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Hookup Racine Words are the tools of relationships having the right words in the right moment can create a beautiful response with your partner. Last week, my wife says something to me, the moment she said it, I was like, Oh, she got me. She got me. Good. I could feel my love response increasing, just because of the way she asked me with this particular phrase today, I'm going to share with you four words that can trigger a man's love response. Check it out. No. Now, I'm going to share with you the phrase that my wife. Gave me in just a moment, but first it's important to understand that men have certain mental triggers that trigger our love response. One of those mental triggers is accomplishment. Now you might be asking why does accomplishment a trigger, a love response?

In men Hookup Racine because every man has the desire to feel masculine. When we feel masculine, we feel sexy. We feel powerful. We, we feel this overall good sensation that comes over our body. When we feel masculine accomplishment. Triggers our masculine energy. When we feel like we've accomplished something that triggers our masculine energy, we feel powerful. We feel sexy and we feel good. So when you invite us to do something for you in a way in which we feel like we've acquired something that naturally triggers our masculine response helps us feel powerful, sexy, and good. And we attribute be those positive feelings to you. It evokes our love response for you. So here's the phrase that my wife shared with me. There are four words inside this phrase. See if you can pick out which four words it was that triggered my love response. My wife says, Hey, babe, I'm really tired of feeling cooped up with COVID. Will you take me on a date night where we can get some sushi and eat it on the beach?

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Which of Hookup Racine these four words triggered my love response. Can you see them? Do you know which ones they are? They're right here. Will you take me real? You take me is such a powerful phrase that ignites the masculine love response in a man. Why? Because will you take me, gives him the leadership role in that moment? Will you take me? It gives him a mission. To accomplish something that he can deliver happiness through to you is a very, very powerful response. Will you take me now? There's two specific nuances to this that I want to share with you in just a moment, but I know that having these phrases can really empower you in your love life. So notice. Two things we want to talk about about, will you take me number one is, well, before we talk, talk about those, I really want to say, I know some of you are watching this going need a man to take me. Why do I need a man to take me? Why can't he just join me or I can do it myself. So notice it, you can do it yourself.

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You don't need a man to take you Hookup Racine. You can have him just join you. You can. But if you do that, you miss out on an opportunity to trigger his love response. Based on his hard wiring, there's an opportunity to create extra chemistry, extra desire with each other. You're not, you don't need him to take you. You're an empowered woman. You're choosing to allow him to take you. So when objection in your mind about, Oh, that disempowers you, that puts you in a, in the submissive or any of that is completely rubbish. No, it's not. You're an empowered woman and you're choosing him to take you. You're choosing to give him this opportunity to serve you. So now two nuances in how you say this phrase. Number one, you notice that my wife, didn't say, can you take me. Can you is interesting. Can you actually, in a very subtle way questions, his ability, can you take the garbage? Yeah. Can you, can you take me, can you, can you really, can you, can you take me to the beach? Can you take me on a date night? It's subtly questions, his abilities. Will you requests his abilities? So will you, is you believe in him, you know, he can, and you're requesting his ability to serve you in that moment. Will you take me? That's nuance, number one, don't say, can you replace it with real you?

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And it will have an even deeper impact in him Hookup Racine. The second nuance is the word me notice can't will you take me? Will you take me? She doesn't say, will you take it? Will you take the garbage out? Sure. You can. He'll take the garbage out. Will you take this to the grocery store? Sure. Will you take this to the post office? Sure. Will you take the kids to school? Sure. He can do those, those things. Will you take it is a chore, right? But when you add the word, you, it becomes a cherished moment. He cherishes the moments of, will you take me? He's going to cherish those moments. So. Next time you're with your man. Use the words. Will you take me and notice the love response that happens? Make sure it's something that he can deliver. Make sure it's something that will ignite happiness in you. And when you celebrate him and honor him for how he is serving you, you will feel him puff up, become even more masculine and he will attach that good masculine love feeling to you. So I would love to hear from you, what phrases have you learned?


