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Let's take a look at Hookup South Carolina how women use dating apps in today's day and age. It looks a little like this. No, no, no, no, no. Hmm. Hmm. Maybe. Now let's compare that to how menus dating apps in our current age looks like this. Yeah. We are in a brand new dating era that we have never been in before, never before in the history of the world. Have we been able to pick up this device and have at our fingertips millions of romantic possibilities, this. New era that we're in, gives us the illusion that we have millions of choices. Right. And I say illusion, because there's not real choices, we don't have the choice. Not everyone would respond to us on this dating app, but it makes it seem like we have millions of choices. But what is the cost of having all these choices? Because every choice that we have is a decision that needs to be made. And there's research that shows how the human mind works. And what's at stake when we have too many decisions. So you and I, we make on average 35,000 decisions a day, and the more decisions we make, the more tired our brain becomes of making those Hookup South Carolina, of making those decisions right, as you and I, we feel this is human nature.

As Hookup South Carolina you progress through your day. Your mind gets more tired. There was a Stanford professor and his colleague who actually studied this and they went to an Israeli prison and they studied prisoners who were up for parole. And the prisoners who actually had their hearing in the morning had a 70% chance of being paroled compared to those who had their hearing in the afternoon. Their chances of being paroled dropped to just 10%. Why, what they discovered is decision fatigue. You see the judges were tired of making decisions. So what happens to the brain when we have too many choices? When we experienced decision fatigue is we knew one of two things. Either first we look for shortcuts, we look for ways to shortcut and make the decision easier because we're tired. Or number two, we just decided not to. Decide at all. And I'm sure you have friends who have been on dating apps and who have gone through the whole process and they just say F it I'm done. Like I'm getting off the dating apps. I V this is a work for me. They basically decide not to decide at all. Okay. And other people who are looking for shortcuts ways to make it easier. So in this article, I'm going to give you three ways that you can become his obvious choice when dating three shortcuts that you can use to rise above the noise, to stand out from everyone else and become his obvious choice. Check it out. No, because almost everyone who's online dating is talking to and going out with more than one person. I'm going to give you three things that you can do on a date that will help you stand out from everybody else. Number one is choose too often on a date when you're on a date, the objective is not to get him to like you Hookup South Carolina, you probably have friends that their whole objective is to on the date.

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Try to get him Hookup South Carolina. To like her they're seeking validation in that moment and that never works. And that's a lot of women, some of my coaching clients will be on the phone and she'll say, well, he didn't call me back. He didn't text me back. He didn't follow through. And I said, well, wait a minute. After the first date, did you like him? Did you want him to call you back and they'll think about it. Oh, um, yeah, no, I, I really didn't like him either. Well, good. So this is actually a mutual departure, so that was a good thing. Number one is choose. You want to be the chooser, not wait for him to choose you when you are the chooser that positions you differently than if you're just seeking validation. If someone's seeking validation that makes the guy thinks. That he's already won your heart without having to demonstrate who he is without having to put energy into the relationship or interaction without having to really, they earn the right to be your man. And if he's not earning the right to be your man, then he isn't valuing the relationship. Very much. Men want women who are desirable. So what qualities does, is it a desirable person? I have, I'll give you a pop quiz. I'm going to put a bunch of qualities up on the screen right now. And while all these qualities are great. In fact, you might want all these qualities in your man. Only one of them. These qualities actually communicates on a subconscious level that you are desired. So, which is it. Take a look. See if you can guess the right one. The only quality on here that communicates that you are desired by others. Is this one selective you might be thinking, Oh, successful playful. Smart. Funny is great. But it's selective. That really is the one that cuts through all the noise. And the reason why is this? Successful people are selective. Are they not? They're selective about who they work with. They're selective about the kind of deals they do. Highly attractive people are selective, or they're not, they're not just going to go out with anybody they're picking and choosing who do I want to be with.

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So when you are selective Hookup South Carolina, when you're the chooser that subconsciously communicates that you are desired. That you have options that you have other men who are interested in you and when you have other men interested in you that naturally raises the attraction that he has for you, especially when you choose him, you select him. He feels special because he feels like you're selecting him over all the other. Guys, this brings me to number two, which dovetails perfectly with number one, which is certainty now, you and I both know that certainty communicates confidence, but there's a certain expression of certainty that I encourage you to take on. And that is the certainty to actually tell him the things you like about him. Tell him the compliments. Tell him how you attractive. He is. Tell you, tell him the things that you like because now certainty when combined with selectivity. Is magic certainty where you're just gushing about someone and you're trying to, and to get them to like you, that is kryptonite, it crushes the attraction and the relationship, but when you're selective and you're also telling him things like, wow, you've got great style. Wow. I really love the way you perceive the world is really different than yeah. How other people think or, wow. Like you're really sexy in that outfit. I don't know that you can't wear that or you can't wear that jacket around me is turning me on too much and you're playful and you're actually giving him compliments. What that's doing is that's drawing him in so many women do the opposite. Instead of this, they will guard their compliment, their withhold, their affection. They won't share any demonstration that they actually like him because they're afraid that if they show they like him, he will instantly stop liking her.

