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I'm going to Hookup Charleston share with you an unusual way that you can heighten it and increase your level of attractiveness. And it all comes down to asking the right question, a particular question to yourself, and I'm going to share with you what this question is in just a moment, but I'm going to set it up with a story, a really powerful story that I hope inspires you the same way it did me. And it comes out of the book by Adam Grant called the originals. And in this look in chapter six, he opens up with a story called rebel with a cause, and he talks about this baseball player. One of the world's greatest baseball players, and it is the fifth time that he's led his team to the world series. And it's the opening game of the world series. And they're facing off against the New York Yankees. Now he's led his team to the world series for previous times. And all four times they faced the Yankees and all four times they lost to the Yankees. And so this is the fifth time, the opening game, and he is certain that he is going to lead his team to a victory that he's going to lead his team to the championship.

And so he's on third base Hookup Charleston, they're down six for opening game. And he's looking at home plate and his feet are darting back and forth and he's considering, should he steal home? Now, if you're not a baseball fan, there's something that you want to understand about stealing home. Stealing home is one of the hardest things you can do in baseball research analysts know that stealing home actually only increases your chances of scoring by 3%. Which means that out of a hundred times, that someone tries to steal home or at a hundred players that try to steal home only three will actually do it successfully. In fact, the all-time steal record holder, Ricky Henderson has stolen 1400 bases in his career. He only had a clean steal of home once and yet the guy we're talking about right now holds the record for stealing home 19 times. But if you think that he's going to steal home Hookup Charleston, because he's fast, think again at this stage in his career, he's 36 years old sports writers are calling him the old gray fat man. He's well past his prime, but what's cool is this man has made his career moving forward where other people stood still. And so he's on the base. He waits for his moment and then he charges ahead. The sprints towards Homebase. The pitcher throws the ball to the catcher. The catcher catches the ball, goes to tag him. There's a puff of smoke. And when the umpire sees what happened, calls him safe. This man goes on on the fifth time. He's in the championship having lost four previous time.

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Goes on Hookup Charleston to winning the world series and beating his rivals the New York Yankees, who is this guy? This is the guy who broke the color barrier. First black man to play major league baseball in 1947. This is a man who became the first black vice president of a major American corporation. This is the man who became the first baseball announcer. African-American baseball announcer, Jackie Robinson. And so as experts study, Jackie Robinson said, what has allowed him to do what he's been able to do to brave the racism, to brave the threats, to be able to move forward when other people stood still there's a Stanford professor. Who locked on to the decision-making that Jackie Robinson used. And he says that most people, when making a decision, they use what's called a lie of consequences and the logic of consequences States that you look, you assess the risk, and then you say, which decision is the less risky one, which decision is most likely going to give me the right outcome? And then people will take that choice because that's how most people make decisions. He goes not Jackie Robinson and not people who change the world. Not people who live extraordinary lives, not people who defy the odds, not people who create amazing results for themselves. You want to create amazing results for themselves. You want to have an amazing love life. Use what Jackie Robinson used, which the Stanford professor calls the logic of appropriateness.

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When you ask them Hookup Charleston. A different question. You don't ask. What's the risk you ask. What does a person like me do in a situation like this? I'm going to give you one more tool to this. You're faced with a situation. Should you lean in? Should you open your heart? Should you go after this again? Should you call this guy? Should you be vulnerable? Should you show your levels of attraction? Should you be fun? Should you be playful? Should you lean and trust again? What does a person like you do in a situation like this, but here's the advanced move. Don't ask it from yourself today. Imagine that you three years from now, imagine that you, this living a life you love, imagine that you that's absolutely in there, the relationship you've dreamed of, you're experiencing it.

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You're living it Hookup Charleston. It's you three years from now and ask yourself the question. What is that version of me? Do? What would that version of me do in this situation? And then listen to your still small voice. And you will get an answer because I'll tell you what, when you put on the beingness of the version of you, that's being loved and that loves yourself and that's fully wide open to loving another person. When you actually put on that energy, you increased your level of attraction activities, not just to men, but to all people, you increased your level of a liveliness. You increase your level of being activated by a life that you love. So ask the question. What would that version of me do in a situation like this and do that, and it will lead you to .


