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I'm going to Hookup Akron share with you a story, and then I've got a question for you. I'd love your opinion on something. So I'm a junior in high school, on the football team and it's after practice. And I get slammed up against the locker because simply I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, walking by one of the biggest linebackers on our team who just. Didn't happen to like me and this guy was one of those bully kind of guys. Like he would just kind of rough everyone up, bully everybody. He was a great player on the team, but so was I, I was offense. He was defense. He just didn't like me and I never was able to really connect with this guy, even though I wanted to, I wanted to connect with the people on my team and it was just for whatever reason could never really connect with him. Well, we had a really good team. We went on to the, the playoffs and we're planning this massive playoff game. And imagine we're in this huge stadium and the lights are coming down. We're playing at night and we've got crowds, people cheering and yelling. We're pouring our heart out in this. It's a tough game.

We're just giving it Hookup Akron everything we've got. And at the end of the game, We lose by two points and I'm devastated. Like my heart is broken that our football season is over. We had a chance to go further than that and we failed. We didn't make it. And so I'm in the bathroom, all of my gear, my football gear, and I'm just crying. Like I'm just letting it out. My heart is broken. I'm reaping tears, streaming down my face and all of a sudden the door bus open. And I turn, I look and it's the linebacker. Now imagine how I felt in that moment. How would you feel in that moment? Like, it was one of the, I didn't want to be caught crying. I didn't want to be there standing next to this guy. It was clear that I was crying. It was one of those moments. You try to hide, you wish you could hide because you're crying, but you can't. My eyes Hookup Akron are all puffy and red. And so I turn and I face him and he's looking at me. What do you think he's thinking in that moment? What would you do in that moment? I'm going to pause right there. And I've got a question for you. And the question is, is vulnerability good or bad? Because often in relationships, what I've learned over the years of coaching women is one of the hardest things to do is to become vulnerable. And yet vulnerability is actually the doorway to connection, but vulnerability being good or bad when you look the definition of vulnerability or being vulnerable, In the dictionary.

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Here's what you find Hookup Akron. Number one is capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt as by a weapon. Number two, open to moral attack, criticism, temptation, et cetera. Or number three of a place open to assault or difficult to defend. So we have these associations with vulnerability, with pain, right. Being open to being wounded or being open to being attacked. And who wants that? Who wants that level of pain and even on a date like you might say, well, being vulnerable is risky, Matt, because what if the guy doesn't like it? What if he thinks I'm weak? What if he thinks I'm stupid? What if he thinks like I'm no good. And what I've learned over the years is that. It's actually vulnerability. That connects us it's vulnerability. That is the doorway to true connection. And I learned this the hard way, because for years through my twenties, I had what I called a looking good program or it's the perfection program. And it's that it's that paradigm or that belief that in order to really connect with others in order to be. Accepted by others, which we all want. You want to be accepted. I want to be accepted. You want to be loved. I want to be loved. It's the human condition. And we all have our strategies for how to, to give love and both receive love. And I had a paradigm that in order to be loved and be accepted. I had to be perfect. And so I put on this looking good program that everything was great. I wanted to be seen as popular. I wanted it to be seen as successful. I wanted to be seen as smart and be seen as funny. And I wouldn't share any of the struggles, any of the weaknesses that were going on with me. And I learned the hard way. That true connection actually comes through not being perfect. You can still strive for excellence. You can still reach for greatness, but also sharing the weaknesses. Also sharing the vulnerabilities, you know, who talks about this really well in this day and age right now is Bernay. And one of her articles, she says this in the research, there's a significant difference between perfectionism and healthy, striving, or striving for excellence.

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Perfectionism is Hookup Akron the belief that if we do things perfectly and look perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame. Judgment and shame. Perfectionism is a 20 ton shield. We look around thinking it will protect us when in fact it's the thing that's really preventing us from being seen. And that was exactly my experience. Trying to be perfect, trying to look at it as like this shield that I was holding up that would get heavier and heavier. And it was really the thing that was preventing me from having, I think, real connection with other people. So how can you be vulnerable in a relationship and really share yourself and create that deep connection? Well, I'm going to give you a couple of tools right here. Number one is you want to share something vulnerable with someone who's earned the right to hear it. Number one, if you don't trust the person who's going to protect you or be, uh, honoring or respectful of the information you're going to share with them, don't share it with them. But often you're in a relationship and you can tell the person is caring. You can tell the person is compassionate. And so when you're in that scenario, there's a couple of really great phrases that you can use to prime the person to hear something vulnerable. And those phrases are number one. Can I share something vulnerable with you? And that is a pattern interrupt. Most people don't share that. Most people don't say that my wife, the other night we were cooking or she was cooking actually. And I had the kids and we got in the kitchen to try to help and try to make something else. And it's this little kitchen and she just got. Overwhelmed. And she exploded on us and she was like, get out of the kitchen. I am cooking. And she kind of booted us out and it wasn't really her best moment. The other night. And 10 minutes later, she came to me with tears in her eyes and she said, can I be vulnerable with you? And immediately sort of the anger that I had about that moment, I was like, gosh, you know, melted away. And I was like, yeah. And she goes, I just want you to know I am so overwhelmed right now. And honestly I'm scared of whether or not I even have. What it takes to be a mom. We have a four year old, we have one and a half year old. We have a baby and I'm like, I don't even know how I can do this. I'm just scared.