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They've Hookup South Carolina been taught. To be hard to get. And it's actually the opposite study show. We like people who actually like us. And so when you are selective, when you say, look, it takes a special guy to win my heart. But I like you. I like this. I like that. I think this is sexy. Then what ends up happening is he starts to feel your approval. He starts to feel you're selecting and he starts to feel that you're, you are certain about the things that you like and the things that you are putting as a standard for him to earn. So both have your choosing of him and certainty about the thing you like. Those two things go together. Is magic. Now, if you want to take this deeper, actually created a great ebook for you that you're going to love. It's called the five feminine qualities that high value men find irresistible. You can click on it right here. I'll put a link up here, take the whole conversation to a deeper level, give you some skills that you will love. And this brings me to number three, which is courage to be real courage. So often people are trying to put there. Best foot forward on the date, and there's nothing wrong with that, but they do it in a way where they try to seem perfect. They try to seem like they've got it all together. They're perfect in their job. They're perfect in their past. They're perfect in what they're eating. They're perfect and all these ways. And it. Puts this up front of like this, this looking good program that they have that actually creates disconnect because what rises above the noise, what you and I can sniff out as someone who isn't real, someone who isn't being authentic. And unfortunately, so many people crave that can crave real connection, but they don't know how to create it. One of the fastest ways to create it. Is through authentic connection, being real with the other person, which means being vulnerable. So when you have the courage to be a little bit vulnerable about some of the things you're sharing about, maybe some of the, some of the challenges that you're facing, or some of the dreams that you're having, I've done a whole other post on how to be vulnerable in a relationship. You can check that out if you want more details of that. But when you are choosing him, when you are certain about what you like about him, and you have the courage to be real, that rises above the noise of everyone else makes his choice. Simple is that you are, or the one he wants to be with because you are so different from everyone else out there. This will make you 99.5% different than everyone else. He is dating. So now I have a question for you, and this is something that can actually really help the men out there. And that is how can he stand apart from the crowd? How can he become your obvious choice? What qualities do you look for? What behaviors do you look for that can help him be the man that you are actually choosing the man that you want in your life? Because a lot of men, they want to create that connection with you. They want to be the man in your life. They just don't know how they don't know what really.


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Let's talk Hookup South Carolina, kissing your skill as a kisser is an incredible tool to be able to create connection, attraction and desire with your man. So in this article, I'm going to share with you five sexy kissing techniques that you can use that will make him hot for you. Now I know that you have probably, we had some bad kissers in your life as well. And I know guys need a lot of help as well. So I'm going to share with you three things not to do first, and then we'll talk about five sexy kissing techniques. First thing not to do is don't be a Slimer. And you've probably experienced this where someone's not just kissing your lips. They're actually kissing your whole face. They're like swallowing your chin, leaving saliva and slime all over your face. he slimed me. That's great. Actual physical contact. Your man has to do this after kissing you. That's a Slimer. The second thing not to do is don't be a propeller, Tom. This is where the person opens their mouth and it's just all tongue and their PR their tongue is like on a search and discovery mission. Right? If the tongue is trying to clean the tonsils, that is a propeller tongue. No good. And the third thing to avoid is what I call turtle lips. Like this is where the lips are kind of hard and chapped, and there's no supple softness to them at all. It's just all, it's like, it's like kind of a kissing, a brick chap wall, right? It's no good is not sexy. So now that we have the things to not do out of the way, let's talk about the five sexy kissing techniques that you can use to help make your man hot. The first one is to build tension, and this is where you lean in for the kiss. And then you pause and you let him anticipate the kiss. You let him desire. You, you build up that tension right before you kiss will Smith. In the movie hitch describes this perfectly, the secret to a kiss, 90% of the way.

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And then home for Hookup South Carolina how long, how long has it takes for her to come? And you have the 10 K 90 10. Okay. Come on, shake it off. And you can use this too, where you lean in and use, let him feel your breath and you hold right before you kiss builds that tension with him. Number two is to start slow and soft. There are those moments when you can just rush in and have that passionate hot kiss in the beginning, start slowing soft. Let your lips be supple. Let them be soft and don't go right for the tongue. Just start using the lips in the beginning because it sets up number three, really nicely. Number three is changed. The pace, just having a pace change signals to him, something interesting signals variety. It also signals increased. Turn on in you. And when you get turned on, he gets turned on. So here's how you do it as you're starting to slow and soft. And as you're getting more turned on, increase the intensity, increase the pressure, move from the lips to the tongue and back to the lips and the tongue press into him with your lips, tilt your head from one side to the other side, as you increase that pressure. And that's going to signal to the him that you're getting turned on and that in turn turns him on. Number four is to gently brush your lips against his lips. This is not where you're actually kissing him. This is where you sort of take a pause or you're changing it up again from the intense kiss and you're pausing.

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And now you're just Hookup South Carolina grazing your lips against his lips on the outside, just the edges of your lips, touching together. And he's not feeling that beautiful sensation, but he's also entail dissipating. The next kiss coming. And lastly, number five. Is to don't just use your lips and your tongue, but use your teeth and go in and kiss him. And as you're kissing and kind of sucking on his bottom lip, bite his bottom lip with your teeth and kind of pull a little bit. Now you don't want to hurt them. You don't want to do this. I left.

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Now, if you heard him Hookup South Carolina, you take a chunk out of his lip. He's not going to like that. It's going to be a turnoff, but it's going to be a turn on when you actually use your teeth. You kind of graze his bottom lip, pull on it just a little bit. It's going to make him super hot. So there you have it. Five sexy kissing techniques that will make your man hot for you. Now I have a question for you. How do you want to be kissed? What can a man do? To kiss you in a way that totally turns you on post that in the comment section below. And if you're not subscribed to this channel, we are dedicated to helping you increase love in your life and experience love in deeper, more fulfilling ways and achieving the dreams that you have for your life.