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How do you know if Hookup Las Vegas the guy that you're interested in likes your back? What is he saying? What is he doing? How is he behaving? If he's not explicitly saying, Hey, look, I like you. How can you tell? So in this post, I'm going to give you seven proven signs that a guy likes you, check it out. In fact, last week I had a client email me and said, Hey, there's this guy at work that I kind of like, and he did this and this and this does he like me. And I said, this guy, doesn't just like you, he really likes you. And so I'm about to share with you the seven behaviors that indicate a man likes you. But before I do, I want to give you a disclaimer that any one of these by themselves might just be, he's being nicer, he's being friendly, but it's when you notice the combination, when he's doing multiple. Versions of these principles that shows a significant interest that he likes you. So, number one is that he does favors for you, whether he offers to carry some luggage for you, whether offers to help you with a project, or he's going to go to Starbucks and he's offering to get you one offering to do a favor for you actually comes from his primal need to provide for you.

And it's one of the first Hookup Las Vegas indicators that a guy likes you and. It also has an interesting effect. Scientists call this the Franklin effect, simply the act of doing a favor for someone else. Not only shows interest in them, but it actually increases our interest in them because we would never do a favor for someone that we don't like. So it's actually a subconscious signal that we're interested in that person. Number two is he slows his pace down for you, not the pace of the relationship, but actually the pace of him walking steady show. We know that. Anatomically men are generally larger than woman have LAR longer legs than women. And so they tend to walk faster than women, especially if you're in heels. Right? So studies show that when a man likes you, he will slow it down and he will actually match your pace. Why? Because he wants to be with you. There's a dominant gene in men for walking fast, the dominant man, he walks fast. He wants to lead the pack.

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That's instinctual Hookup Las Vegas for us, but. When we like a woman, we will override that instinct to actually slow it down and walk steel to build a better connection with you. Okay. Number three is he starts mirroring you studies show that when two human beings like each other, they actually start to act like each other. You've probably noticed this with your best friend, my best friend, and I, we even start kinda talk like each other friend of mine, uh, came over one day and I was hanging out with my best friend and he's like, Uh, you guys talk alike. I was like, well, yeah, we've been friends since seventh grade, but when you're on a date with somebody and he likes you, you lean in and he'll lean in and he'll start to actually mirror your body language. So if you notice that he's mirroring you, if you notice that he's holding his hand up to his face, or you notice that he's leaning to the side and you're leaning to the side, that's a good indication that he likes you. Number four Hookup Las Vegas is he thinks you are funny. When we like somebody, we actually tend to like the things that they like and studies show that men who are interested in you, they will laugh at all the things that you think are funny.

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And Hookup Las Vegas it isn't that they're being fake. And they're not just trying to win your approval. They genuinely think you're funny. They genuinely do you think that you're a comedian because he likes you. So if you find a man then being interested in laughing and liking them, the things that you like, chances are, he likes you. Number five is. Eye contact. We know as human beings, we make eye contact with people that we like, and we avoid eye contact with people that we don't like and actually maintain the eye contact releases a chemical in us, a hormone called oxytocin, which is the bonding chemical. And the more he makes that eye contact with you, the more he feels that chemical, the more he feels bonded, the more he feels attracted to you. And what's interesting is you will actually notice his pupils dilate somewhat. And there's all these studies that show that when we're attracted to somebody else, our pupils. Dilate. And what's interesting is even graphic artists know this. And so the editors in a photo shoot for Cosmo for another magazine, they will actually artificially enlarge the pupil of the model on the cover because studies have shown that that will actually make her look more attractive. So if you see her, his pupils dilate, or if he's maintaining eye contact with you, it's a great sign that he likes. No, actually I have something cool for you because we're in indications that he likes. If you notice he likes you and you want to build the attraction. With him, I've actually created a great ebook. He'll he'll, he'll stay late. At the office to walk you to your car, or he realizes you're you texted me. You're like, Hey, I'm in your neck of the woods. You want to grab a bite and he won't go to the gym or he'll go to the gym later so that he can grab a bite with you. If you notice him changing his routine in order to create time with you, he likes you.

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And number seven is Hookup Las Vegas he says something stupid. Every man has said something totally stupid because he's totally enthralled with you. And here's why. We have different parts of our brains, a man's brain is compartmentalize. And if he's in the aspect of his brain where he's looking at you and he's thinking, Oh my God, she is gorgeous. She is so attractive. Jim, thrilled with your beauty. He's not even connected to the conversation part of his brain. And so he'll say something totally stupid, like, um, so, uh, you come here often and you're like, Yeah, this is the grocery store, just down the street from my house. Like it's like, and he'll walk away and he'd be like, God, Turner's so dumb. Like every man is at that moment. So if you notice he's nervous around you, if you notice that he's just kind of acting stupid or says something dumb, cut him some Slack, cause chances are he's in the aspect of his brain rolled by your beauty. So there you have it. Seven signs that indicate a guy likes you again, if he does a combination of those. It's an indication that he really likes you. So my question for you is what signs have you noticed indicate that a guy has interest in you?


