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Man ambiguous. What does that mean? Exactly Hookup Chesapeake. When a man says something to you communicates to you and you're looking at the same, what does that mean? That is a man big EWAS statement and men are famous for this in fact, and it was famously depicted in a movie called as good as it gets. With Jack Nicholson and Helen and Helen Hunt, where they have this romantic connection. And then after the romantic connection, he is leaving the room and he turns to her and he says, you are a woman to love. And then he walks out of the room and she's like, what does that mean? Does that mean? He loves me. Does that mean like I could possibly be loved? Like, what does that mean? Right. And so we are launching a new series on this channel called man big. EWAS where we are decoding these encrypted statements from men checking. Yeah. So one of my clients recently wrote me a man, bigger purpose statement. Whereas she writes in and asks, what does it mean when an ex Hookup Chesapeake who dumps you suddenly texts you let's not lose touch just as I'm working on. My online profile is throwing me in a whirl. I felt deeply for this man, but he made it clear. He didn't want to go any further with me. My gut says to steer clear, but my heart still yearns for him. I don't know what to do. So, what does the let's not lose touch statement mean? Part of her gut tells her to steer clear, but our heart still urine for him. Cause our heart still connect to the possibility that they could be together.

Right? Well Hookup Chesapeake, let's not lose touch means he starting to experience the fear of loss. And he enjoyed his connection with her. He likes his connection with her. And so when any of us has that fear of loss, there's the natural human instinct to try to grab on, to try to hold on, to try to establish a re connection. It does not mean that he wants to relationship. It does not mean that he's ready to recommit. It doesn't mean that she's the one for him. All it means actually is that he wants to keep the connection there and. Selfishly, what this actually means is, Hey, let's not lose connection because I'm going to go out and explore a lot of different other options. And if I don't find the other options, really what I want, then let's get back together. It's also what it could possibly mean. In other words, let's keep you on the back burner and is a last resort. Then we can be together. Which is not what this woman deserves, not what this woman wants. And so I gave her some advice and the advice that I gave her can help ignite the attraction for him. What you're really trying to find out is does he have the level of desire for you to step up or should you move on and cast him to the side? And so I shared with her a principle called the open door goodbye. And what this means is it's letting him actually feel. The disconnect feel the pain of loss feel that experience because he's trying to establish the connection.

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He's like Hookup Chesapeake, Hey, let's not lose contact because that would feel bad for me. The actual way to ignite him as the, let him feel that way loss, let him feel that pain of disconnect. If he feels that, then if there is a chance that he really does want the relationship, it's that. What's going to ignite him to pursue you again. I call this the open door goodbye. It's like, you're standing on a train with the door, open telling him, Hey, come on. If you want to come with me, come now. But this train is moving. This platform that we're on this friendship platform that we're on, or this casual platform that you're on, isn't doing it for me. I'm going to the land of amazing love. I'm going to a place of deep connection. If you want this, come with me because I want you. That's what you want to communicate with him. And so here's what I told her to send him, sorry. I'm not interested in being friends. However I do deeply care about you. And I'm hoping you find what you're looking for. I wish you lots of love and happiness. The reason this is so powerful is because number one, you're claiming your standard. You're saying, sorry, I'm not interested in being friends. This platform that we're on this old state of our relationship, isn't good enough for me. I value myself, but I do deeply care about you.

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That is an important Hookup Chesapeake, very vulnerable, courageous thing to say where you put yourself out there saying, no, I really like you are someone who I would love to develop this great relationship with that's. Why it's the open door. That's what creates the invitation. But then you say, I w I hope that you find what you're looking for. That means this train is moving. That means that this train is taking off and it it's, uh, it's actually a very powerful thing. When someone tells you, I hope you find what you're looking for. You know what I'm saying? I hope you find some other woman, just, I hope you find what you're looking for. In other words, he might recognize that what he's looking for really does exist in you, and then you end it with a very mature, very loving.

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I wish Hookup Chesapeake you all the love and happiness, very powerful phrase. If there's anything that's going to ignite him to jump on that train with you and head to a great relationship. It is experiencing the fear of loss. It is experiencing that pain of disconnect. So there you have it. Our first men, big EWAS statement, decoded. My question for you is if you have an ambiguous statement that you would love decoded, if a man has sent you something, you're like, what does this mean?