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And so I'm sorry. I exploded. It was in that vulnerable moment that we really connected Hookup Akron all the resentment, all the anger washed away. And we were able to forge a bond in that moment. So the phrase. Can I share something vulnerable with you is a great and powerful phrase. The second phrase you can use is can real with you. And the person is like, yeah, everyone, when someone said, can I be real with you? They're like, yeah. And then you can say something like, yeah, I was really nervous getting ready for this date tonight because. And then just share that bit of vulnerability, a couple of topics that you can use regarding vulnerability. If you're like, well, what am I going to share is talk about a challenge that you're facing right now, or talk about it, dream that you have, that you don't share with everybody. Again, when the person has earned this, this is a full proof way to create a bond. With your man, because remember his vulnerability that let someone really see you, see your emotions, see your hopes, your dreams, what's right. Really going on for you. And so there I was in the back bathroom with puffy red eyes too. You're streaming down my face in my football uniform, standing right in front of the linebacker who had bullied me all season long. And so I just stood there and showed him my state. Unapologetic for crying unapologetic for having the passion unapologetic as tears just streaming down my face and he walked up to me face to face and he hugged me and he grabbed me and he just held me tight. And then tears started to stream down his face and he began to cry. And here we were, these two men experiencing this moment together, both willing to be vulnerable. And I'll tell you what that moment created a friendship in us that lasted for many, many years beyond that moment. So vulnerability is not easy. Vulnerability requires courage. And so I have a challenge for you. Are you willing to be, be more vulnerable? What would being 10% more yeah. Vulnerable in your life Hookup Akron? Look like my question for you is this. If you were to be more vulnerable, what relationship. Would be served by your vulnerability right now. If you were to share how you really felt, if you were to share what was really going on for you, what relationship would you choose to share that with?


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Let's talk about Hookup Akron red flags for a moment in life. There are flags that are meant to guide us, to steer us in the right direction. For example, if you're skiing or snowboarding and you come across an orange flag. Generally means two runs merging. If you ignore the orange flag, something like this might happen, or if you're on a beach and a tropical destination, and they've got the red flag out. What does that mean? Typically means undertow or dangerous current do not enter the water. You might get sucked out relationships. There are red flags and I wanted to serve you because I've coached women for more than 10 years. Literally. Worked with hundreds and hundreds of women, one-on-one helping them navigate their love life. And so I've discovered red flags that when you see these, if you steer clear, it will support you in creating the great relationship that you want. And so in this post, I'm going to share with you seven red flags. You should never ignore early in a relationship. Now quick definition, a red flag is not a deal breaker Hookup Akron. So if you see one of these red flags that I'm going to share with you, it doesn't mean cast the relationship aside. What it means is be awake and be aware that you might be entering the danger zone with this guy. It might be something to consider and as you see things progress down the wrong way. Then cast them aside. It will save you weeks. It will save you months and help stay guide you towards the right relationship and red flags. Aren't meant to scare you. This is simply meant to guide you, you and support you along your journey. So here we go. Red flag number one. Is that he is resentful towards his mom. This is an interesting one because the relationships that we have with our parents are deep seated relationships, obviously, and the emotions run deep. And so when you're with a man, his emotional past the work that he's done around his relationship with his mom, he might have a great relationship with his mom or his mom might have sucked.

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She may have been Hookup Akron a horrible mom, but what you're looking for is his emotional state. With his relationship with his mom, if he's done goodness work, if he's healed that he says, you know what? I had a horrible mom growing up, but God bless her. She had challenges. And you know, I just love her from afar. That's what you're looking for versus he's resentful. He is still has a lot of hatred or a lot of anger towards her because. If that still exists, he's suppressing it. Yeah. It's going to bubble up and shoot out in all kinds of different directions, which might also include towards you. Second red flag. He speaks poorly about his exes. Here's what I mean. And you've been with those people. You ask them, Oh, well, how long have you been single or tell me about your love life, kind of their love life comes up and it might not all be at once, but you notice they start talking about their exes over time. And every single X was crazy. Every single X was drama, every single X, it was her fault red flag. You want to notice that because people who are drama. Carry drama everywhere they go and they create drama everywhere they go. And so if everyone else, if all of his exes were crazy, well then guess what, what that makes you in his mind. Eventually you are going to be the crazy one. So if you notice that the guy brings up his X's and yeah, every single one is crazy or every single one has something wrong with them might be a red flag that the guy you have is drama himself. Number three, is that your intuition? Is telling you that something is off. It is not this one's often subtle. It's not that big blaring, like, you know, something's off this where it gets people is where everything's right. Like there's so much about him. That's right. Like, he's got all this that's lines up on paper he lines up with, there's just something that you can't put your finger on.