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Have you ever been Hookup Las Vegas texting with a guy and you're just getting so bored with the interaction like you like this guy and you just wish there was something you could do texts to make it more fun to make it more engaging. Well, texting shouldn't be the kind of thing that enriches the relationship ignites. The attraction creates like a green lush environment for your relationship, with the challenges. When you start getting into the, getting to know you process through text, it sucks the life. Right out of the relationship, it actually creates a dead zone for the relationship, like a stale dying experience for the relationship where you get bored, he gets bored and the relationship is born. The whole thing just dies. So in this post, I'm going to share with you three texts that you can send him that will actually bring that relationship to life. Increase the engagement, increase the attraction that you two have together. Check it out. Now all three types of texts, I'm going to share with you right now, build attraction in the relationship. And the way that they do that is they actually increased the tension. When you increase tension, that naturally builds attraction. And so number one is to avoid stop the presses texting. Now what has stop the presses texting you remember back in the old print press. When a news story breaking news would come in, someone would come walk into the print presence. They stop the presses. Everyone would stop what they were doing to get this new story into the paper before it went out. So stop the presses is when you're at work, working on a project, he texts you, you stop what you're doing and respond to him immediately. You're out with girlfriends having a fun night out. He texts. You, you stop your conversation and respond to him. Anytime time you stop your life to then respond to a text that immediately comes in, you're stopping the presses to text them back. And what you're not doing is creating tension. You're not letting him desire you.

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So what I'm not advocating Hookup Las Vegas here is playing games or falsely waiting to text him back. But when you don't want to do is drop everything in text someone right back, because that gives the illusion that you're waiting by your phone phone, hoping they texted the moment they text you, text them back, which that's not the case at all. You're living your great life. So live your great life. Finish the project at work, finished the dinner with your friends, finish, whatever you're doing. And then texting back in a couple of things get created in that moment. Number one. Yes. He's wondering what you're up to and what you're doing. And number two, it also shows him you've got a great life and he's not the number one priority yet. That he needs to earn, earn his way as the top priority in your life. Number two is called increase the flirt factor. What this means is dial up the amount that you flirt with him. Let him know no that you're attracted to him. You see the difference between a friendship and a romantic. Interest is the sexual tension that gets created the sexual interest.

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That gets crazy Hookup Las Vegas. That's the main difference between having a friendship and someone that, you know, romantically interested in. So you want to create that tension in your texting is to increase that flare factor and the way you can do this as being playful, you can challenge him. You can teach. I'm going to give you a few examples of this right now, for example, here's what you can text. You can say, Hey, sexy man. Two points. If you get this right. Am I craving tacos or burgers, he'll say burgers, and you say, you win. We should go get one. Or you can say, Hey cutie, I better have a sexier button than you. And he'll write back something like, no, you don't. And you're like, Oh yeah, check it out. And then shoot a picture of a peach. Or you can send something like this listing you right now. And then put a gift of blue and silly from monsters inc, or some other fun, funny gifts. That lets him know that you're thinking about him. You want to be close to him. And what's fun about the sending gifts game is it can actually turn into a bit of a competition to see who can send the funnier gift, but you want to increase that flirt factor here by sending texts like, Hey cutie, Hey, sexy. Hey gorgeous. Because that increases the sexual tension between you and him. Okay. Now, before I give you number three, I've got a great resource. It's a gift from me to you. It's an ebook on how to text guys where I give you 30 powerful texts. That ignite attraction in men at a whole bunch of great tools that you can use. No, this is, is that when you can pose a question in the mind of a human being that actually creates a small amount of pain in their mind, and they want to hang on to answer the question that you've posed. In their brain. And when you answer that question, it creates this resolution. So there's this tension that gets created and then a resolution.

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So who did the murder will the guy and the girl Hookup Las Vegas get together in the end and research shows that we will actually sit through bad movies just to find out whether or not the guy and the girl get together in the end. Right. And so you can use this in your text messages as well. Let me give you some examples. One example is, want to hear a secret. And what's great about this is number one. Yes. He doesn't want to hear a secret from you, but number two, you only share secrets with someone that you're connected with. So he loves that. Second thing you can ask him is can I ask you a personal question? And he immediately thinks, Ooh, I wonder what's on her mind. Or you can say fun. And I love that text because it's got a sense of adventure to it and mystery to it. And the last one you could send him is, Hey, what color socks are you wearing right now? And I love that text because it's so powerful. There is such a pattern interrupt. So random is thinking, why is she asking me this? I love it. So those are four examples of gap theory, texts that you can send to your man. But all of these examples create tension between you and him. It's not normal. It's a pattern interrupt. And it's definitely interesting. And when you sit in something interesting and create tension and not only builds the attraction between you and him, but it makes it a whole lot more fun.