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I just want to Hookup Ogden pick up the phone and call. Oh no, I know. It's good to hear your voice too. All right, so what's going on? Yeah, I thought we would go over to this place tonight. Okay. Good. All right. See you soon. Bye. It feels good to actually get on the phone and talk. Doesn't it. Aren't you sick of all these guys were just texting you and who won't actually pick up the phone and call in this post. I'm going to share with you five fun ways that you can make a guy call instead of 10. Now, let me give you a disclaimer. If a guy isn't calling you generally speaking, he's not interested. So don't pursue that guy anyway, cast them aside and tell he is going to pursue you and make room. For someone who is going to call and it's important to know guys can get in the rut of texting because it's easy or they can be nervous to call you. They're human too. So these five fun ways to get him to call are highly effective. Number one is to simply be direct. What does this mean? This means, let him know you enjoy talking to him. Ask him to call and give him a time is a guy. Sometimes we don't want to call cause we don't know if it's the right time.

We don't know Hookup Ogden no for bothering you. We like you, but we're not quite sure if you're reciprocating on that end. So when you make a request like, Hey, I love connecting with you. I love chatting with you. I love it. If you would call me, here's my number. Call me after eight. That text, sending it to him makes a request. It's actually a very powerful, feminine move. You've made a request for what you would love. And then he gets to provide you with the experience you're asking for. It could look something like this. You send him a text that says I really enjoy our connection. I love it. If you would call me. I'll be home after seven. Here's my number. And this is great. This is a powerful, feminine move because you're making a request. You're telling him what you would love and you're inviting his masculine energy to provide you with the experience that you're asking for. It's a great move, powerful move to get him to call you. Number two is to generate curiosity. This is a bit of a cliffhanger text where you ignite curiosity in him, and then he calls you to find out. What the answer is or what you've ignited curiosity about. It can go like this. You send me a text that says O M G have to tell you what happened today. Call me after seven too long to text. And what's great about that is there's something fun that happened to you today.

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And you're giving him Hookup Ogden the timeframe for when you're going to talk. So you're saying, call me after this time too long to texts, he calls you to find out what happened. The second way you can do this is the text in this. I need a sexy man's opinion about something. Call me after seven. What's great about this is a couple of things. First of all, men, we love to have our thoughts respected. We love to give our advice. So when you're telling him you need his opinion on something that triggers him, then you're affirming your attraction for him by saying. You need a sexy man's opinion about something. So you're validating his attractiveness and then you're also giving him a timeframe to call you, giving him confidence, saying, okay, at that time I'm going to reach her. Hmm. I wonder what opinion she wants. And the third way that you can generate curiosity is to text in this. Could really use your advice about something. Can you chat for five minutes? And what's great about this is again, you evoke his ability to give you guidance and advice, which men love. We love to be providers and you let them know it's only going to be for five minutes. One of the reasons why guys don't want to call is because they don't want to talk for an hour or they can't talk for an hour. So when you let them know that there's a time. Constraint on it, about five minutes then he says, yeah, I would look, let me help you out. What's what advice do you need? A great way to evoke curiosity and number three is to be playful.

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If the Hookup Ogden texting is boring, the conversation is probably going to be boring. And so you spice the texting up with some playfulness. Now I know, I know he is probably just as boring or not more boring. With limb questions like, so where do you live or where do you, what do you do for a living? It's just the same old facts. So you can actually take charge, spice it up by bringing playfulness into the conversation. The question is, how in the heck do you do that? Well, let me give you a tool that connects to your natural state of playfulness, which is to play a game. So when you were a kid, you had no problem being playful. You just walk up to somebody and you say, Hey, let's play and you play a game. You play tag, you play hide and seek, you play whatever. Here's a game that you can play this kind of fun. So here's what you texted him. You texted him, let's play a game. Are you psychic at all? Now? If he's fun, he'll write back yes. Or a little bit. And then you can ask him. All right, here's the question? What food have I been craving over the past several days you have three guesses. Call me at eight. And if you get it right, you win a prize. And here's, what's fun about that. It's intriguing. It's fun. It Bates, curiosity. And it's playful because he's wondering number one was the food. And number two was the prize.

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I win if I get Hookup Ogden this right. So he calls you at eight. If he guesses it, right, the prize is, well, then we get to go out and have that food together. Now I know you're thinking, you're like, well, what if he answers no. To argue psychic at all, then if he answers, no, then you could say, let's see if I am. What food have you been craving over the last three days? Call me at eight. Let's see if I can get it right. And if I do, I win a prize, you just flip it around. It's a fun way to engage in a fun way to be playful. Number four, leave him wanting more. You and I have both been on those conversations with someone that you absolutely love. Well, I haven't been talking to the person you love, but you didn't know. You know what I mean? Where it's three hours long and you're up until two o'clock in the morning and it says amazing conversation. Neither one of you want to get off the phone. Those are great conversations. The challenge is if every conversation you have lasts over an hour then, and you're both probably thinking there's do I really want to call that person? Today, because I don't know if I have an hour to talk right now. So what you want to do is you want to vary up the length of time that you're talking on the phone, some of the times as longer, and some of the times give yourself a time limit, give yourself five minutes, give yourself 20 minutes. And as the conversation is good and it's got some pacing say, Hey, I love talking to you. I really enjoying this. I have to go, but let's pick this up soon. And leave him wanting more great entertainers. No, this great entertainers. No. What keeps people coming back is because they want more. So we want more of people who leave us wanting more. So leave him wanting more of you. And number five is tone change. This is where you actually purposefully change your tone after he hears you pick up the phone and say hello. So here's what it looks like. His phone rings. You pick up the phone, you use the tone. Of your average everyday life and you pick up the phone. Hello. And then when you hear it's him on the phone, now you're going to know it's him. Cause you've got the caller ID, but when you hear his voice say, hello, you change your tone to sweet, to feminine, to the, the, the really warm version of you and your, Oh, hi you. How you doing? It's good to hear your Hookup Ogden voice. And when he hears you go from hello. Oh, hi, you. And here's that increase in tone increases sweetness increase in warmth. He's going to have every man has this feeling of when he causes his woman to become something, causes his woman to feel better, causes his woman to do something positive. Right. We have that feeling of like, wow, I created this. I influenced this. This feels really good to me. When he hears you increase your level of attraction for him. That's validating for him and that feels good. And the bottom line is we want and choose to be around people who help us feel better about ourselves. And so when you use tone change, it's a subtle, easy way to help him feel great about himself and the effect that he's having on you. So there you have it. Five fun ways. To get him to call more instead of text. Now, my question for you is what have you found? That's worked because I know you're brilliant. I know you're amazing posts in the comment section below what strategies have worked for you to cause a man to call you instead of just text all the time.


