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You've gotten the freedom Hookup Mississippi to be able to choose who you want to marry, who you want to spend your life with. If you live in a free country, these are the blessings that we have in wild freedom is the most natural thing for human beings. It's not the most normal experience. Most people aren't experiencing freedom. Most people are experiencing being stuck, working in a job that they don't love struggling to pay the bills to get to the end of the month. Struggling to get everything done, to get the laundry done and the dishes done and the kids down to get through the giant stack of mail. That's on your kitchen table. Only the next week. I have a new stack of mail. I have, she don't want the struggle, a few moments of entertainment. And then back to the grind, most people's experience is an experience of grind. It's not and experience a freedom. So why is it that our natural state is freedom and yet the normal.

Experience we have is being stuck is because there's a difference between what's natural Hookup Mississippi and what's normal. See what's normal is what we experienced most of the time, but it's not, what's natural to you. See what's natural to you is what's in your nature and for you and I, our nature is to be free. Our nature is to free ourselves from the things that keep us stuck. What does real freedom look like for you? Think about that. What is real freedom look like for you? You see, I believe the answer to that question is found inside of this question, which is what would you love? The answer to what sets you free is found inside of the question. What would you love? There's a great quote that says, don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that because what the world needs are people who have come alive. What would you love for your career? What would you love to create? What book is seeking to come forth and you, what song is seeking to be written by you, what adventure is seeking to be had by you, what would you love for your life? And as you contemplate that, and you bring that into your mind and heart Hookup Mississippi, that is the doorway to the freedom that you and I see. It's the doorway to a greater chapter of your life, because I believe each one of us is seeking to express more, to be more, to do more, to be everything that you came to this planet to be that is where the real freedom lies, but what gets in our way, what is it that prevents us from living that kind of life?

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And it's the same thing for Hookup Mississippi all human beings and that's fear. And it's fear that we will either fail and look stupid, or it won't work out. And we won't be able to pay our rent and provide for our families. Or the fear that it will work out and we might be a fraud in front of everyone else, or we might have the burden of the success that comes down on us. It's that fear that keeps our dreams in prison that keeps our dreams from really being expressed in our life. And so on this day, I invite you as you consider, what would you love as you consider to express your life? With greater freedom. I invite you to consider three ideas that can help invoke more freedom in your life to help you overcome that fear chunk you live with even more bravery. Number one is the idea that to be brave doesn't mean that you don't have fear. There's an old saying that says to be afraid means having wet pants, but to be brave means moving forward with wet pants. And I love that because as human beings, we're all going to be afraid. We're all going to have that fear, but are we willing to move forward? In spite of the fear, are you willing to force those butterflies to fly in formation and to take a step towards it? What you would love even while having the fear idea? Number two. What if the freedom that you're yearning for? What if that dream to have the book or the dream to live your dream? We are, what if that was actually a call?

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It wasn't just coming from you Hookup Mississippi. See, I believe that your higher power and my higher power calls us. It's a greater expression of ourselves. That calling in you is life seeking to emerge through you by means of you to be expressed into this world. And then if you don't bring your gifts to the world, those gifts will never be brought to the world. And so I like to think about what if this is a calling for you? What if this is your higher power beckoning you forward? And when you lean into that, knowing that you don't have to have it all figured out, you don't have to have know how it's all going to work out. And then no matter what you face on that journey, when you're moving in the direction of your calling. No matter what obstacle, no matter what challenge you face, you and your God will be able to handle it. You want that new career, that new relationship, that book, that piece of art, that music lean into that go for it. No matter what you face you and your God will be able to handle it. And number three, Is to view criticism as the good news. Now that's an awkward idea. That might be a strange idea at first, but consider this everyone who does something great. Everyone who goes after their dreams, everyone who shines their light in the world, experiences criticism. That's the tax that we pay. That's the price that we pay to express yourself. You're going to have people who are dissatisfied with their own lives or feeling stuck in their own way. And so their own way to lash out. Is simply to criticize, you know, who doesn't get criticized, the person who's not growing, not expressing, not dreaming. Okay. That person doesn't get criticized. That person plays small.

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They're never actually even seen Hookup Mississippi. So no, this, what if criticism was the good news? What of criticism by others was a sign. And it's signaled that you're living your life in a bright enough and bold enough way that other people are taking notice. And not only will there be criticism for people drag, drag you down, which there always is, but you will be a blessing to those that you are uplifting by means of your light in the world by means of your creative expression by means of you using your voice or your artistic talent or your passion that will ignite. Others. And as others are ignited, then they will ignite the world. So what if criticism was actually a good news sign that you're actually igniting others? So on this day, on the 4th of July in the United States, I invite you to celebrate your freedom. I invite you to live into the question. What would you love in an even greater way? I challenge you to do that in this day. And let it start right here. If you were to live into an even greater way, what would you love?


