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One of the sweetest Hookup Charlotte moments in any relationship is when the two of you are falling in love with each other. And you say those three magical, powerful words. I love you. Because it's in that moment, when you finally take the risk to reveal yourself, you finally share really how you feel. And you know, the other person is going to say the same thing and they do when you both can really start loving in the way that you want to love. You can finally feel unhindered by the questions and whether or not this person feels the same way and just really give yourself. To this other person. I had one of those moments with my first love back in high school. So think about your first love for a moment. For me, it was back in high school. I was dating this girl.

We were together for Hookup Charlotte about a year and after about 10 months, I mean, I knew I was in love with her. And so I wanted to tell her. That I loved her. And so I planned this whole thing out where I was going to do it. They go by a Lake and I had this picnic planned for us. It was this beautiful Lake on a beautiful blue sky day. There were swans in the Lake ducks in the Lake. And so we'd go out there on a Saturday afternoon. I pull out the food and I've got some like juice, you know, we're in high school. And I tell her towards this kind of halfway through hanging out that I've written something for her. She goes, okay. So I pull out this letter. Wasn't just a letter. It was actually a poem. I wrote this whole poem that culminated at the end of the poem in a phrase that rhymed with, I love you. So the very last line was, so I just want you to know, I love you. And it was just in my mind Hookup Charlotte, it was just huge, like crescendo moment for the two of us. So I'm reading my letter, she's absorbing this letter and she's soaking it in and I get to the very last line and I say, and I want you to know, I love you. And she looks me deep in the eyes and she smiles and she says, Oh, you do thank you. And she hugs me and I am crushed in that moment. Thank you to the phrase I love you is pretty much the worst thing you can get, besides just someone slapping you across the face. Right? And so she hugged me instantly. I regret saying it instantly.

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I'm like Hookup Charlotte, nah, why didn't I say that all she doesn't feel the same way. And lo and behold, a few months later, she breaks up with me. She goes off to college and I had, I didn't know that she didn't feel the same way. And so how did I know then what I know now I would, I've never led with, I love you because I would have known that she really didn't see. Or feel the same way that I saw and felt that relationship. And so knowing how your partner feels where they're at in the process is really valuable information. When deciding do I want to lean in, do I want to give this relationship? My whole heart? Or not today, I'm going to share with you five texting signs that your man is falling in love with you. Now, let me give you a little disclaimer, unless he actually, he says the words I love you and backs that up with action. We don't want to take for granted that any sign is really going to do tell you that he loves you. Okay. So best practice is just let him say it first. Let him, him guide the emotional pace of the relationship. And knowing some indicators, knowing some signs about how he feels can really help guide you in your process of how much do you want to invest in this relationship? So you're going to find these five texting signs that he's falling in love with you. Pretty useful texting sign. Number one is that he shares his bed with your texts.

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The first thing Hookup Charlotte a man thinks about waking up in the morning. And the last thing he thinks about before he goes to bed are representations of his priorities in life. So yeah, if he sends you a good morning, babe text. Or if he sends you a goodnight hope you had a great day today, texts early in the morning, late at night though. That's a representation that he is prioritizing you, that he's thinking about you as a priority in his life. I'm not talking about middle of the night. I'm talking about is when he wakes up and right before. He goes to bed because when a man starts prioritizing you in his thoughts, that's when he starts thinking about sharing his life with you. Number two, he shares his hot off the press. Good news with you. First sharing the big news sharing, the good events that happen in our life. Sharing the wins that happen in our life. It's a natural to want to share those with people that we care about the most and not just people we care about the most, but someone who really gets us, someone who understands the struggle that we've been through. So they know just how meaningful that win really is because when you share great news with someone who knows how meaningful it is, it just makes it that much sweeter. So when your man wants to share good news with you first. No, that he knows that you understand him and met him. We fall in love with women who we feel deeply connected to and who we feel get us. And three is he jumps in the puddle with you. What does this mean? This means means that if you are feeling sad, Or if you're having a bad day or if you're sick, he will make it his mission to try to help you feel better. So he'll want to try to pick you up and make you laugh. He'll try to want to bring you chicken soup make you feel better.

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And even if you're looking Hookup Charlotte in your sweatpants, you're not looking your best, your hair's a grease mop. He still wants to see you. And if you let him see you in that way, it actually Stokes his love for you even more. Because he knows that you're not letting just anyone see you like that. So if you let him see you like that, he knows he has a special place in your life. And that makes him feel special. You've heard me say this before that if he feels special in your presence, then you become special to him. number four is he shares his struggles with you. This one, doesn't just come when he's falling in love with you. This one is a representation he's already in love with you, because for many men, this sharing your struggles is way harder than sharing your successes. Why? Because instinctively men want to have it all together. Men want to be the providers. Men want to be the hero, man, want to be seen as capable. So if he's having a struggle, it's embarrassing. Most men when they're having a struggle, their way of coping with that, as they go, the cave, they retreat, they go and privately try to solve it themselves, figured out, and then they come back and rejoin once it's all solved. So if your man is actually sharing his struggles with is because he sees you as a confidant, he sees you really as a life partner, someone in whom Hookup Charlotte he can confide and share these challenges that he's going through with as a source of support. And that's a big deal. That's when a man starts really. Seeing you not just as someone that he loves, but really as someone who he can see himself with as a life partner and number five is he investigates new events and plans, fun, creative dates for you. A man who's falling in love with you wants to impress you. He wants to give you amazing new experiences. And so. A guy who normally doesn't care about a new restaurant opening doesn't care about new bands coming to town and will all of a sudden become a researcher. He will get the weekly magazine, that's got the latest events and he will start combing through those for great new restaurants, opening new underground bands that are playing a new escape room. To actually go check out and he will become a new events, aficionados. And so a guy who really likes, you will say, Hey, let's go to that painting and peanut place that just opened. We can paint and drink wine. I heard it's really cool. And they'll start creating these great new, exciting events and experiences because he is falling in love with you. He wants to impress you and really he wants you to feel. The same way about him, that he feels about you. So now I ask men, Hey guys, how do you know when a woman is falling in love with you? And a lot of them will kind of give general answers, but then they'll say, I don't really know. So help the man out here and post in the comment section below, what do you do?


