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It can be easy to Hookup Washington miss when someone's starting to have really strong feelings for you, especially if you've got your own fears or doubts or insecurities. So today I'm going to share with you four signs that your man is secretly falling in love with you. Check it out. Hey, my name is Matt Boggs and I'm the founder of the loving relationship division of the brave thinking Institute. And our mission is increasing love in the world. One heart at a time. Okay. And if you're not subscribed to this channel, take a moment. Get subscribed, click that little bell because this channel is all about empowering you in your love life. All right, here are the four signs that he's secretly falling in love with you. Number one, is he surprises himself by how much he likes you. You'll hear him say things like Hookup Washington, wow, I haven't felt like this for a long time or, wow. I don't normally act like this or, wow. I don't normally do this. You see, you are drawing things out of him that haven't been drawn out of him before you are taking him to places in his heart that he hasn't been for a long time or perhaps ever.

Number two is he seeks you Hookup Washington out when times are tough, you know, maybe one of his. Parents got diagnosed. And so he calls you up and wants to talk to you about it, or maybe he's having a tough time at work. And so he opens up and shares with you about what's going on work. He comes to you to talk about the tough stuff, because there's something about talking to you that uplifts him. You see when a man is falling in love with you, there's something about just hearing your voice. That makes him feel better. Number three, his closest friends will call him out in front of you. His closest friends are going to comment on how much he likes you and make sure that you hear it. Close. Friends. Love to do this. To one another. So they'll comment on, wow. It looks like he's been really spending a lot of time with you, or they'll say, you know, he goes to the bathroom and you're just hanging out with friends at a dinner table and they'll comment on how he's acting differently. Since the two of you have started dating.

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Why Hookup Washington are they doing this? Because his change in behavior, his level of feeling for you is remarkable. What does that mean? That means it's able of being remarked upon. So they're making remarks, they're crying. Menting on how he's showing up different, his level of feelings for you because they notice it. This is exactly what happened for me. When I started dating my wife, one of our first big trips, it was my 30th birthday. We went up to the mountains. I, I rented this cabin up in government camp in Oregon, and I invited my friends to come out and celebrate my 30th birthday, invited my girlfriend. And we had been dating maybe five months at that time, but it was all long distance. It was our first really weekend spending it together and, and with all of my friends. So imagine that, so we are hanging out and my friends are totally calling me out in front of Irene. They're like, Whoa, Irene, that's it. This is it, you two are going to get married. You're the one for Matt. And she's like, what, how do you know?

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You know Hookup Washington, and they're commenting about how smitten I am and how much time I spend and how I'll hang up with them to call her. And, and you know, all this stuff calling me out. Well, why were they doing that? They were doing that in, it was all in loving. It was all in fun, but they were doing that because they noticed the massive difference in feelings and behavior that I had with Irene than when any other girl that I had been dating. Now, I'm going to share with you number four in just a moment. But first I want to give you a powerful tool that I've been seeing amazing results with. And if you want to attract a man like this into your life, a man who loves you, who pours into you, who prioritizes you and who with whom you feel the same way. Go ahead, check that out. And I know you're going to love it. And number four, he makes large efforts seem like no big deal. You know, maybe you're not feeling well. And he says, Hey, I'll come and bring you some soup, but he lives an hour away. And you're like, you live an hour away. And he's like, no, no, no, no big deal.

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And Zippy zips over. Brings you Hookup Washington the soup or maybe you've got a presentation coming up and he's amazing with PowerPoint. And he's like, yeah, I'll help you send me your notes and you get it back in this amazing immaculate presentation. You know, he spent hours on that and he's like, no, no, it was no big deal. I was happy to do it. Or maybe you need to be picked up from the airport. And he's like, Hey, I'll come pick you up. And you're like, no, it's a, it's a red eye flight I get in at 5:00 AM. And he's like, no, no big deal. Then he's there and he's happy to do it. You see large efforts seem small to the man who has even larger feelings for you. So my question for you is what signs have you noticed a man does when he's secretly falling in love with you? Go ahead and post a comment in the comment section below and take a moment, become part of this amazing global community of empowered women who are increasing their ability to give and receive love.


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Fear and uncertainty can often sabotage a potentially good relationship Hookup Washington if you're worried or afraid he doesn't like you. And so that you hold back close off, he senses that he holds back, he closes off. And then what was possibly a connection between the two of you actually just fizzles out and dissolves away knowing whether or not he's into you or not gives you the confidence to open up and lean in, which is a critical ingredient for helping that relationship catch fire. And evolve. So today I'm going to share with you five things. He will say when he is emotionally attached to you, check it out. So number one is I miss you. I missed you as a bit of a vulnerable thing to say, because it shows that you having feelings for that other person. It shows that you're thinking about them when they're not around. It shows that you would rather be with them than without them, because in some ways, life is better with them than without them. And it risks the rejection of them not feeling the same way. They're not missing him. So when he says he misses you, it's a great demonstration because it comes from the heart and it comes from that emotion of being attached to you. Number two is just stay, just stay the night. I don't want you to leave even more important. Just stay the morning. Let's have breakfast together. I don't want you to go home or just stay the afternoon. Just stay the entire day. Just stay. The guy who's not emotionally attached to you after you spend the night, what's he saying? He's saying, um, I gotta leave or I gotta work. When are you planning on leaving? And he wants you to separate the guy who's emotionally attached to you. Can't get enough of you. He doesn't want you to leave. He doesn't want to be without you think about it. When you say, just stay it's because you're anticipating. If they leave, you're going to miss them. He's emotionally attached to you.