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I'm going to share with you the seven body language Hookup Mississippi signs that a guy likes you check it out. You know, what I've noticed is that women have a tendency to count themselves out there. When a guy is actually giving you signs that he likes you, you tend to downplay that or, or doubt yourself when actually guys are interested in you. They like you. They want to ask you out. They want to take you out there looking for that green light from you. So the more you can recognize when a guy's interested in you and give him that green light, the better it is for your love life. So check out these signs because there's all of these signs or indicators that he enjoys being around you, that he's attracted to you, that he likes you. Here we go. Number one is he will raise his eyebrows. When you enter a room and a guy sees you come into the room. If he likes you, he will raise his eyebrows. He will do this almost unconsciously. And this is a way of human beings. We become more open. We allow more light to shine off of our eyes, giving us a brighter look. And when you raise your eyebrows and response to him that lets him know that there's a connection that's been made and double points for you. If you see him actually raise one eyebrow. Because that shows an increased level of interest in you. Number two is you'll see him open his mouth just a bit. When you enter a room, your eyes meet, you'll notice that his mouth will open just a bit. And this is a subconscious sign that he wants to talk with you.

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He wants to connect with you and he finds you beauty. Beautiful Hookup Mississippi. Now, sometimes his jaw might actually drop. And you've seen this in cartoons, right? The car, the characters draw jaw hits the floor. He has to pick it up off the floor. So it might not be that drastic, but if you see his mouth open, when he looks at you, it's a good sign that he likes you. And number three is he fixes himself up. When you're around. What I love about these as these are subconscious signals, he often will not even know he's doing this. So if you walk in the room, are you around him? And you notice him sit up straight, he might adjust his tie, a justice collar. He might fix his hair a little bit. He might not even know he's doing this, but he's doing this because he's attracted to you and he wants to look attractive for you. So if you enter a room and you see him start to fix himself up, You know, it's a sign that he likes you now. I've actually got a great gift for you that can help you build even greater attraction and connection with him. Number four is he will stroke his face. Have you ever noticed that when you're talking with a guy. That he'll often stroke his face he'll stroke. His chin. Well, what's interesting is that when we're attracted to someone, our skin actually becomes extra sensitive, especially the skin around our mouth or our lips. And so you'll see him stroking his face. He might actually stroke his ear, but notice if he begins to stroke his face with the back of his hand, because the back of our hands are more sensitive than the front of our hands or our palms.

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If you notice him doing this, that's an extra sign that he's okay Hookup Mississippi. Attracted to you because he's self soothing. That part of him that's attracted, but stroking his face with the sensitive side of his hand. And number five, because he tries to appear larger instinctually. Men will do this. They will stand up straighter. They'll pull their shoulders back. They'll have a wider stance leaving, put their hands on their hips when they're attracted to you, because this is an instinct he has to try to appear larger and more attractive. Number six is you're going to catch him staring at you men. I heard a realization expert. One say actually that one of the man's strongest sexual organs. Are his eyeballs that the visual cortex of our brain is linked to the sexual area of our brain. Of course. And so when a man is attracted to you, he's going to stare at you. And so often a guy doesn't want to get caught staring at a woman. So he'll look away, look back. I look away. He'll look back. You're going to catch him staring at you. And that means that he likes you. He's interested in you. He wants to talk and connect with you and body language. Secret. Number seven is he shows up early on a date with you or at a meeting with you see men, we prioritize what matters most.

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So when he shows up early Hookup Mississippi, right, it means he's prioritizing you. It means you matter to him. He doesn't want to waste a moment. He doesn't want to miss a moment. With you. So he's going to show up early in case you show up early, he gets those few extra moments that he can steal with you and build connection with you and notice other things that if he is prepped himself, he's got the nicer clothes on or he's shaved, or he's taking a shower that day, or if he has detailed his car waxed and washed his car is going to take you on a date. All of that energy and effort shows that he likes you. He's attracted to, he's trying to create the best impression he can for you. Now, my question to you is what do you catch yourself doing when you like a guy? What are the body language secrets that you notice in yourself when you like somebody. What do you do? Go ahead and post that in the comment section below. And if you haven't subscribed to this channel, take a moment, hit the subscribe button, hit the bell so that you get the alert.