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How do you know if Hookup Ogden the guy that you're seeing once a relationship with you, or if he's just dabbling trying things out today, we're going to look at six signs that the guy you're dating once a relationship. No, the big word we're we're gonna look at here is effort because plain and simple, if a guy isn't putting in the effort, he really doesn't want the relationship. Men put an effort towards things that matter. To them, but that's an obvious answer. That's the one that you and I, you know, if he's not putting in the effort, cast them aside, go find somebody who will, but there are subtle signs that can actually give you more indications that the guy you're dating is dabbling or isn't. Sure. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to break down the word effort. Into an acronym and there are six letters here. And so each letter will become assigned that can help you identify his degree of commitment and interest. E stands for exclusivity. Guys who want a relationship, aren't shy about calling you two together, what it is. They want to actually put a label on it because they don't want you to be swept off your feet by some other guy, guy who wants a relationship with you. Once in fact, the whole world to know, look. This is my woman where together F is he's frugal with his time. He's not placing the relationship as a priority. So everything becomes last minute, right? Some last minute opportunity comes up. And so he's inviting you to hang out with him over here. Join him in his friends over here last minute, late, late night, come hang out with me, Netflix and chill style, right? It's like you're fitting into these last minute slots and he's not taking you on real dates.

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Right Hookup Ogden or he'll text you something like I'm really missing you right now and say sweet things to you, but he doesn't back that up with action. So he's generous with his words at affection, but frugal with his time, the thing that we have the least of is our time. So that's where you can tell whether or not someone is making you a priority. Are they giving you their time? Because men who want to be with you time with you, it's not a burden time with you is a blessing. The second F is friendliness. Or the lack thereof, right? A guy who is into you is going to be friendly. He's going to be consistent in his caring and his Wharf with you guys who aren't sure they tend to go hot and then cold. One moment. He's showering you with appreciation and sharing you with love and the next he's kind of cold and off putting or critical of you, or he'll even make fun of you in front of his friends. You all go out and you say something and he kind of rolls his eyes and makes fun of you. And what he's trying to do is push you away in that moment. See what immature guys do. Is, they try to act cold to you, try to piss you off so that you will actually distance yourself from them giving them the space that they wanted in the first place O stands for object permanence. Now little babies don't have object permanence. And that means out of sight, out of mind, when mommy leaves, mommy is gone, they have no cognitive ability to remember, Oh, mommy's on the other side of that door. He operates the same way when you're out of sight, you're out of mind, you're not getting texts from him. You're not getting phone calls from him. You can feel the disconnect from him, men who want a relationship with you connect. So if it's been more than a week and you haven't reached out to him and he had it called you and connected with you, he may like you, he may want to date you.

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But he's Hookup Ogden the one that relationship with U R stands for rescheduling plans. Now, if someone has a habit of canceling plans, it's probably obvious to you that they're not really into it. They're not prioritizing things, but where it gets confusing is if they're canceling plans or rescheduling plans because of a major priority or value in their life. Their kids, for example, or their work. For example, one of my clients, guys, she was dating kept rescheduling plans because the kids, the ex-wife couldn't take care of the kids, the kids needed to be taken care of. And once or twice. It was okay. She understood. But what she noticed was, well, this is a pattern we've hung out a couple of times. And then every time things are about to progress in the relationship. All of a sudden the kids become an excuse or the work becomes an excuse. That big work project becomes an excuse. So if you notice that your man is constantly using important things, kids. Work projects to reschedule plans as that relationship's progressing. It might just be that he's using that value in his life as a tool to put the brakes on the progression of the relationship. And the last letter in the word effort is T T stands for twisting things around. You'll have that conversation with him where you'll ask, where are things going? What is this developing into? And he will twist that around to try to make you feel bad. About wanting to know where things are going. He'll say things like, geez, relax. Like what we have is so good. Just be in the moment, be present. And you're going to ruin what we have. If you put all of this pressure. On our current situation. And so he tries to make you feel bad, or you question yourself for wanting what you want for wanting a relationship and for wanting clarity.

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Now, the irony Hookup Ogden here is that men who do this often, they are the ones who are uptight about where things are going. They're the ones who are nervous because they haven't decided yet. They don't even really know. And so they project that onto you. They twist it around, they try to make you wrong so that you'll drop it. If your man is trying to twist things around, no. You have every right to want a clear plan and to know where things are going. So there, you have it, six signs that you know, that your man doesn't want a relationship. And I would love to hear from you, what are the signs that you've experienced that you've seen when you're dating a guy who didn't want a relationship.