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So, how Hookup Chesterfield do you break free from the past? You've been experiencing a particular pattern in your love life, and you want to change that you would love to have a new chapter in your life. You would love it to enter a new doorway, a new expansion where you can finally have that relationship that you want. Right. How do you create that difference? Especially when you've been experiencing dead end dates. You've been experiencing going out with men and not having the connection that you're not attracted to them or men that don't want to relationship men that only want to mess around all of that. How do you actually change that result? And give you something that is an advanced move and here it is, stop telling the old story. Now what most of us do when we go through some drama or trauma or have an experience that we don't want a breakup. And a lot of the coaching that I do with women at the beginning of the coaching, there's all this story about, well, I went through this and I went through that and, and which is fine for perspective. But if you pay attention, what else? A lot of your friends will do? A lot of people around you, what they will do.

And if you're not careful Hookup Chesterfield, we'll do this as well is we'll get into the pattern of rehearsing the story. Someone hasn't heard it yet. We tell them the story about the breakup, about the guy, what he did, how he betrayed you, all of that stuff. You'll tell that story again. Well, here's the problem. Every time you tell that story, you're actually becoming that woman again. What do I mean relationships aren't in the past relationships that we have with people are eternal because of the relationships we have with them is right here in our mind and in our heart. So the moment you tell that story to someone else, you've drawn up, all those emotions from that relationship, you actually become the old version of you. That was in that experience, that old version of you has a particular vibration and like attracts like, so whatever you're vibrating into the world, your vibration is actually attracting more of the same, same to you. Every time you tell that story, you're actually attracting similar circumstances into your life. So I dare you. I challenge you that from this day forward Hookup Chesterfield, stop telling the story. Now, as you hear that part of that might make sense to you, and I'm going to read it. I read you a passage in just a moment from an amazing book on manifestation, but as I share that call to action, there's a part of you that says, okay, I'm willing to do that. But another part of you that's in resistance right now. Isn't it? There's a part of you, that's like, well, why would I do that? I don't want to give that up because there's an idea diction in us too, drama there's addiction in us to the past. We're actually get a gain when we tell old stories. Sometimes it's the gain of commiseration that we actually have connection that we're able to commiserate over the pain of our past, but that old, painful, uh, experience those emotions actually having it addiction to them.

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So you have to cut loose from that experience to Hookup Chesterfield create something new. Let me share with you. A passage out of a book called the power of awareness by Neville. This is an amazing book. And he talks about how do you actually create a new chapter for a breakthrough moment in your love life, or really for anything in your life in general. And he says, this, the idea deal you seek and hope to attain will not manifest itself will not be idealized by you until you have imagined that you are already that ideal. You must assume that. Feeling of the wish fulfilled until your assumption has all the sensory vividness of reality through the fateful systematic cultivation of the feeling of the wish fulfilled desire becomes the promise of its own fulfillment. The assumption of the feeling of the wish fulfilled makes the future dream a present fact. So, what is Neville saying? Let's unpack that. What are you saying is you want to imagine that you are already the woman who's well past that old experience that you're already the woman. In the relationship that you desire, how would you feel in the relationship that you desire? You want to bring sensor vivid, sensory experience to that imagined reality. Imagine that you're her. How does she think? How does she feel? What is she experiencing? What conversations is she having? That's a clue. The future version of you, who's already in this amazing relationship is not having the conversation of that old relationship. She's not dwelling in that. She's not rehearsing that story. She's beyond that. Isn't she? So as you put on the feeling tone of it's already done, you're already manifested your man. You're already in this amazing relationship. You are that as you feel that worthiness as you feel that gratitude as you feel that calm.

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Peace of mind, you feel safe Hookup Chesterfield, secure in this relationship. You'll feel your heart is expanded. You feel loving, and there's this relationship. As you put on that vibration and become that woman. And imagine this vividly, you literally begin to bend reality. You attract new circumstances, new individuals, new people into your life, and you attract the relationship that you want. This is how you shut the door on the past. And you moved beyond into a bright, new, amazing future for yourself. The incredible love life that you desire. It's not easy. There's part of us that wants to get drawn into the past. So I challenge to what if you let this day be a day where you committed to yourself, did this was the last time you would ever tell that old story?

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No more on that old story Hookup Chesterfield, you're leaving it in the past. And any time someone asks you about it, you said, yeah, well, there's something that happened, but let me tell you about what I'm creating. Can you focus on the vision? Of what you're creating for your love life. What is that vision for you willing to take that challenge? What is the vision of you living the amazing, the relationship that you want? Comment that as you write that vision down below, That is a decision point is actually opening a doorway to a brand new reality for your love life. Right now, I believe in you. I know that you absolutely can have the relationship that you want and let this be the day where you draw a line in the sand and start that chapter now.


