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Being in love with an ex Hookup Camden is one of the hardest experiences we can have because we get robbed of our love lives. We try to move on, we go out with other people. We still think about the ex. You go past places. You used to hang out. You're thinking about your ex. And so I've literally seen being in love with the next Rob people of years of their love life. And so there's really only two options. You either move on and free yourself of the ex or you get your ex back. And so in this post, I'm going to share with you four proven strategies for how you can win your ex back, check it out Hookup Camden. Now the irony of the four strategies I'm going to give you is these four strategies are actually the same four strategies that can help you release your ex and win him back. And so they actually work. Side by side to position you to create the best love life you can. Yeah. And so principle number one is to move from scarcity to abundance.

What does this mean Hookup Camden? This means moving out the mindset that your ex is the only person that you could ever be in love with that. Your ex is the only one that you could ever have a deep, meaningful relationship and move into it. State of abundance, which means that there's more than just your ex. What if. There was another possibility. What if there was someone else out there that could even be better than that? Ex what if the best was yet to come? Because here's what happens when you are clinging to the idea of being with your ex you're in scarcity mode, you're in this mode, this is the only person that can make you happy. And that's the least attractive state that we can be in. In fact, when you move to this, being this of, you know, what I love you, I want to be with you. But I've got a whole bunch of other options out there that actually positions you as a higher value person that actually positions you as more attractive because in your ex's mind, then there becomes the fear of loss that you might actually attract someone better. So for step number one, what you want to do is you want to write down your ex's good qualities, but also write down all the ways in which your ex has fallen short, because that will help you tap into the possibility that there actually is someone out there that could be even better for you. Step number two is to dissolve your attention cord.

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Now, maybe you believe in this Hookup Camden, but maybe you don't, but science has proven this, that as you focus on your X is you remember your ex is you throw, scroll through photos of your ex. Anytime you're thinking and dwelling on your ex, your ex is actually picking up those vibes. Your ex is actually receiving those signals and it's feeding your ex with your energy. There's a study done. There's a great book, actually written called the intention experiments, where they measured intention and attention on different things. And so they put one group of people in a room and another group of people in another room and they took an individual and that individual was shown on the TV camera to the other group. And then the TV camera would turn off and turn back on. And that individual could tell just by how they were feeling whether or not they were being viewed by people in another room. And so your ex is actually picking up your energy. So you need to dissolve that energetic cord with your ex because you need your ex to miss you, your need your ex to have desire for you again. And if they're constantly being fed by your attention, they're not missing you. So. Cleanse your life from all the triggers of your ex stop, following them on social media, stop looking at those photos and redirect your mind towards other things. And when you do that and you actually begin to move on, an amazing thing will happen.

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Often women will say Hookup Camden, Oh, Oh my gosh, I finally started to move forward. I'm finally not dwelling on him all the time. And he reached out to me. He texted me or he called me why. Because that's the psychic subconscious signal. He's lost that energy from you. And now he's trying to reconnect, reestablish it. So dissolve energetic cord, like cutting an energetic cord with energetic scissors, dissolve that from your ex and step number three is to create you 2.0, and then share it with the world. And so what this means is while you're dissolving your in energetic attention from your ex, put it on things that you love. Focus on creating a new version of yourself, a fuller version of yourself. Take that new class, go to the gym, hang out with your friends, make some new friends that you in an activity that you've always wanted to do as you learn, as you grow, as you evolve. And then you post pictures of that online. Guess what your ex is going to see those pictures. Your ex is going to see you looking fine. Your ex is going to see you out and about having fun. Your ex is gonna see you hanging out with new people. And your ex is going to think, Oh, wow. I don't know that person. Oh, wow. She's finally learning how to surf. She's always wanted to do that and now she's actually doing it. Oh wow. She's evolved. And that creates a degree of mystery in you, things about you that you didn't previous no mystery creates intriguing Inge. Trig is a core component of attraction. Sir, going to evoke is intrigue and attraction by growing yourself, really becoming an even greater version of you and number four.