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Every once Hookup Charlotte in a while, a guy will say something that makes you scratch your head and. Go, what, what does that mean? A few weeks back, we ended up launching a new series called man big EWAS, which pays homage to all the crazy nutty confusing things that guys say in relationships. And I asked you, I said, post in the comments below some men. I think he was statements that you would like decoded are. They you've heard somewhere along the way. And the comments flooded. In. And so in this episode, we're going to decode three more men, big EWAS statements, check it out now, really funny men, big EWAS statements posted, and many of you figured them out for yourself. You knew what to do. You just wanted to share. I'll read a couple of those to you. And then we're going to address three men, bigger statements where you actually wanted some guidance. So Kate rights when he is like, I have feeling for you, but I don't want to relationship. Yep. But he wants to be more than friends. Boy. Bye. So clearly that guy just wants friends with benefits, and I think the feelings he has for you are feelings more like in this region that he wants to breasts to you. Right? Kathy writes the statement I never understood was that you would make a great wife for somebody Hookup Charlotte. This came out of the mouth of a guy who five minutes prior had told me that he loved me. We'd been dating for two years. Six months later, I broke up with him. I wouldn't make a great wife or a good wife for somebody just not him. I deserve better. Absolutely. If a guy's saying you would make a great wife for somebody, he's clearly not seeing himself in that picture. So good for you, Cathy to cast that guy to the side. Now, let me give you three men bigger statements. We are going to decode in this episode of men ambiguous. The first one comes from Mandy and she writes. I love love you, but I don't love Lafayette. Like what the heck does that mean? I think this means that this guy isn't a jerk jerk.

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He's just a jerk jerk Hookup Charlotte. In other words, if a guy is saying, I don't love, love you've is trying to describe his feelings. That way you can pretty much just assume he's not interested in you. He either a parts of you that he likes. There are certain feelings that he has for you. I used to have a friend. They would tell a woman in the moment in the club, like, I love you. I'm all about you. And then the next week he wouldn't feel that way. And she would be blown away because she would never say that to someone that she didn't have intense feelings that were going to last. And yet this guy, they were operated on just very different rules for how their feelings operated. He would feel these super high highs and yeah, because I wouldn't call it love. It was clearly attraction and fascination. Yeah. But he would say, I love you. And that was his a fusilli way. I've expressing that without any intention for committee. So understand that the language that you have might not mean the same thing. So what you always want to look for is whether or not he's backing it up in action. So if he's saying, Hey, I love, love you, but I don't love, love you clearly. He's not at the same level that you might want to be for a committed relationship. Number two. Lisa writes Matthew. So Lisa does this mean like after 200 videos, we finally made an awesome video. This is actually a better when I read this, I was like, this is a bit woman big EWAS for me. So anyway, we're going to go on here. Lisa writes question. How about this one? What does it mean when he says I'm looking for my best friend?

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Hookup Charlotte That's actually a great one. And I liked that one a lot because a guy who's not only looking for. A partner or a lover, but he's also looking for a best friend, is looking for someone who can be a partner in life with him. That's actually someone who is looking for a longer term relationship. Someone who's looking for that person who can be his partner in crime, who can share activities with him, who can watch the game with him, who can go snowboarding with him, who can go to the gym with him, someone who, the things he does with his best friend. He's looking for those things and an amazing hot, sexy. Partner, right? It's those two things combined that men are looking for in a wife that sexy lover and someone that you just enjoy hiking with, you just enjoy hanging out with, and you just want to grab a beer with that is the best of both worlds. And number three, Jacqueline writes here's one for you. It was amazing meeting you. And I hope we have a long and lasting relationship. You mean a lot to me, contrary to how I might act. And then he goes on to thanks for being amazing, gorgeous, happy new year. You mean a lot to me, contrary to that, how I might add, what does that mean? That means this guy is priming you for disappointment. This guy knows that he doesn't have what it takes to be great in a relationship. He knows that he's going to disappoint you. He knows that he's, we're gonna fall short. So he's just telling you right up front. You're amazing. I hope that we have a long and lasting relationship contrary to how I might act means I'm going to screw this up.

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I'm going to make Hookup Charlotte bad decisions. And so I hope that you're willing to either overlook that stuff or you're willing just to ignore that stuff either way. So the point here. Is call this guy out on that don't settle for treatment less than what you're worth. That's BS. You deserve someone who's going to act in accordance with what you deserve. You deserve someone who's going to treat you amazing the way you're going to treat them. So some would say yes. Yeah. I really love you contrary to how I might act. Yeah. I'm really into you contrary to how I, I, yeah. I want to be committed to you contrary to how I might act. No, no, no, no, no. You don't have time for that. You say, look, you're either going to be congruent and act in accordance with the kind of guy I want or I'm actually going to go find the kind of guy I want. See you later. So my question to you is what men big EWAS statements have you come across recently keep posting those below. It is absolutely cool. You enjoy to read these and we're going to continue this series called man vigorous. I hope that serves you. I'm sending you love wishing you an exp. Banded love experience in your life.