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He's anticipating Hookup Washington that when you leave, he's going to miss you. He's going to feel that pain. And he would rather just be with you. Just stay is a great phrase that shows that your man is emotionally attached and he wants more time with you. Number three is a bit subtle and it's how is that? How is that? What does that phrase mean? How is that as your man trying to get inside of your experience of life, a man who is emotionally attached to you wants to know how your experience is. He takes you to dinner. He wants to know how the food is. He takes you for a walk. He wants to know how do you like this? He takes you to a movie. How'd you like that movie? The man who is not emotionally attached to you really doesn't ask you that question because it's all about him. He doesn't really care. What your experience is like, it's all about him. The man who is emotionally attached to you, wants to get deep inside your mind, inside your heart, inside your experience. There's a great example of this in a movie called city of angels with Nicholas cage and Meg Ryan, and the two of them are grocery shopping. And then they go to sit down at this table to eat and she pulls out this pair and she's eating this pair and he looks at her and he said, how is that? And she looks at the parents.

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She says Hookup Washington, you've never eaten a pair before. You don't know what a pair tastes like. And he says, no, I want to know what a pair tastes like to you. And it's a great example of a man trying to get inside of his woman's full experience. Because he's emotionally connected to her. Now, if you would love to attract a man like this, I have something that I would love to share with you. Over the past 10 years, I've developed a proven system called manifest your man that literally hundreds of women from around the world, whether women in their thirties to their seventies have used this system to attract a man who has this level of caring. This level of love, this level of emotional openness for them. So if you're wanting to manifest your man. This just might be the most important class you ever take in your life. Number four is be careful. Be careful is an interesting one. And it's a powerful one, because be careful shows that your man's feelings for you are evolving because he wants you to be safe because he doesn't want to lose you. He wants you to be around because he wants you to, he wants to be with you. Be careful as you know, you're going on a drive and it might be rainy or it might be snowing. He says, Hey, be careful. Do you have changed? Do you have this? This is your man's natural instinct to try to. Protect you, maybe you're going on a girl's weekend to a national park. And he's saying, Hey, be careful. Watch out for these trails or watch out for these rattlesnakes. This is your man's emotional attachment saying I don't want you to get hurt because your pain now becomes his pain. And number five. Now, before I give you this last one, number five, I want you to stay to the end because I have a caveat to this one.

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It's very important Hookup Washington. Number five is I love you. Now the, I love you. Line is a very big deal. It's a very big line that every couple of crosses when they both feel enough, number one, emotional connection, but number two enough safety to actually say that phrase. Why is that such a big line? Why is that such a big deal? It's such a big deal because I love you means I've opened my heart enough. To really let you in, and now you can hurt me. The, I love you. Line is scary because the other person can hurt you. If they don't treat that relationship and treat you with love and respect and protect the connection that both of you have. But it's also for the same reason, that much more powerful that I love you line is so powerful because it does mean I've let you in and I deeply love you. And now we're connected at an entirely new level and here's the caveat. Men will often wait to say, I love you until they're sure that you love them, or they're sure that the moment is right. One of my clients in the manifest, your man program was dating this guy for six weeks. She felt like she was falling in love with him, but he hadn't said those words to her yet. And so she started to get rattled. She started to get nervous. She started to move in the fear and she was about to pull away from the relationship and about to sabotage the connection, because he hadn't said. I love you. And so I was working with her and I said, well, let me ask you this. Has he shown up in this way and this way and this way. And I was going through all the things that a man will do and say how he will show up. If he's in love with her, even before he said, I love you and you, and she said, yes, he's done that. He's done that. He's done that. And I said, well, take a deep breath and just be in the moment and relax because he's showing up in love just because he hasn't said the word yet. Two weeks later, she gets back on the line and she goes, Matt, I am so happy. I'm so thrilled. I'm so glad that I had that coaching call and I relaxed and just really leaned into the moment. Because this last weekend, he showed up at my apartment with flowers, sat me down on the couch and told me how deeply and madly in love with me he was. And that he'd been feeling this way for a month. He just didn't want to say it too early to scare me off because she said she laughed and hugged him and kissed him. And it was just one of the most beautiful relationship moments of her life. So there you have it, five things a man will say when he's emotionally attached to you, I would love to hear from you. What have you heard a man say when he's emotionally attached to you? Post that in the comment section below, I'd love to check those out.