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There's just something that Hookup Akron is a little bit off. Like something doesn't quite make sense or he's not sharing something or something seems like it's going to come out later. When your intuition is pinging, you trust it because almost always something comes up later. Doesn't it? You ended up finding out he's still married. You're ended up finding out he's not who he says he is. He ended up finding out he doesn't live where he said he does. You ended up finding out something will always come up when your intuition is pinging. You trust it. The fourth red flag is if he is continuously. Rescheduling or canceling dates with you, but for good reasons, like we all know if someone's rescheduling or just blowing us off or breaking agreements that we're not going to be with that person. But this one is tough. This one is like, you like him, but he's constantly rescheduling because of the kids. Or because there's a big work project or because he had to really help someone in need. And these are like good hearted reasons, endeavors that he's doing things that you are supportive of. And so you to be in this place of compassion, but you're constantly disappointed if you are noticing that there's a pattern of that. It's just a repeated cycle of him needing to reschedule and postpone or cancel dates. Take that as a red flag and be aware of that. Because someone who doesn't know how to change the drama constantly attracts unexpected crisis that come up all the time and it's just a perpetual cycle. So be aware of that red flag now talking about dates and when he does show up, you want to have interesting conversation, a lot of women as well. What are some great questions that I can ask to both get to know them who he really is and whether or not there are these records? Flags and also keep the date light and fun and interesting. And I've created a great ebook for you. I'm going to post it right here. And it's a hundred questions that you can ask on any date to keep it. Interesting to keep it fun. Just go ahead and click on that link and you can download it. It's free. It's a gift from me to you. Number five is treating people differently. Then you, so what this means is if you notice that he's really nice with you, but rude or dismissive to other people around you, that's inconsistency, that's not being congruent.

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And that could be a Hookup Akron red flag. So you're at. Dinner with him and you're having this great intimate conversation and the waiter comes by and interrupts and it, and it frustrates him, makes him irritate. And he's just dismissive to the waiter. Or you're taking an Uber somewhere and he's rude or dismissive to the Uber driver, or you get to the restaurant and the hostess says that your table isn't ready yet. And he gets mad and is mean or rude. To the hostess. You want to pay special attention to that because while he may be making you feel really special and like the center of the world, if he has the capacity to be dismissive and rude to other people, it's only a matter of time before that behavior comes around and gets poured onto you. Let me show you a great example of this. There's a really funny friends episode where Ben Stiller is dating Rachel. He's not exactly who he's presenting himself to be. Check it out. I'll get her. I'm sorry. I think you may be in our seats. Um, no, I don't think so. Can we take a look at your ticket? Sure. Yeah. See this says . Team and, uh, Oh, well I thought that we thought we were done. Yeah, well that didn't really work out too well for it. Did you 13? Okay. Look, you're surrounded by even numbers. Is that getting some clue? Oh, well the usher must be right. What? With all the training they go through here. Man you went the aisle. I'm good. All right. Number six. Red flag is mood swings. This is where he's hyped up. He's feeling great. He's the life of the party one day. And then he's super depressed the next day. If you see that someone isn't consistent and they've got really high highs and really low lows, that could be a red flag. You want someone who's in your life. Who's going to be a rock. Who's going to be consistent. Who's going to be stable because life has its own ups and downs. Life has its own challenges, enough challenges that we're dealing with without someone whose natural mood swings. Can ride high and low. You want someone who can ride with you and weather, those storms and number seven is being obsessed about work. Now this one's a little bit tough because it's, it's okay to be driven. It's okay to be ambitious. It's okay to have dreams and to work hard towards those dreams. But what you're looking for here is the nuance of someone who's obsessed about work and other, in other words, they demote the relationship. They can't hang out because they are. Always working or they're only able to hang out really late at night or obscure times of the week, because everything they're doing is focused on this work. The promise of that, and what they will often say is, well, when this is done, when I sell the business or when I get this project done or when I achieve this milestone, Then I will be able to pour into the business. And let me tell you from experience, very few men are actually Hookup Akron able to make that transition, because what happens for us as men, those who are obsessed with work workaholics is they get so much juice from the work itself. So much juice from the deal from finishing the project that once it's done, they want the next one, they create another project. They will create another business. And it's just this perpetual. Road that they're on. So if you're not with someone who can also prioritize the relationship and have a, a bit of balance and be able to do both, that's a red flag. Don't hang on, waiting for some down the road promise that never comes because that's the recipe for actually wasted weeks, months, or even years in the wrong relationship. So there you have it, seven red flags that you should never ignore in a new relationship. And again, these are just guideposts. These aren't deals breakers, but you want us pay special attention to these because recognizing them early can save you a lot of time with the wrong person and help you actually meet the right person. And now my question for you is what red flags have you noticed that I didn't mention that now that you know them and see them in spot them, they could actually help someone else avoid the wrong guy.