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How do you know Hookup Fort Worth if you're in a healthy relationship versus a relationship that feels good, but there's got some parts that don't feel good today. I'm going to share with you eight signs that you are in a healthy relationship. Number one, you both can say that. You're sorry. Healthy relationships have both partners that are times going to make mistakes. And they both are able to say that. They're sorry, a couple of nights ago, my wife and I got into it a little bit. She had a cup sitting on the kitchen sink. I went over there, saw some milk in it, toss it out, washed out the cup, put it in the dish washer. And she came in and she was like, Where is my cup. Now we have little kids and we were both sleep deprived. So we're like losing our temper even faster right now. She's like, where's my cup. I'm like, I washed it. I put it away. She was like Hookup Fort Worth, that was my, I was going to drink that I was going to use that. And she's kind of blows up about it. And I'm like, honey, we got more milk. The amount of milk that we threw down the drain is not worth it, anger that you're feeling right now. So we kinda got into it. We both come down and then she said, you know, honey, like there's minutes later, she comes back and she goes, you know what? I'm sorry for blowing up.

You're right Hookup Fort Worth. It's not a big deal. It's just a little bit of milk. I'm just sleep deprived right now. And I came to her and I said, you know what? I'm sorry, too. I should have asked you this cup was literally out. I should have asked you, do you want the rest of this before I threw it away? We hugged it out. Moved it on. So when someone makes a mistake, it's important that they're able to say that. They're sorry. Number two is you make each other look good. You've got each other's backs. You're each other's best friend. So let's say you're both late arriving to a party. One partner, doesn't say to their friends like, Oh, we'd be on time. If she wasn't turning right. And throw the other partner under the bus. You're not doing that. You're a team. And so you arrive late, that's the, you back your partner up with that, or let's say one of you tells a stupid joke, which I have been known to do quite a few times at parties. Right? You tell a stupid joke, your partner doesn't roll their eyes and like join the friends that kind of ostracize, you know, your partner will go laugh and say, Oh, you're so silly. Come here. I love you and give you a big kiss. And bonds with you in that moment is on your team. Healthy relationship is where you both make each other look good. Number three, you feel safe to bring up disappointments. You feel safe enough that if there's a unmet expectation or a broken agreement, you can bring it up. And you know that you're not going to be met with defensiveness, the person kind of turning the tables on you, trying to put you down point, all the stuff that you're doing wrong, but that person is actually curious about what you're bringing up because they want. Things to be good. They want the connection to be better in the relay.

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Number four is Hookup Fort Worth you're having satisfying sex. The difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship is the sexual connection. And I don't know, this one can be tough for a lot of couples because there's one person that wants it more or one person that wants it differently or being able to come together in this way. Takes off and work and study and being better at being a better lover and know that when the sex goes on long, dry stretches, when there's sex leaves the relationship, that's the beginning of the end. So work hard to infuse and bond and create a healthy sex life because that leads to a healthy relationship. And number five, you encourage each other's dreams. In a healthy relationship, you're encouraging one another to grow. You're encouraging each other to follow your passion, to go after your dreams, to take that class, take that personal development coaching, attend that event. If you're in a relationship where one person doesn't want you to grow. Oftentimes, it comes out of fear that other person is scared that if you grow, you're going to leave them. And so if they are keeping you from growing, if they're trying to manipulate you or shame you or keep you from actually pursuing your dreams, that's not a relationship. That's a hostage situation. They're saying, look, if you do this, I'm going to leave. That's not love healthy relationships. Encourage one, another to be the fullest version of you that you can be now as a quick gift for you often, what sabotages relationships and causes us to move from healthy to unhealthy is when we have fear and insecurity, but the antidote to fear and insecurity is a healthy.

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So you can feel grounded Hookup Fort Worth, feel confident, and give and receive love and do even deeper levels. So click that, check it out. I know you're going to love it. Number six is you share the chores, right? Being in a partnership, being in a relationship isn't just about the romantic getaways and the date nights, is it? You and I both know there's about sharing real life. That's happening is the day in, day out. And the challenge is that our generation watched often a bad example of what it meant to be a man. Coming home from work. And the example that many of us watch growing up was that the, the husband or the father would come home from work. And what would he do? He put his feet up on the coffee table, take the remote, flip on the game. Watch TV expect to be served, expect his woman to bring him a beer, expect that she would take those plays, clean it up, that she's going to put the he's down there. He just gets the night off. And that is not. What being in the new world, a real man is all about in today's day and age. That is not what a real man is in today's world. The new world, a real man shares the chores. A real man creates a partnership because guess what, you're working to, you're holding down a job or maybe you're a full-time mom, but you're exhausted at the end of the day because you've been working and working and working. And so a real man will share the chores. He'll come in, cook dinner with you. He'll clean up for you. He will. Do the chores and this isn't about one person or the other. This is about sharing being equally yoked and sharing the life chores. Who's going to do the yard work. Who's going to do the housework. Who's going to cook. Who's going to clean. Who's going to do all that. A healthy relationship has open discussions about this creates a plan. You both live into it. See how it feels. If it doesn't feel right, you adjust the plan, but you're willing to Hookup Fort Worth give and receive in that way. And number seven, you trust each other. There's no wondering about whether or not someone's going to come home or someone's going to follow through or do what they say they're going to do. But most of the time they follow through most of the time you're keeping agreements. And there's a sense of peace that you have when they tell you something you believe them.