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Is to give him Hookup Camden the reminiscent open door text. Now, if you have been doing number one, move from scarcity to abundance, you've opened yourself up. Number two, you've dissolved the energetic attention cord with him. And number three, you're evolving yourself, creating you 2.0, then this text is going to work amazingly. Well, what you do is you go pass it place. You used to hang out, take a picture of that place and then send it to them. And simply write this, remember this and put a little Wiki face next to that. He will get all of a sudden flood of reminiscent emotions of what it was like to be with you and a place where you guys had connection, where you bonded with one another. And if he he's interested, if he's the right man for you, he will reach out. If he's not the right man for you, you've got to let him go. And chances are, you've been preparing yourself in this moment. It's going to be easier than ever before to recognize, you know what, this isn't the right guy for me and move forward.


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If you're dating someone new Hookup Camden, it can be really helpful to know what indicators to look for, to know whether or not this relationship has potential, whether this is something that, that can really turn into something amazing. And so in this article, I'm going to give you four key principles to look for that can let you know whether the relationship you're in has the potential to last forever. Check it out. Now, before I give you these four principles, I want to address the fact that often in society, we're conditioned with this mentality of the lightning bolt experience, what does that mean? That means that the moment you meet someone we're supposed to know whether or not they are the one, right? It's like you want this lightning bolt moment. You want this chemistry to wash over you for you to feel like, Oh my gosh, I've met my soul mate. And we're conditioned this way that we're going to meet eyes from across the bar and instantly know whether or not this is the one, and this can really get in our way and thwart our love life. I know it did for me because I would often not even pursue someone unless I knew that they were the one where I felt that electricity come over me cause I wanted that kind of romantic experience. But in all of my research over the last 10 years, what I've discovered is that while that does happen for some people. Way more often, the experience is much different, way more often what you get in the beginning of a relationship as a seed that has potential where, what people who want the soul mate experience won.

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It's like Hookup Camden they want this tree. They want the full tree experience right out of the gate. But way more often what we get as a seed, that if you plant it, nurture it and grow it. It has the potential to become something beautiful, to become something magnificent. And so these four keys, let you know whether the seed of the relationship you have. Has the opportunity to become something that can last a lifetime principle. Number one is calm. Do you feel calm and peaceful in this other person's presence? It's way overlooked too often. We're wanting that rush of chemical attraction. We're wanting that, that lightening experience. We want that excitement and the thrill of the relationship. We want the butterflies in the stomach. Where that is short-lived that will actually die off way more important. Is do you feel calm around them? Is there an ease and a flow early in the relationship? Is it easy to talk to them? Is it easy to be with them and do you feel calm around them? That is a great indication that you're on solid footing in this relationship. Number two is congruence and two aspects of this coin. Two sides of the same coin here. Congruence is. Is the person you're dating congruent is what they say and what they do aligned. But the second aspect of congruence is do you feel aligned with who you are in other words, do you think, feel free to really be yourself to speak your mind, to share your dreams?

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It'd be authentic Hookup Camden in this interaction because the other person that you're in this relationship, are they creating a field of acceptance and environment where you feel loved, then safe enough to really be yourself? If you do, that's really fertile ground for a great relationship. Number three is compatibility, and this is really the groundwork for it. Lasting relationship is, are you compatible with this other person, three primary areas? Are you compatible in your view of money and your spending habits, you know, is one of you a big spender or, and another one, a saver that's going to create conflict. Do you view money the same way? Second area of compatibility is health. Do you have the same health habits? Do you eat healthy? Do you work out? Do you value health? Yeah. In your life. And the third is lifestyle and cleanliness because chances are, if it goes the distance you're going to be living together. So do you value being clean or do you value being deceased? You're organized either way. You want to have someone who shares the same values with you. And number four is chemistry. You do not want to be married to someone or in a long lasting relationship with someone where there is no chemistry, but chemistry is often misunderstood because we will often think if I don't have immediate chemistry with this person, then I will never get that chemistry that I want.

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And I can tell you Hookup Camden after coaching women for over 10 years, I've seen it time and time again, that sometimes chemistry comes right away. But other times chemistry will come after a few dates that there becomes a connection and a friendship. That catches fire and that as you open up as there's that part of you that really opens up to this other person and connects to them more deeply, that can often be when the chemistry ignites. So if you feel that you're really into this person, but the chemistry might not be there, give yourself a chance, give this interaction a few dates, lean into it, and you just might notice that the chemistry catches fire later. So there you have it for indicators. That the guy that you're seeing just might be the one who can go the distance just might be the relationship that can last a lifetime. I would love to know from you is what do you deem as most important when you're dating someone new? What do you look for? Or that indicates that this might be a relationship that has potential.