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So I recently Hookup Chesterfield did a photo shoot and quickly realized that I suck at posing. I didn't realize that posing is actually difficult posing. Isn't something that you just naturally know how to do. I looked awkward. I looked weird in a bunch of these photos, but luckily the photographer was badass and he had actually studied posing and he came to me and he said, don't worry about it. Posing. Isn't easy. It's not natural for people to do. Posing is all about geometry. It's all about angles. And so he helped me do a few cool poses that actually came out a lot better than what I was doing before. And it dawned on me that. Just a few micro changes can make a world of difference in the effect that you're trying to create. Flirting is the same way in flirting. We're a lot of us were not natural. Flirt is we don't know how to flirt. And so there's some body language things that you can do. Some micro movements, some shifts that you can make in your body language that can have a big impact when it comes to flirting. So today I wanted to share with you. Five body language secrets for how to flirt and build a traction in your man. Check it out. Body language secret. Number one is to draw attention to your lips. I'm sure you already know this, but your lips are very sensual for men. And so you want to draw attention to your lips on a date, or when you're out with him a few ways to do this, are you can bite your lip when you're listening to a story or he's telling her something that he's saying you can. Do the triangle gaze, which is where you look at one eye and look at the other eye, then down at his lips and then back and forth, that's called the triangle gaze. And by you looking at his eyes and then his lips, it actually draws his attention to your lips. Or you can lick your lip tips when you're listening to him or even better yet when you're eating dessert list, it's a chocolate molten lava cake and you take a bite dessert slowly, pull the fork.

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Out of your mouth Hookup Chesterfield and lick your lips, really enjoying that dessert. It is very sensual. When a man sees you do this. Number two is to gently caress your neck or collarbone area. And you can even play with your hair and bring it down towards your neck. As you're doing this, you're actually drawing his attention to your neck and collarbone, which is really central area on a woman's body. For men, you draw his attention there and you increase the central nature of the moment. And number three is gently caressing, a wine glass. And this is great because your hands are very sensual and you can use your hands and fingers to tantalize his imagination and actually increase the femininity of the moment. And all you have to do is gently caress the body of the wineglass with your fingers or stroke, the rim of the wine glass. And as you do this, you will stoke his imagination. He won't be able to help himself. Imagine you caressing his skin with your fingers. It's a great flirting technique. And number four is lean in his direction.

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See man Hookup Chesterfield, we noticed when you're leaning in, versus when you're leaning away, leaning in signals that you're engaged, you're connecting with us, that you're attracted to us. And so an advanced move of this is to actually begin by leaning away, begin with your legs cross in the opposite direction. And as the conversation builds, as it gets more interesting, as you're feeling more connected than consciously choose to uncross and recross your legs. In the direction of him and he will feel this. He will feel you leaning in. He will feel you becoming more attracted and that will increase his attraction for you. And number five is eliminate the world around you. This is a really special technique. Have you ever noticed that when you're engaged in a conversation, when you're locking eyes with somebody that the whole world around you tends to disappear here, let's try this right now. Go ahead and lock eyes with me. Look at my eyes. And notice that as you look in my eyes, the world around us is disappearing right now. As we stay locked, as we stay connected in this eye, contact the world around us begins to dissolve away. This is a really powerful technique. In fact, I remember dating my wife. We'd be engaged in a powerful conversation and locking eyes with one another. And then eventually we look up and everyone has left the restaurant and the busboys are sweeping the floor and they're. Two chairs stacked up on the tables and we realized, wow, we just shut this place down, but I didn't even notice it because we were so engrossed with one another. So the way that that you do this is choose to gaze in his eyes, choose to give him your focused attention. And as you connect with him, give him. Your focused attention, he will begin to give you his focused attention, and that will create this deeper connection that the both of you has and a great tool to help you and support you in this is refuse to get your attention drawn by other things.

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In other words Hookup Chesterfield, ignore the outside world and ignore the waiters going by and everything else happening in the restaurant. If you're out on a date like that, because. And this doesn't mean be oblivious if you need to get up and leave, or if there's something like an emergency, I see happens. But what it does mean is too often, people get way too distracted by their phones and by waiters and by what's going on and just noticing and getting distracted subconsciously sends a signal like you don't want to be there. It sends a signal that you're looking for a better option. You're looking for something that's more attractive rather than really pouring in and being present to the man that you're with. When you do that, you will create your own unique world with him. And there's nothing more attractive than two people sharing a world that nobody else gets to be a part of. So there you have it, five body language secrets that help build the attraction in a relationship. And I would love to hear from you. What body language secrets have you learned that help ignite attraction? What do you do when you're on a date that shows a man that you're interested in helps. Build the connection and attraction with him.