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So you're able to trust Hookup Fort Worth each other and relationships will become a whole lot more fun when you can move at the speed of trust. And finally, number eight. As you laugh together, healthy relationships have laughter sprinkled around it. And it's the ability to find funny moments or create funny moments because let's face it when life gets stressful, when life gets overwhelming, the first thing to go is the playfulness. The first thing to go is the laughter. Cause we're just trying to get it done. But when you can see these little moments and infuse them with funny things, being goofy and laughing, it just adds a whole nother level of really health to the relationship. I'll give you an example. Two days ago, my wife and I got in the shower together, uh, cause the kids were going to wake up real fast. We're going to rinse off real quick, go get the kids. So my wife gets in and gets in there and she's. Gets into the water and she's really cold. And so she's snuggling into the water and I'm behind her, on my watch and she's like, mm. And then she rotates and gets her back and she's like, Hmm. Yeah, I feel so good. And then she rotates, it gets her front. She's like, Oh yeah, it feels good. And then she gets her back and she sees me watching her. And then she goes, um, she starts spinning in the shower. Whoa. She started spinning in the shower. And I'm laughing so hard cause she's like just spreading and she's like, thanks for laughing, babe. That was being silly for you. And I loved it and I laughed at her and hugged her. And she took that little moment right there to be goofy and infuse some laughter into our relationship. And laughter helps increase the health of any relationship. Now these are eight signs that you're in a healthy relationship, but no, this, I didn't say perfect relationship. We don't have to be perfect at these things all the time. But if we see these and we strive to move in the direction of these even more. It can improve the health of any relationship.


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If you've ever Hookup Fort Worth had the experience on a date where the guy goes in for the kiss. Before you're really ready, or he invites you back to his place and you're not quite ready for that. And you wonder how you can handle that situation where it doesn't just completely kill the connection on the date. This is going to be a very important post for you because today we're going to talk about one easy way for you to set powerful boundaries on a date. No, of course. I want to say upfront that if a man is doing anything, that's making you uncomfortable or anything without your consent, you absolutely want to shut that date down and go your opposite ways and keep yourself safe. And there are those moments when you're just not quite sure the pacing is right. You like him, you feel chemistry with him. You know, you would want to kiss them, but it just feels a little bit early. One of my clients recently wrote me and she says, how do I manage those types of situations on a date where he might go in for the kiss too early? And I don't, I'm not ready for that. Or he invites me home and I'm not ready for that, but I know eventually I do want to have those experiences with him. How can I. Handle those situations. So I'm going to give you three steps that you can use, and you can apply these three steps to any boundary setting situation that you want. And I'm going to give you one elegant phrase that has all of these three steps embedded into it that you can use whenever you need. So the first step is to affirm your interest. If you want to push them away. Call him McRib say, I'm not into this and you shut the energy down. What can be very tempting is when a guy goes in for kiss or tries to move the relationship forward for if you're not skilled at this, it's easy to shut the whole thing down and shut the connection down.

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Kind of kill the whole interaction Hookup Fort Worth in an effort to not move forward in a way you don't want to move forward, but it also kills the connection. So the first step is actually affirm your interest. Affirm. That you want the same thing. He does affirm that you're feeling the same way. Step number two is to state your standard, which means, Hey, I feel this way with you, but here's my standard. Step number three is to challenge him to step up. So here's one elegant phrase that you can use that does all three of these things. So let's say for example, you're over at his place. You guys are making out, hanging out, having a good time, and he wants to move things into the bedroom and you know that he wants to sleep with you in that moment. What you can do is you can put your finger on his lips and you can affirm your attraction for him by saying, Hey, I like you. And I find you really attractive. You don't know how bad I want to do that right now. And that's moving a little fast for me. I reserve that for someone, with whom I am in a committed relationship with, and we're not quite there yet. So I love that phrase and let's decode that phrase and why it's so powerful. The first part of that phrase is where you create connection. You're affirming your interest in him. You're saying, look, I like you. I find you super attractive and you can add to that and you don't know how bad I want to do that right now.

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And. That's moving a little fast for me Hookup Fort Worth. So let's take a look at that statement. I find you attractive and that's moving a little fast for me. Oh, the statement. Isn't right, Alex, can you see what's wrong with this statement right now? What's wrong as the word, but you do not want to use the word, but I find you attractive, but it's moving fast for me this, but actually negates the first part of the statement. If you tell someone, Hey, you're a really good friend of mine, but you're not invited to my birthday party. Well, then they know they're not a really good friend of yours, right? So take the word butt out and instead use the word. And this is very, very important and I find you highly attractive, and this is moving a little fast for me. I reserve that. In other words, sleeping together. I reserve that for someone, with whom I'm in a committed relationship, or you can say whatever your standard is, I reserved that for someone, with whom I'm married, I've reserved that for someone I've been on many more dates with you get to decide whatever your standard is, but that's where you state your standard. And then you say, and we're not quite there yet. Let's take a look at this word yet. The word yet is really important because the word yet means there's a possibility of this. The word yet means if you step up to the plate, If you prove yourself, if you show me that you're the man that you can be, if you can show me that you're that special, man.

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If you can live Hookup Fort Worth into that place in my life, the place of being my man, then we're going to get to have a whole lot of fun in that bedroom. The word yet is that challenge to say we're not quite there yet, but we can be. If things keep going well. So this phrase is extremely powerful for setting boundaries, for keeping yourself and the relationship at a pacing that you feel comfortable with while maintaining the connection. So my question for you is what phrase have you used in that moment when you're not really wanting to go forward, but you don't want to kill the connection? How do you handle that moment? And go ahead and post that in the comment section below. Post your phrase for setting boundaries in the comment section below, because that's really going to serve this entire community because this community is all about increasing love in the world about experiencing and creating phenomenal relationships.