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What is Hookup Chesapeake it with these unavailable guys, right? You keep attracting them into your life. And you're wondering, you're doing good work, but you're wondering why am I attracting these unavailable guys? Why am I seeing this pattern in my life? And you're asking the question, what are you doing wrong? What might be off track? Well, today I'm going to share with you one surprising reason. Why the universe might be sending you unavailable guys. This question came in, in my coaching program. This woman asked that very question. She goes, I'm doing the good work. I've got my vision. I'm aligned with my vision. I'm attracting other guys that I like, but I still am attracting unavailable guys. Why is that? And so as I was coaching this woman, Kim clear, are there times when you and your own pattern, the underlying current of your vibration sends a signal to actually call in specifically unavailable guys? Yes, but that's not the only time that occurs. You see if there's an interesting phenomenon that I've learned about life and the way this universe works through my own experience. And then I've also read it and other mentors and masters books. When they're talking about how this works and when you believe in the law of attraction, there's an interesting thing that happens. And that is that when you make a declaration for what you want in your life, and you commit to it, a funny thing happens, the universe will often show you the exact opposite. To actually serve you in knowing the thing that you want with greater clarity to committing to it with greater force in your life. Let me give you an example. When I was in my, I was 25 years old living in Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico selling timeshare. Now timeshare was not my passion. It was not my purpose. I was actually working on project. Everlasting was kind of on the side. I just wanted a break. I wanted to have an adventure in life.

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And my goal was to Hookup Chesapeake be down there for a year. And I ended up being down there three years. Cause that guy, I, I kind of got in a rut. I kind of got just in this rhythm of being down there and I wasn't truly moving forward on my purpose and passion in life. And so in year three, I started meditating. How is it? Time to move back? Is it time to give up this lifestyle? And I wasn't getting any clear signals until one night. I'm in my meditation and I hear loud as a booming voice, like a lightning bolt. Now is the time to move. Now is the time to leave. Go home, work on this book. Your passion is relationship. Go write project everlasting moved back to LA. And I said, okay, that night I made the decision. I committed the next day I go into work and I'm going to tell my boss, I'm going to quit, move back to LA. And after our morning meeting, he goes, Hey, Matt, I want to talk to you. I said, well, that's ironic. Cause I want to talk to you too. And so I sat in his office and he, and he said, well, let me go first. And I said, okay. And he said, Matt, our assistant manager got a senior job managing another resort. So we have no assistant manager starting next week. And I want you. To become the new assistant manager of this entire sales floor. And I said, well, what does that look like? What does that mean? He described the job for me, and then he described the compensation and it was a hundred thousand dollars in salary and $150,000 in commission.

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If I was working Hookup Chesapeake in the same way that I was before. And I said to him, so you're, you're talking about a quarter million dollars, $250,000 for this job. And he goes minimum. Now I was 25 years old, $250,000 was a whole lot of money in my, like I was like, Oh my gosh, man, I'm wealthy at $250,000. But an interesting thing went through my system. I felt myself, not even flinch, not even budge, even though that was a lot of money. I knew it wasn't my path. I knew it wasn't my purpose. And I knew that if I could say no to that, Then I truly was on the right track. I truly knew that this is my purpose and the direction that I'm headed. And so I told him, I said, well, that's a really nice offer, but I actually came in here to tell you I'm going to quit. And he goes, what? His eyes got big as saucers. And what are you talking about? And I told them my dream, what I wanted to do. And he spent five minutes trying to convince me to not do it, give up the dream at least for a little while. Uncommon, just earn money doing this. I said, I'm sorry, I'm going to pass. Move back to LA. Launched the book changed. My entire life became a coach, became a speaker and I'm able to serve and to pour into you. And I'm so grateful and I'm so glad for that 25 year old kid who made that decision, because it put me on a path of doing what I love and at the end of the day, earning way more than the amount that he was offering anyway. And so when you make a decision for what you want, when you make a decision for, I want a healthy, deep, connected relationship. Oftentimes the opposite will show up in X we'll come back into your life. Something shiny, something sexy, something that looks really attractive. Yeah. But isn't really what you want will appear.

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So some ex Hookup Chesapeake that doesn't want a relationship, some guy who is a not unavailable emotionally, that will appear for you to know yourself and for you to know your decision and for you to make a solid decision that says no to what you don't want and yes, to what you do want. To not be dissuade to not be pulled back into an old life pattern. It's an interesting thing. How the universe does that. So watch out for that, just because you might be attracting unavailable men, don't automatically assume it's because you're doing something wrong. What if it's because you're doing something right. What if it's because you are on the right path and the universe is just making sure that you're committed to what you say you really want. What, if you let that be a sign of confirmation and quickly say no to the things you don't want. And yes, to the relationship you do want.