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There's Hookup Racine something beautiful that happens to a woman's energy when she knows her man loves her. When you know your man loves you, you relax, you have that certainty. You open up your degree of attractiveness goes up in a way that doesn't happen when you're worried about the state of the relationship or whether or not he's into you. That's why today I'm going to share with you seven things that a man will only do if he loves you. Check it out. So now let's talk about seven things. A man will only do. If he loves you. Number one, is he makes future plans with you. When your man is making future plans with you is because he can see the future with you. He is making plans to go to a concert six months from now. He's buying tickets or he's making plans for a weekend getaway months from now. And he's planning that out, asking if you'd like to go or there's a family get together or friends get together this months from now. And he's already asking you if you would like to go, you see a man won't plan a future with you. For a future. He can't see with you, the man, who's not sure about you and doesn't love you yet is the man who's saying let's just stay in the present moment. This is good. Like, I love this. We don't have to change this. We don't have to put labels on this. We don't have to plan things out. Let's just stay in the present moment. You've met guys like this. Maybe you're in a relationship with a guy like this, nothing bad about it. He's just in a state of uncertainty. He doesn't know. He's not certain about you. And. Path forward for the relationship for the two of you, the man who's in love with you sees his future with you. He wants to lock that future in. He doesn't want to lose you so that he's certainly that his life six months from now a year from now, has you in it.

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So creating Hookup Racine those future commitments locks in those plans hands and demonstrates the intention that the two view. Are committed to being together. Number two, he invites you to significant events. We invite people who matter to events that matter to us. You're the significant woman in his life. And so he wants you at this significant events in his life. Maybe he's giving a talk. Or receiving an award. And so he wants you by his side. He wants you to be there, or maybe there is an important family gathering like a 70th birthday party or a hundredth birthday party. And he wants you there to help celebrate with him. Or perhaps there's a vacation, some trip he's always wanted to go and he could choose anyone. And he chooses you because he loves you're the significant woman in his life. And he wants you by his side. Number three is he shows up to your significant events in all the research I've done. I came across this great phrase that says love is spelled T I M E time, because time is our most precious asset. And so you can look at it. Whether or not someone loves you or how they're loving you by where they're spending their time. Are they devoting their time to you? Are they there during your impact Wharton moments? So maybe there's a family gathering that matters to you, a big family, barbecue. And he doesn't know the family yet, or hasn't met the family and it's going to be uncomfortable, but he shows up anyway because he knows it matters to you.

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Or Hookup Racine maybe, yeah, you need a ride to the airport or the train station and it's right at a really inconvenient time, but he shows up for you. Anyway, or maybe you're putting on a, gathering, something that matters to you and he shows up, he is by your side when it matters to you because he loves you. You're the woman in his life now to attract a man like that, you have to be two things. Number one, a woman who believes she deserves that. But number two, you have to be a magnet for that kind of a man. So to help you and to support you in creating that magnetic mindset and a heartset that draws in a man who loves you this way. So he might choose the restaurant that you want to go to over the one that is his first choice, or see the movie that you want to watch over his first choice, or he'll record his favorite team, record that game because something's come up that can't be recorded or delayed that matters to you. And so he's willing to lean in to that. Now you love him too. So this is a balance. It's not just one sided where somebody is completely giving off overall, their wants and desires to the other person. There's both, it's a give and take, but you notice that both of you were doing this. So you notice your man giving your preferences priority at times because he loves you. Number five, the thing a man will do only if he loves you, is he sends you just thinking about you, texts, voice messages, maybe handwritten notes that he hides around the house. You see, you're not just on his mind, you're on his mind and you're in his heart because when he's sending you, Hey, I'm just thinking about you.

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I miss you Hookup Racine or calling you, leaving you voice messages. Hey babe. I hope your day went great today. I just want you to know I'm missing you. That missing is an emotion that's conjured by his love for you. So he's feeling missing you. He's feeling that emotion and he just has to reach out to let you know that's a great behavior, a great sign that your man loves you. Number six is he will trust you with something that matters to him. Research shows that trust is the number one foundation of a healthy, loving relationship. So maybe he trusts you that watch his house when he's on a work trip or watch his dog. Some something that he absolutely loves or is, or matters to him. He's interesting with you. Maybe he trusts you to help him with a project that matters to him. And probably the one that matters the most. As he will entrust you with his innermost thoughts and feelings. Those are often the things that are the most precious to men. And we don't just share those with anyone. And he's trusting that you will hold those with the utmost respect and number seven. And this is probably the most obvious one because there's also the most important one is that he asks you to be in a committed relationship. The man who loves you, wants to be with you. The man who loves you, doesn't want to lose you. The man who loves you as no problem saying, I'm going to forego all other options. I'm going to forego all other women. I want to be with you because I love you. And I want to be committed to you. Now, my question for you is what behaviors have you seen a man do when he loves you?