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We've all heard the Hookup Charleston phrase it's what's on the inside that counts. Right. But what is it about what's on the inside that we find most attractive today? We're going to be talking about three beliefs that men find absolutely irresistible in women. Check it out. Now these three beliefs. When you have these three beliefs, it increases your level of attractiveness. I'll lay out what these beliefs are, but then also why this triggers attraction in men. Belief. Number one is. I am worthy of great love when you have the belief that you are worthy of it. Great love, not just average love, not just good love, but great love when you're worthy of that, then you're valuing yourself. And when you value yourself, other people value you. When you're valuing yourself, you don't settle for less than what you're worth. You don't settle. You don't ask act desperate because you're not sure if you can actually have great love. When you value yourself, you're selective in who you choose. And here's, what's interesting Hookup Charleston when you're selective about who you choose. Then when you choose somebody, they feel special. Don't they? So when a man sees you valuing yourself and being selective and you choose him, he feels special. And then therefore you become special. To him, you are worthy of great love. Now I know that part of us believes that, but oftentimes there's part of us that doesn't feel good enough part of us that doesn't feel worthy. So if that's going on at all inside of you, you, I want to serve you with a great tool. I wrote an ebook, it's an affirmation 21 day affirmation challenge. I'll post a link here and in the. It is in the description below. And you can click that. It's a free process that I'll give to you as a way to help recondition our mind and our belief that you really are worthy of.

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Great love Hookup Charleston, because that is the truth. So if you have part of your thinking or belief, that's not in alignment with that, get that ebook, do that 21 day process. It will really serve you. The second belief that's really attractive. It is the belief that love can be easy. Think about this. When you hear someone tell you it's all gonna work out. Everything's going to be okay. Everything's going to be just fine. When you hear those phrases, it feels good. Doesn't it? There's a part of us that just gets put at, put at rest. We feel at peace when someone else has the belief, it's all gonna work out. It's going to be okay. We can relax. It helps us relax. And so when you have that belief, That love can be easy. That invokes a feeling of flow that invokes a feeling of ease of fun, of relaxing of joy. Oftentimes, what can happen is if you're a hard worker, if you're a professional, if you're driven, sometimes we get infused with the belief that it's gotta be hard. If it's worth having. And yet if you're in a good relationship, good relationships flow, good relationships. There's an ease to it. And what can happen is if it's too easy, You might get suspicious if it's too easy, you might think, well, this is too good. Be true. What's wrong with this. What's not right here.

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And you start looking for Hookup Charleston those things and then you create a self fulfilling prophecy and you can destroy the relationship and the process. So engaging in love can be easy. Creates this feeling of everything's going to work out. Everything's going to be okay. Hey, and it is highly attractive state to be in. And the third belief that men find irresistible in women is the belief that the best is yet to come. You see way more important than where we've been in our lives is where we're going in our life. And sometimes people can think that they've already had the best love that they've ever had. That they've lived. The adventures that they've lived in, that the rest of their lives is going to be. Good, but not as good as it once was. That is not attractive. What's attractive. Is that the best years that you have to live or ahead of you? The best adventures that you have to live are yet to come the most passionate love. That you have to experience is what's in front of you. It's okay. Coming up. That is exciting. That is inspiring. That is a journey journey that we want to go on. I was first struck by this mentality, by my entertainment attorney. Who's in his seventies, I'm blessed to have one of the best entertainment attorneys on the planet. This man represents Jack Nicholson, Tom cruise, JK Rowling. He's responsible behind the Harry Potter books getting turned into movies. And so I was at one of his charity events and he's giving a speech and he's closing out the event. And in his seventies, he tells the audience, he goes and remember the best is yet to come. I remember thinking, wow, this is a man. Yeah, who's done some of Jack Nicholson's best movies, Tom Cruise's best movies, J K all and many, many more incredible movies. And yet he holds the mentality in his seventies. That the best is yet to come. It can get even better than that. And I remember being really inspired by that saying, that's the kind of person that I want to be around.

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I'm so grateful that Hookup Charleston I'm in his life now. And the same possibility exists for you and me that the best is yet to come because it doesn't matter whether you're 20 or whether you're. My grandmother, her most creative years of her entire life were from the ages. First from the age of 85 to 92, 85 to 92, she wrote a bestselling book. She started up a nonprofit. She learned how to China painter, most creative years started at the year 85. The best is yet to come. So there you have it. Three beliefs that men find highly attractive in women. Which is you are worthy of. Great love. Love can be easy and the best is, is yet to come. So what does it take to adopt those beliefs? What does it take to have those beliefs? You are one decision away. It takes start thinking along those lines. Think those thoughts. I think that you are worthy of great love. I think that love can be easy and think the best is yet to come. As you repeat that thinking, then those thoughts that are firing together wire together. And once that happens, that becomes, there's a belief in you and it changes your whole life. So again, I'm going to post this ebook because it's very powerful as a process 21 day process to help you fire and wire, these empowered beliefs in your life. What beliefs do you find highly attractive in men? When you meet a man he's right. Really attractive, you love the way he thinks. What are those beliefs? Go ahead and post a comment in the comment section below. And know that if you're a woman who resonates with these beliefs, if you're a woman who is empowered and inspired by the idea of growing in love, know that this is your trap.