner who wants a committed, monogamous relationship that will lead to marriage at the right time. I love this because having the courage. To ask for what you want and speak it directly to them. And not only builds your self esteem, but it's highly attractive because it's true. It shows that you value yourself and you value. What you want is actually a very feminine thing to do where you ask for what you want. And you allow the man to provide that for you. Not only will it attract the right guys, but it will repel the wrong guys. So now check this out. If you would love to actually understand what activates even more feminine energy, because you know, that attracts masculine and high value masculine men. If you would love to know those principles, I've created a great ebook. I'll link it up for you. Here is the five feminine qualities that high value men find irresistible. It's a gift from me to you. It will serve you as you create attraction and deepened connection with your man. I'll link it up here. And in the description below in this video, number seven, she says, I learned to be okay, a better listener men, like it need to be listened to.

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It was a very big challenge for me and continuing. This should be an area where I am growing. I learned that a pause doesn't mean he has done talking. Wait. And then wait some more. He often has more or to say, love what she's saying here, which is what a man is talking and pauses. It doesn't mean he's done. Wait, and then Wade Somar because you might see something else come out. That's very funny because it's true. You know, men, one of their great desires to have their thoughts respected. Well, one of the great ways to show that you respect a man Hookup Bloomington style is to allow him to finish. His sentence to allow him to get to the end of his point. And some men have a strong pattern of pausing when they talk. So if you let them get to the end shows great respect, and that actually will ignite greater love in the relationship. Number eight, I learned that support love, kindness and loyalty are more important than the clothes a man wears or the car he drives. Knowing which qualities are important for the longterm and which ones can be developed is really the key to success. So even if his fashion choices aren't ideal, that can still be helped. I often buy my husband's clothes and he looks great in them and he loves to wear them. It's an easy fix. And number nine, I learned to give compliments to men and to say, thank you often. When men are helpful and kind to me, very true men thrive on appreciation and celebration. So if you want more behavior out of a man than appreciate and celebrate the type of behavior that you want. So you might say to a man, Hey, you know what? I really appreciate you taking the lead and planning the date. The other night, it made me feel really loved and cared about you. Say that to man and watch him take the lead. On planning, more creative dates for you. And number 10, she writes, I learned that with a great partner, I can make more money. I've learned that the pieces stability of a relationship frees me to be more creative in my life, which feeds my soul and helps me live my destiny. Now, Susan, the woman who put this list together is a physician and it can be easy to think that when you're a professional, that to get into a relationship, it's going to actually thwart. Your success is going to hold you back. It's going to be a hindrance to your progress in your career or your independence or your freedom, but it doesn't have to, you can actually adopt the belief system that what if the right relationship for you? Helped you in your career. What if it helped you make more money? If it helped you become even more successful? What if, because you had this amazing partnership, you had more adventure and a more sense of freedom and your life then without it, though, that paradigm shift can actually be very powerful in releasing the resistance that might be hidden in a tree, right. And the relationship that you want. So now I would love to hear from you. What have you learned? That's helped you be successful? In love and relationships are, what do you believe you need to learn in order to go to the next level?